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279 > Image 279 of Basketball, 2003

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guides (Men)

I , f*;?t = -* ry I ** J "T . ` _ :Ij_s;=; . IS_ II III his work as athletics director, johnson was After her diving C1l|`CCl', King turned to C02lCII ment Ii1nc1i111 hir s;11sin events intl s -1 - i III ` Igglqlyqqive in nations] and state g0vCrning I>0cIiCS. Ing HK the Air Force Acuciemy in I973-77. Atter IlOI]~Ul]i\`Cl'SIl\' evenis. Ile SllI\e|'l'i\g_\ Q} Among others, his extensive Ll(.IlHII1i$[l`il[I\'C experi- assignments in Arizona and Gernianv, King m;1n11u_en1ent .11t (IOHlIHUll\\'CilIKI\ gldkiilllil IITLI il- I ences inchided being president of the Kentucky returned t0 the Academy in i983 and was nznned servesi as gnine I}lLlllLl"LJI` Ihr 1II honie Ii11>1Iw1II II High Selwgl Athletics Association Iionrd 0I` Con- nssisr:1ntz1tI1Ictics director and diving coach. Dur- games. Iii; duties LIISUPIH(IllLIL"Q(H)I`LiIl1;\lIRQ Inc- id I [I-Ol; clmmmn of the KI-{SAA executive committee; ing this stint, she was named NCAA Division II ei11I evenis 111 the Sldgiilllil. s11Ist-i1isin~ III tmp I member 0I` the Nati0naI Federation 0FSt11te High Coach 0I` the Year three times. Kingis divers won ecssinns and 1n;1n;1ein;; \Y'iItIe;1t \[C. IIe II- Seh00I Associations Board 0I C0ntr0I; president of I I AIIA1nerie:1 honors and two claimed 11;1ri011;1I serves :1s the ,\ssnei;iiit>`i1`s<(7l] in the Iei1er I , ts the National Ijederution 0I_St;1te High Scho0I Asso- titles. In NSS, King traveled rn the SenuI (iixnnes inenis ;1ssoei;11io11_ ;1II L,`I{ Ii>nth11II ;1I11n1ni events. ii- ciations; and member 0I? two NCAA/high school as a stag member 0I` the U. S. Oiynipie diving und FI1CBIl1C[I;lxS $t;1te(i.11nes. I 11- joint committees. team and served in the same capacity in the I)}(i I)I`C\'IULlSIi'. .1s I)i1ee1nr ni .\d111inis1r.11ivt I ]0hns0ns classroom work also was recognized Centennial Oiynipie Gaines in Atlanta. She Services, StiIes s11pe1xise1I 111e n1;1i11te11.111t,e. ee when he was 21 finalist For the Nz1ti011;1I>Ie;1cI1e1 of attended ilie 2000 ()Iy1npie Gaines in Sydney nn sehediihng and operations ni xIL'I]\0I`i;lI (i1>Iist n the Year in i996. Prior t0 his stint at I'I{1ITOCISI)LlI`g, I>eh;1IIi 0I` the U.S,OIympie Coniinittee, her 11111. IIe 11Isu IILIHLIQIICLI [IIC sindeni 1itIte1 tIis1ri I int _IOI1ns0n taught and coached IiootI>;1II, IILlCI(, und eighth ;1ppeart111ee;1t the summer games ;1s either hntinn Int ;1II mens I.1sIte1h;1II und Ii111h.1II I ` wrestling Ihr three years ut Christian County (Ky,) il participant or st;1I`I` member. gunies, eon11Ii11;1ietI Ii1n1h.1II p111I4i11e rind In e1> i :e High School. johnson holds a IUZICIICIOIJS degree King resides in Lexington with her ehihiren. saw transportation needs Iinr all UI11i1ipiesI11111s I I gh I {mm \X/estern Kentucky University and 21 masteris Michelle and Kevin. prngiunis ;11 UK. I I nd degree from Eastern Kentucky University. I-\ native nIi( i;1111I1I1eIIssiIIe. Is);. Niles is.1s .1 \\.iIIt II Alvis and his wife, Rosetta, have two sons - I nn I"I"AtM"I Di1<#1/ n1;1s1er`s in l)S( .1Iie1 ini11i11gIIeirvlZI;1ih1ri1e`s I}1111- r`s I 7'{km I h11II s111IIi;1s;1 gI`JkIll.l[C assistant e11;1eI1 in WHS. I IIC Ii I I - IIe wgs hired iiIII~[I\]]U hy IiI{,\,\ in I)S_ .1s I i" Micki King Aiiter more than two years ;1s the I)irectnr ni? Athletics Relations (io<11Ii11111n1 JIILI he Il.lI\IIL'xI * In I A"~'II" IbI{i DiI?It"/ Ticket Operations at the University oii \\i&lSIl sindeni tielteis QIIILI Ii1eiIi1y 111.111.1gt~n1e111. hiiies is i Ir Smmr Wbm'Ad"1I215fr[r I ington, _I1>e Sharpe joined the athletics st11I`I`111 married tn Kelly Iiigins $tiIes1I I{itI1111n11tI. Is)., I1 I I N I I the University or Kentucky in September. Iinr Ii>r1nerLII{ varsity eI1ee1Ie.1der. "'I In her llnh year with the UK Athletics Assncizi- the \XIiIdc;1ts` Sharpe serves 11s 1he Assistant I tion. Mieki King is :111 Assistant Athletics Director and Director or Athletics Ihr tickets. He helps Hiilli- _ I I I the Senior \V01nen`s Administrator. nge QI department that h;1s 46,000 season Iinni- f Rena Vicini Kingt who previously held the title 0I Special h;1II tickets and I(>.()()O season h11sIII]IC_1lIUC 1ieI[`[i|lg II`I<\I` in her CIIITCIII I~I` II11 Y\IetIi.1 I{eI.1 I Ute A native 0I`I0nti;1e, Mich., King served 26 years sun tickets Ihr Husky Ii1<>1I;1II. IIe was IHSll`ll~ iinns Iirnin II>_I 1h1<>11I;I1 ZINJII 5IlL 1Ii11t1etI 1I1t I Ing in the United States Air Force heibre retiring with mental i11 the deveInpn1e11t ni \Y'eh ticketing Iinr ITIIIWIIC reI.11i1111s eIIi1r1s Ihr IIIQK ll xnnsiiy 1111n'. I <>Ii the rank 0I` colonel in 1992. During her years nl` the II11sI;1eI1eI1>1s and 1n.1ster`s degrees 111 ,\ss1>ei.11e Iiireeini tnr (`n1111111111it.11i1111s .11 I `Is Y C2lIiIbl11izL \I(/zishiiigtoii, (jOI()l'1lLIt7, Kcntneity, and I:I(>I`i(I;l Stine LIHLI he;.111 his LIKIIICIICS enreer .1t I1is Ii1>1n_I11Iv IIII 11111iI l1t1I1n11111i11 in WI. I)`I (iCIl11Tm)'. In W7}, King wais the first woman to ;1I1n;1ni;1ter. I*IeI;1terser\ed;1s;1ssist;1nt1ieI\l\ I Wh reach IDITYSICHI education ;1nd enueh at Ll llliIi[';lI`)' ;1g_er 111 Ijresiin State 11nd 11s the LIIl'U([l7l` nI`1ieIte1 I\\\XlI`LI\ in I*l1IIie.\IIl>Il\ vn111es1Is sI1111s<11e1I In ihe I CIV 1\C21cIC1ny when she served ;1t 1I1eAii- Foree Aetidemy nIe1;1tim1s Ii>1*Ii1II.1I1;1ssee11I`1he I;;l$l (i11;1s1 I IntIt (j<1IIege $I1nr1s II\I0I`lll.lII<1I\I I I11eI1n1Is nl n\1ne1I1s.1. I I Inn in C0I0r;1d0 Springs. ev League. I>eIi1re joining \\i1sI1i11e_t1>1i, he xmrlted I11 l}Ii.sI1e.1111I1n1etI.111.111<11111IYs1IIn1I;111111nn1t~ I VIII \ ilCCOIT]I)IiSIlCkI diver, King attended the Uni- ;1s direemr nliiieitei 1>pe1.1ri1111s 11i IIVCELUII $1.11e. I11><1II. \I1e I.1Is11Ii.111gI11 .1I ~I.1ss .11 I Is 1111 sI1<111s I l.(> versity 0I"I\/Iichiguii und grndiiiited in I966. Sharpe. il 11.11ive nf" Iii. \\ilI[Ull IIe.1eI1I IiI11.. is ineth.1 I`L'I.\IlU[l\ 111 1I1t \I\IlIlg se1nI~s111 I I>>f. I "I She Won the gold med;1I Ihr sp1inghn;nd div- niiirried in [I1('II)I`[]lL'[`I.i5;l I ILll'[ (\IiI{ULiIIL'>IL'I`. NY. I I$I1eI1v<>rI\etI .1s I.1I sI~1>11sssI111t1 .I111I 1IIn\|\\IIlx'| I I IIIOPPELI IICI. Iimm HIM to I`mII.Ih III [IM. SIIIIMI, ,1Ix;i;1.zi1: Dinmn 1g/A1l1!1mu/ I I11I1I1e /1111nwI/1 (I 11m11/11zI11.1.1/. .1I1II ;I1I11I I\x\lI1r I wr- I pared in two Pun /\l11CI'ICi1I1 (HIIUCS, won II) I I I I I _I _ I _ IINI I\ III IIII \ IIIIII IIN U S IIZUIOITLII CIlllIT1I?i()IlSI]IIT$, ;l1`l(I\\*'()[] internu- I{ndne) 51iIes is in his I(1Ih suiswli \\'|lI1 1l1t Ieliss \\s<1slJI111t-11n1 11r11IIt1 1 lkllr IIx11ss< inn = induetee in seven IIe1IIs oi Iritinie, inehiding the Ieties I}i1ee1nr Iimr evenx 1n;111.1g1111e111, I{1t`eI.SI1eI1.1d\s1I1It11I.1s Iss1sI.1In1 Sli) 111111 .1 IIi\ I prestigious United St;1tesOIyn1pie H;1II nI`Ii.1me. Siiies nversees 1he ;1tI111i11is11x11iv1~ IIIJIILIELQY 1nn111111 in ,\ssne1.11e NH) 111 I UI. I I Iii Q J!//}._(),$ /si1u1:11 Iii /@1%-11/,1//i' "! i