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61 > Image 61 of The Kentuckian 1920 Volume XXI

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

Senior Class Eger VAUGHN MURPHREE, B.S. in Ind. Chem...........Louisville Sigma Nu; Alpha Chi Sigma; Varsity Foolbal ball Team. (1, -2, :',. 1); Captain-Elect 1920 Foot- "Murf ' should belong to the Fish Club, because he is such a shark in Chemistry. Nobody ever saw him studying, yet his record shows almost all As. Only a genius could do this. On the gridiron Murf takes 'em all sizes, from josh Cody on downand he handles them all; but the fair damsels he prefers small. "They fit the arm better," he says. This holder of four football K's has done wonders for U. of K. athletics. Kenneth Rhea Nisbet, B.S. in M.E...............Earlington Pi Kappa Alpha; "Keys"; Tau Beta Kake; Edison-Joule Engineering Society; American Association of Mechanical Engineers; American Institute of Electrical Engine* rs. "Lady Nisbel" is our most distinguished data man. He has a handwriting that would make Mr. Wilber Smith green with envy (that is, when he is not taking data). We would tell you more about him if we could, but he has acquired the fine art of silence and that is all we know. Zerelda Noland, A.B.....................Richmond Alpha Xi Delta; Philosophian Literary Society; English Club; Romance Language Club; V. W. '. A. She's the worst tease that Patt Hall has yet produced; but Rell always hits the bull's eye and her remarks are nothing if not clever. "Clever" is just what describes her, but never imagine we mean with the needle or the rolling pinshe would scorn such practical things. It is with the quill that she exhibits her marked brilliance. We are all scared of Rell, but we love her just the same. (57)