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63 > Image 63 of The Kentuckian 1920 Volume XXI

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

Senior Class Nick Thomas Puckett, B.S. in M.E................Hatton Westinghouse Engineering Society, Treasurer; Merriman Engineering Society; American Association of Mechanical Engineers; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Treasurer; Tau Beta Kake; Assistant Baseball Manager (3); Cadet Captain, R. O. T. C. Nick came back after Christmas whistling "Oh, What a Pal Was Mary." Here's how it happened; He just showed her how foolish it was to be called a coward, so she changed her name to Puckett. Nick says they assign more work in this course than one person can do anyhow. Goebel Porter, B.S. in Agr....................Dixon Tau Kappa Alpha; Varsity Debating Team; Fat Stock Judging Team; Agricultural Society; Union Literary Society; Class Orator (4). Here's our agricultural statesman, student, orator, stock judge, friend of all and lo all. We are not sure yet whether he will enter politics or Animal Husbandry, but we are certain that he will make an enviable record in either. Although a follower of Terpsichore, his steps have never yet inclined toward Patt Hall. Edward Alexander Puryear, LL.B...............Paducah Henry Clay; Paducah Club; Kentucky Law Journal, Editor-in-Chief. Ed should have been in ihe University in Ye Olden Days, for he truly is made out of the right sort of stuff; that kind of pep was plentiful then and the boys made history. Nevertheless, he has been a live member in student activities and was a member of that party of four who sacrificed themselves to uphold the honor of ihe Senior Court. (59)