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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1988, no. 4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

it V i `f-v e ` :5 .-__V `1 `VVE `A; `ir` `'``i; {TI 'v V~,`~ :. iii. L . T ; Q .3 Project Home Sofe Stjgj hundred-mile radius of Lexington. The The problem of "latchkey children" in She added that even with good after- {C1]. otlice also began setting up information Kentucky will be the focus of a new school child care, some children will still Op. la booths at meetings of professional edu- training program to be conducted by be staying home alone. These children nigh j cators and added a toll-free phone num- the Kentucky Home Economics Associ- will be taught ways to be safer and use `;; ber for counselors, principals, parents ation (KHEA). their time more productively after - j tiqm ;_ and students. The center of attention: the thou- school. j in- .i In addition to the visitation program sands of school-age children who come Townley says that of the six projects ` I 1y of j and the toll-free line, Pfanstiel attri- home from school to an empty house funded this year, this is the only one in Pm. - butes some of the programs growth to because both their parents are still a rural area. ,l - external factors. at work. The AQ The requirements for high school "Theres a great need to address this _ j _()0() { graduation have increased, much atten- problem. We dont know exactly how Mcthemcllcs Grnt aj pm- ; tion is now focused on high school many children are staying home alone, 3 diplomasparticularly in the mili- but we believe the problem is no differ- Two rnarhernsnes Professors have re` ij only taryand UK has increased its own re- ent in Kentucky than in the nation as a ccived 3 tW0Ysr, $146,000 National P;. ;y Of P. quirements for admission. whole," said Kim Townley, a KHEA Serenee Eonndsnon grant so deVeloP r Ot _ Pfanstiel said more than 49 courses member and director of the UK Early new algorithms In eornputsoonsl Chem` ` ij Yhjg _i are offered through UKs high school Childhood Lab. isrrY AI peo- V programfrom physics, complete with Central Kentucky is one of six sites James _Wells and Thomas Halfden stu- . 21 laboratory kit, to language courses. across the nation where "Project Home are -rks together on the Proleee wut Most of the instructors for the courses Safe" is being funded this year. Project SsYs Wells, Uwe are develoolng more ii are Fayette County high school teachers. Home Safe is a joint initiative of the emeienr Computer methods of eslenlae mts, We serve all kinds of students, American Home Economics Associa- lng the geometric strnet~re_of mole` 9 [icy _ V Pfanstiel said. These may include stu- tion and the Whirlpool Foundation. e~'les bescd on oats gathered In nnelenr I tmp dents traveling with parents, people Under the program, KHEA will se- magnetic resonance eXPernnenrs E f ; with physical disabilities, young women lect two home economists to travel to We hopc the cmd result Wlll bc the . td ;r C l who have dropped out of school to have Washington D.C. later this year for Cmauon Of faster and mr_aumt i { ram F babies, students who have failed Cours- training on latchkey and school age compwcr Codcs for mathcmzltlcal m` Bice TY es, high-ability students who are taking child care issues. Putauon Pf_largC`sCa1 Chm'S"Y prob i en- courses their schools do not offer and The two will then return to Kentucky lmS This lS_an Important Problem m , `; lv, people who need a diploma to get into to conduct a training program in Dan- FOth_thral and apphcd hm` : j tion ' jthe military. ville, which is expected to attract as BUY __ _ _ _ i ide- many as 60 participants from through- In addmon to pmvldmg rundmg for lj pri i l out the region. These trainees will then Wells and Harden the gram includes ' fj n a be expected to work actively in their funds for gmduatc Studm research communities to expand and improve lo- i cal child care programs. AS iz i "The optimal situation is to get , g t enough good, affordable programs for E Q A children to attend, which are appropri- . ate for the 5-13 age group," said Townley. * I _ l' * il 5 u< egg