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51 > Image 51 of The Kentuckian 1920 Volume XXI

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

Senior Class John Thompson Guthrie, B.S. in C. E.............Mt. Sterling Sigma Chi; Lamp and Cross; Tau Beta Pi; Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Class Football (2); Class Baseball (2, 3); Marconi Engineering Society; Brooks Engineering Society; American Association of Engineers; Masonic Club; Student Instructor in Surveying. J. T. is one of ihe very few engineers who ever attained perfection in campustry and still kept the fair Eex from downing him in his studies. The stars are all set for him to live long and prosperously, provided he can break himself of a very bad habit of making long-distance telephone calls. "Guth" is one of the most popular boys in school. Whayne Wilson Haffler, B.S. in C. E.............LaGrange Cheer Leader (2, 3, 4); Brooks Engineering Society (2, 4); Strollers. Whayne is well known to all of us as the dean of U. K. yell leaders. We will always remember him in his blue sweater, megaphone in one hand and action in both, showing the crowd how lo do Su-rCy by the numbers. Maybe the country is dry, but we have a faint suspicion that Whayne will find a little mountain Dew when he visits Cattlettsburg. Harlan Russell HALBERT, B.S. in Agr...............Vanceburg Alpha Zeta; Agricultural Society. Russell didn't get hurt in the war, but he has spent most of the last two years at the hospital, which happens to be across the street from his domicile. For a long time he was on night duty only, but it is understood that he no longer heeds the eight-hour-a-day law. Russell is the last arc of the Mystic Circle. This boy has a reputation with the faculty which we are glad lo recommend. (47)