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Kentucky's Finest #202: Rex Chapman (1986-1988), back, 1988

Part of Collection of University of Kentucky trading cards,

R 1986-88 ex GUARD . 2 A CHAPMAN 6 4~ mn vou iepo;irnts. Hewas named to virtually every ` "All-Freshman" team in the c sii tuntty, was*SEC Freshman of the Year. Flex was a member of the Unaifedfitates that l won a silver medal in the 1987 Pan American Games.r e*;Rex*was Kel tttu8ckyg?s ~f Mr. BasketbalI" for . A 85-86, and was regarded as j tnefof, theabest y yy guard prospects in America. As a Sophomore, Rex scored irrrrh a t tal. of i6Q9,points, even though he missed a few weeks recovering from a i c yi his back. He was named l A MVP in the SEC Tournamenyand .v.. scott ia; . . career high 32 points in UKs . loss to Villanova in the Rex has left the University A of Kentucky to pursue a career basketball. First round NBA draft choice by the Charlotte Hornets} A N N y . Collegiate Collection 1988