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7 > Image 7 of The State College cadet, vol. 7, no. 2, November 1896

Part of The State College cadet

THE caoar. 29 off to the river to see its luck. Yes, and how lucky! But one small fish adorns the hundred hooks! But to be a successful fisher you must try, try again, and so they did. Hooks were rebaited and re- V - set. The day was spent in procuring fresh bait, wandering along the bank or taking a boat ride. Then the hooks are tried again and . an 80pound catfish comes up and gives his captors a lively struggle A Z ere they place l1im in the bottom of the boat. Then comes the feast, f and off for home we go. C K Thus have been spent a few days on the banks of the Mississippi. (To be continued.) - GEOLOGIC TIME. la gr? Theories as to the age of the earth. in so far as they are based upon facts at all, naturally fall under two heads : p _ 1. Physical and astronomical. li 2. Geological. _ FirstThe physical and astronomical theories: . (zz). The purely physical,based upon data relating to the rate at which the earth is cooling off`, and thence to the time that has l elapsed since it was in a molten state."Sir William Thompson. l (b). Astronomical--Based upon data relating to the rate at which tidal friction retards the rotation ot the earth, and thencs totime . since the moon sepnatccl from itthe earth of course being molten C . at the time.George Darwin. C r (0). Mixed Physical and AstronomicalTaking into consideration E tidal friction, earth cooling, and also sun cooling and contraction.- f , V Tait and others. Second--Geological 1 (zz). Calculations based upon estimatxd total thickness of rock sed- iments, and rate at which such sediments accumulate to-day along shores and in secluded ocean basins.Haugl1ton, Wallace, Williams l and others. (Z2). Method (a) modified by the introduction of time ratios based upon the relative thickness of rocks formed in the different geologi- . cal ages.\\'alcott, Dana, Williams. Q (c). Calculations based the rate of erosion since the ret1eat of the ki