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BOOKS FOR YOU7NG PEOPLE THE DOLE TWINS By KATE UPSON CLARK The adventures of two little people who tried to earn money to buy crutches for a lame aunt. An excellent description of child-life about 1812, which will greatly interest and amuse the children of to-day, whose life is widely different. LARRY HUDSON'S AMBITION By JAMES OTIS, author of " Tobey Tyler," etc. Larry Hudson is a typical American boy, whose hard work and enterprise gain him his ambition, - an educa- tion and a start in the world. THE LITTLE CHRISTMAS SHOE By JANE P. SCOTT WOODRUFF A touching story of Yule-tide. WEE DOROTHY By LAURA UPDEGRAFF A story of two orphan children, the tender devotion of the eldest, a boy, for his sister being its theme and setting. With a bit of sadness at the beginning, the story is otherwise bright and sunny, and altogether wholesome in every way. THE KING OF THE GOLDEN RIVER A LEGEND OF STIRIA. By JOHN RUSKIN Written fifty years or more ago, and not originally intended for publication, this little fairy-tale soon be- came known and made a place for itself. A CHILD'S GARDEN OF VERSES By R. L. STEVENSON Mr. Stevenson's little volume is too well known to need description. A-19