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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 6, no. 08, 1917

Part of Kentucky alumnus

1 I riqti . in Q; , V THE KENTUCKY ALUMNUS. 7 j I ~ That the Board_of Trustees reatlirm_the action of the executive committee _ f the I instructing the President of the University to notify the Dean of the College Engg. Of Agriculture, together with the Director of the Experiment Station and the V y rl], Director of the Extension Service of such rcalhrmation, with the further state- " l lt is V ment to the effect that the making by either Director of an appointment, or any I ` in or I expenditure of funds not already authorized, or the taking of any action in- j I volving questions of policy, without the approval in advance of the Dean of the I , art College of Agriculture (and until the permanent dean is appointed these matters . . Fra. must go to the acting Dean), will be regarded by this Board as an act of in- _ I Stoll, subordination and will constitute a proper cause of dismissal. The President Frank is to be responsible for the prompt reporting of any such action to the Board. _ That as soon as practicable a practice high school for the school of educa- , IY UH tion, wholly under the control of the University, be provided. ` j The faculty doing away with graduate work in absentia. ~ A * l That no appointment or promotion to the rank of assistant professor or I ITIII higher shall hereafter be made of any one who does not hold an earned degree I r *c - = from an accredited college. >t the - - - l - The consolidation of the several colleges of engineering under the one A dean, to be consolidated at the expiration of one year after the date of the instal I ,_,I_~, _ lation of the new President, such dean to be selected on the rcommendation I *0,,,* j of the President. I { III , That the College of Home Economics shall be reinstated as a department [ Tl * in the College of Agriculture. HICIOI ; At the end of the academic year in which the scholarship law shall be_re I _Q Cm, { pealed, the use of the present dormitories shall be discontinued, and these build- { _ _ ings shall be razed. ` I ld] hi { That an auditorium with _a seating capacity of not less than two thousand ? r;III,I, five hundred (2,500) be provided as the first building of importance to be erected l ` ` _ on. the campus, and that this building shall have on the lower floor arrangements I , IH, suitable for making exhibition of farm produce, and rooms that may be used L ,IC,I6II ' for kitchen and dining rooms for banquets or entertainments of students and 0,,ImI ; for the social life of the University. I . C ,0,,, As soon as the funds are available, a central heating and lighting plant I I ,__,_,,I,I_ ~ should be provided. 1 umnns ' .T.;O.j.i. n to ht i 95 i_ SKETCHES OF THE ORIGIN AND GROWTH OF THE l e sia l SI,,,;I UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY. I , I Bv liuucs K. Prvrricizsox, President Emeritus. ccienf r I ; ` ClIr\l"I`lER \Il. I . . Y e . . . f l I";` The original charter of the College, approved April 23, 1880, named a Board I ~~ o, . . ,. . Elim , of Trustees as follows; \Nilliam B. kinkead, Lexington; judge B. _l. Peters, 0,, IIII I Mt. Sterling; \\illiam H. \Nadsworth, Maysville, and Preston H. Leslie, of esident Monroe County, who should hold oilice until January 10, 1882; _lames P. Robin- I T l` ; Sfmt Lcxington; ]udge B. F. Buckner, Lexington; _lohn G. Simrall, Louisville, I IIW II, and Gl1erz1l Don Carlos Buell, Muhlenberg, who should hold oflice until _lI1l1l1I11`} l ,,-gtlrq mi 1884; Major Robert S. Bullock, Lexington; L. ]. Bradford, Covington; l ir sndl lll