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278 > Image 278 of Basketball, 2003

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guides (Men)

~ .- ~ ~ ;> _v Y ,;~ I i" W,. i ""`7 - , j `` i .lS$lHDL.p<>nsii>iIities in April l))$, the Nutter Field House. the UK Soccer/Sofithnii Southeastern Conference ruics and regulations. 2 niier having wtved pteviniisiy as i~\ssi>t;1nt AD fiat Complex, the Hiiury]. Boone outdoor tennis sm- She monitors recruitment, eiigyibiiity, Iinrineiui I Speeiai Proieeta (l))5)$). Athletiex Recruiting tiium. the Ohio (ktstiaity Center rbr i~\c;1dcmic nid.;1w;1tds, and henetits. She niso serves as UKE i (ill0l`(iiHLlK(>I' (l))2)3), and Assistant Fuotbrtli and ilintnriui Services and the renovation of the principal contact with the NCA/\ Initial liligibil- ` < (Lunch (l)*)1 ). Shively 'l`mek`s field event ztrcus. ity Clearinghouse. _ i i lint the first .22}'L1I|'>l)i"(;l`l)I.7P`SZ\[i]i.*IiC$ career Pear earned ri lWLlCiTCiL)l"S degree in education Bell is active on the UK campus. She served i he unix involved in e>;iehi1ig_ iimthuii. His first trnni Northern Illinois in V)76 and :1 1n;1stcr`s ns the campus liaison to the NC/\1\ Division I i head umehirig position e.1nie ru iienncasee High degree in education from Colorado State in W7?. Certification Steering Committee that was c<>m I Stlmril in P>I'ih[(1i,iiLlll], liroppk squads compiled lez1r;1nti his wife Kathy have two children plcted in 1997 and is il guest lecturer in sports * an inipresxive 48-133 record with two state Ar\i~\ Leah (IB). zi UK tircshmun, and Clay (I5}. mtiimgeincnt classes git UK and Sl.l|`l`()LlI\Liill uni- titles (lF]2) and the W2 mythical niitionni vcrsitics. She also serves ns :1 spe:1i;c1 nt UK uiuni- V eh.impinnIiip. ,..r. -cz ni functions and civic oigtiiiizntioiis. (irupp returneti to his alma nmter, Vtintier- A ` Rick ThU||7p5'UI'| Shbioiiicd the UK stzttiin 1989ns Coinpiiiinee V hilt, in l`,5 .i> nn assistant enrich under Steve ` Ai5<`iF!! Di*'ff0 fiA*[!<"i`5/ Coordinzxtor. She was promoted lO Diicet<>ii>f`(jnm i Shinn. He Ikillim eti Slniin as ;in iisgigmm [ii 'lgxus i`:t WrZfkffMg, Lirmfing and Media Rxlariarzs Plizmcc in lty)3 lwfmc bcing Clcmwd to hw lwumu l ` `lktli and Duke ` position in the summer of W96. (NSS). in 1984, (impp returned to Vanderbilt Rick ilihompsun is one 0{ fbur new adminis- Prior to coming to UK, Bell scrvcd us the Dircu umiet henti enneh lieorge Mnelntyre. He trntors to ioin Miteh B1lI'1]ilill`IiS smiiti in Septenv tor 0i` Guidance ut Hendersonville (iienn.) High ` entered private hiisiiiem For two }'C1lI` (l)S(-SS) her. He is the \Viidc;1ts` Associate Athletics Direc- School. She has taught algebra, geonietr): and hehvre reriirning to Vnntierhiit ter n third time. tor in charge or marketing, licensing and media trigonometry ut the high school und collegiate levels. (irnpin served .ts Assistant Athletics Director Hit relations. He arrived in the Bluegrass with exrcn- A native of Lexington, Bell received her lmeh- (ininplizime nt V;int{eri>ih fer three years heinre sive experience in corporate partnership programs ciciris degree in mathematics from George uiniiiie in Keriuitky. and multimedia projects. Peabody College in Nashville and her mtisters (impp earned three varsity letters int Vander- Most recently, ii`hnmps0n served ns general degree in educational psychology firmn i\iiitirile hilt .1s ;i giuirtl/liiieh;1tker. He received the \V;uIe manager or l>e;1vcr Sports Properties in Corvallis, ilenncssee State University. ` Iemiey Nienmritii i\w.1rti us n seniuruiid gI'L\LiLl2\I Ore., the corporate sponsorship arm and broad- She is married to Stuart Beii and lm mu v_ ed in l)(>l. Ile earned his Masters or Arts in cast rights holder ot Oregon State University. daughters, Deana amd Lori. tenthine in W6]. After arriving ut BSP in early ZOO], Thompson (iropp and his wire, Mary .~\nn. have two helped grow sponsorship sales from 5}.6 miiiion i V . V , ` E grown thihiren, Karen rind lhviti, and two tn more than $2.5 million in just l) months. Ah/F5 JDhI'I5Dll i gl`;ll1Lh`iliinir':l1, KMC Ami i2!.lNf&|'. A native nf Buena Vism, V;i,, iiiiimnpstm began ij fU5i>Tfl7l Dil'Ul'f07'qfAl/7!tfiF5/ l : his career in W9] in external &li'_i21iI`S ut \Vcst Texas ='i A["i"i-""i"" i I _ Suite University. He worked in development and " ii ` Russ Pea'? annual giving hir the Buiihtioes fer three years Aivisviohnson is in his Iifith year with the limi- ` i I_]__M_M/(_Dim,/nrO//1{Hm!X/Opwmimm before assuming :1 similar role ut the University or versity of Kcnrueky Athletics Association ns the l ..t - iib|lI]C$$CC(;i1Ql[(i\I]()(7gil and Marshall. As r\ss0ci Assistant Athletics Director For Adininistrntiun. is ; ate Vice President int Development fbr the Thunr _]0hns0n`s primary duties inciude; planning, 1 Rim i)L'.lI` is in ilix I lili year with the L`lli\'CI`~ during Herd, he doubled the Big Green Scholar- implementing, and monitoring student-;1th}cu ig V sity xiii iieiniitlty ,i\1hie1it .\suei.iriIp0|;\tc sponsor anti muitimeniin coordinator ibr student zltteruianee ur gtii sports zmti SLlpCI`\`i\i11 i K JOHN .iiiei >er\*ir1gr\v<>ye.1is:1=~.1ii Assistant .\[) Hit ESPN Regional in Iii. \V0rth. iiexus, working student tieket distribution; the ;uiininistr:1ti<>1i wif Qi tiitiliriw. i ie i~ the liaison with .1}} enpiuii wiistriie- closely with Texas Christian University. the athletics nicp;irtme1it`s contract with Nike: and rinn iiiwiieeis Ihr l'|{ \ih}e1it I Ie also serves as iliiminpmii, BT, is rt l)8) graduate 0liR:iciibrd overseeing seven of- Ul<`s Olympic sports, i i ;;.une lU.IIl.I;_CI' iiir nien`< home i7Ll5iL'IiWLl|i guinea University rind received his IH1lSILl"5 degree in iitli- jolinson eunie to UK iitorn ii1ll`l`O(iSl7Ll|`g (KY.) ! xxhiieiimiiii.1tiiigre.11u irxivel fer the Iiu>ih.1]} te.ini. ietie nahninistriitirm frmii \Y/extern Iliinois Univer- High School, where he handled multiple rtsp0nsi _ [Rani mix the Director of Inrr.iiniir;1|~ .11 UK sity in l)7l. He and his wile, the ieriner Kathy hiliries iis director ntinrhietics, iiiorhziii head C<>41Cl\~ I front l?`SrHj .intI then the ,\witi.1ie l)iretmt uli lewis, have an i11ii1iitso11,Yi;1ck. truck head coach. and social studies teacher iirwiu [E (-`lIT1P\I\ Reeie.i1iiii front l)S]~)1. He served .1s l*)7S)S. He hud u W4-77 record ns head football 4 the ].itiIirie~ l`nm|iii.ii I Iientnriq \rhie1ie \*\Uk`i.lIi j Print in hi~ priiiiiiri, ])<.'lI'\\ ie>pii hir Pidllllillgl. lN.lilHCI]QlIlLk'. i i i A pit)n5hip gnnies, _[0hns0n`s truck [<:;llUS WON *iN g reiiix.i1in. iiiriire ttii~ii11eiinii Ant] tipeiziiinii or state championships, were I`LlHI]LlSLlP twice. And V .i|| l`i\i\i\ I`.nti|iiie_ lie .1thnini~1ereti the $1~.(i Snntiy Bei} i in het Nth yezir with the Uni- his imiiviehmi perlivrrnets won 48 SILIIQ titie>. riiiiiiwii e\l.1ii~i<>1i .1mi lcHii\.\li4il1 >ii(;n>IIHll<>l1 \cl>il} ni iei;1ti(>n, her joiinsryii won numerous (i()1lCi} oi [IW YU" imilili \i.itiinin .1ntI iht- 200] expnnxinii uti the ~ixih .1s the x\si>t;11ii Athietiex I}irecmr hir (innv honors, including st:1teC<;1choI`theYe;1rinhint- t Niinrer iiziiniiieii.itiiir)`.\\iiitiih>1i>e~iie\\ if`|ice pliinee. {mil rind truck, Aiming his nmny h0n<>l> i= KIN Q .inti nieeriiig iwiiiw hir the fiwlimii u.\llHLi.\liUI1 ' {Kun .ii~~ hm ert|iii.11ttI ilit- tiiiiiiiuiinii nr N.itin.iI Qinliegiitte .\tlileiiu i~\ss<>ei;11i