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Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

( Spirit of iFratprnittPH /, the Spirit of Fraternities, represent among th e students a symphony of high purpose and helpfulness in which there is no discordant note. It is my purpose to train men and women to hve constantly above snobbery of word or deed; to place scholarship before social obligations, and character before appearances; to work earnestly, to speak kindly, to act sincerely, to choose thoughtfully that course which occasion and conscience demand; to be manly and womanly always; to be discouraged never; in a word, to live their lives faithfully and earnestly according to the highest and noblest teachings. J The Paddock Restaurant, done in race track motif, is one of several after dance rendezvous. Sandwiches, hamburgers and waffles are common choices of food. Milk is also in high esteem. (1939) Resolved that students living at Woodland be prohibi ted from visiting at each others rooms after 6:00 P.M. during study hours. (1869) The University was in financial trouble because the stock they invested in wasn't paying dividends. (1873) First female graduated: Belle Clemente Gunn (1888) A.B. Chandler "Haa'vd," introducing Happy, who reversed his motors, took his basic law at above mentioned institution and polished it up with a couple of years at Ky. "Happy" was class warbler. Specialty was the midnight serenade. (1924) J. T. Scopes graduated. (1924) The Wildcat (campus humor magazine) presents humor in attempts to clarify campus opinion. (1940)