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Image 4 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1988, no. 4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

Un, l Z{;·‘ . V l . i l . l p __;_., ., _ . VV ,V_V· V V, V _ , _ i _ é' l '-V.V »-‘- . V . · ~V A ·. ‘ V . ; . i ET V ‘ V V‘’ i V. VVVV ?fj .:-`. L .Vv-‘ . l 4 1 `l w ·: l i· l _ * 3 t * Fl · H· h . l Y•¤9 *9 5; 1 ————————-· -?·—·——·—· —·—4—··;— . éT l During its first year of operation, Uni- ment necessary for stabilizing pre- The TV Commercials, which ran on , ’ Thre :jA versity of Kentucky Hospital’s Aero- mature and critically ill newborns to stations across the state, were a part or Whet- ii medical Service transported 1,121 referring hospitals in this part of the UK’s coordinated public relations effort ddd fl E patients. The number far exceeded the state. In addition, the ambulance is the last winter and focused OH the need for Uibu if l Hospital’s projected number of 350 pa- link to transport adults and children adequate funding of the university. 3 DE g tient transports. from the emergency helicopter to the UK won the f1rst—place award——;i psyci ll l Hospital officials say approximately Hospital, Gold Medal--in a category which r,·4;:— mm 30 percent of those transported were "Plans for this special transport unit ognized UK’s overall public relations Cooii I trauma cases, 40 percent cardiac cases, were made during initiation of the UK program, also designed to focus public V h · andthe remainder of tranports were for Aeromedical Service," said Frank A. attention on the university’s funding ll for a variety of general surgical, neuro- Butler, UK Hospital director. "We needs. The award particularly recog- Smd> §‘ surgical, obstetrical and neonatal have seen an increasing need for a nized the active participation in the pro- . A S1 problems. ground unit due to the large number of gram of UK President David Roselle. , A ii i To complement the emergency heli- newborns transported to the Hospital as The UK National Alumni Associw- Fhat copter service, University of Kentucky well as the growing number of helicop- tion played an integral role in the pw- _ mg C Hospital recently added a special- ter transports." gram as clubs hosted the President. lil 1, Al " I , purpose ground transport unit. The The helicopter service and ground addition to speaking to the alumni audi- I M10] new ambulance is designed to carry the transport unit provide the UK Hospital ences, Roselle often spoke to local civil; gpm; ? UK neonatal transport team and equip- with the highest quality rapid trans- groups, held press conferences, and ·, , 2 A port service in Central and Eastern made other calls in the area. 1 M10] T Kentucky. In announcing the first-place awaxd. CASEludges said: Bém "The committee was particularly Em- ,. i S1 Ei I , ptressed with the cling 0; thq oblectl, Us _, Hmm H I youriprolect an t e eve opmein. p, Shid 1 _ ‘ ~,:` 7 a relationship between the presidirzr ., Sli`? gz l " ‘ National Awards for PR ¤¤d&<·=l¢§i1Sl¤t¤f¢· d icing ¢;¢ ”{·“ " e e t it was a oo case lv fi li .»)‘· ·i Tho U ‘ ‘ fK li li problem-solving con§bining tin Clmc ui V,`. mversitylo entuc y , as won _ _ if Si] i ,3 two awards for its public relations pro- Strengths Of the President Wlth a COO"' _. have 5 4* ,. gramming from tho Council for Ad- nated public relations effort. It was 2 Olde Xl f ef 2 vancementand supportotsducatlon. w¢11·i>1e¤¤¤<¤L sutsy <=¤mi>¤is¤ that y ms: it The Council (CASE, as it is called) is Suhed IP Slfccéss and ffwomble r€$P‘:‘_‘”' J dim mgdc up of public iol3_tions’ alumni, for the institution and its leadership. ” NSC; ..7 and fund raising oilicials of colleges and ·i mms il universities in the United States. It 2 Ti conducts, an annual national awards ` [hat . competition., , i _i mpi, Q UK won in two categor1es—a third ,- than K place award for three television com- J, mms 3 mercials, and a first place award for “ Ti ii i a coordinated public relations pro- { pres: [ gram involving the president of the ,. i rc ui l ` university. l hg A ._ , c sa Q 1 _ 1 Ti i ._ lng E aaai ‘~ with t- i R ' . Qi, F ‘ lll F b .A ut r ?