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54 > Image 54 of The Kentuckian 1920 Volume XXI

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

Senior Class Sue Kermit Hicks, LL.B................Madisonville, Tenn. Glee Club, Patterson Literary Society; Henry Clay Society; Senior Football and Basketball Teams. Don't tell us that you have never heard of the Hicks Brothers. No, they do not make cough drops like our friends, the Smith Brolhers; they concoct note-books for Judge Lafferly, and have been knocking the profs cold with them for four years. S. K. is the senior of the firm, and he has a "Sweet Cookie" back home. We expect a future for him when he already has it. Harry Hounchell, B.S. in Agr..................Oneida In the olden days Harry was a musician, bul luckily it became a lost art with him while he was away fighting the battles of his Uncle. He now considers the modern dance to be the most enjoyable pastime and spends hours learning the latest steps. If it had not been for the Chemistry Department Harry would not look so time-worn. But he always succeeds sooner or later and we trust that his successes will continue. J. Woodford Howard, LL.B..................White Oak Keys; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Mystie Thirteen; Phi Alpha Delta; Freshman and Senior Football. Jack wanted to be a moonshiner, but his father thought otherwise, and sent him down to us for better or for worse. The way he has migrated into the art of educationyou'd be surprised. A man among men and a lion with the ladies. To know Jack is to like him, while to have been his Buddy during the world war was an esteemed privilege. He is a splendid athlete, a courageous soldier; he is all-wool-yard-wide-A-No.-l man. (50) L