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2 > Image 2 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2012-02-21

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-2- Ms. Patterson noted that there is an amendment to page 13 ofthe December 13, 2011 minutes in section 0. "It passed without dissent was inadvertently left out and is now added. Dr. Brockman stated that the record should reflect that the change will be enacted on the minutes. There being no further discussion, a vote was taken and the motion in favor of the consent items carried without dissent. (See consent items listed below on the Board of Trustees website,, under agenda.) Minutes December 13, 2011 PR 2 Personnel Actions ECR 1 Extinguishment ofthe Dale Edward Albers and Doris McNeal Seeley Research Endowment D. Resolution Honoring Ms. Peggy Way Dr. Brockman then asked for Ms. Peggy Way to stand and be recognized. Ms. Way is the senior administrative staff officer for the Presidents office who has been the liaison to the Board of Trustees since 1981- 1982. She has served the University for 41 % years. Dr. Brockman noted that in 1981-1982, the year Ms. Way began working in the President Office, it also happened to be the year that he served on the Board of Trustees as a student, as the student body president. Dr. Brockman asked Ms. Way and Board of Trustees member Ms. Shelia Brothers to come forward for a special presentation. Ms. Brothers read the following resolution: WHEREAS, for more than 41 years, Peggy Way has ably served the University of Kentucky in its mission to provide quality education, service, and outreach to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and WHEREAS, Mrs. Way, graduate of the former UK Community College System, received several certificates from the former Lexington Community Colleges Cooperative Education Program, and WHEREAS, throughout her career at the University of Kentucky, she has served many departments, including the College of Education and the former College of Joumalism, as well as the Office of Human Resources, and WHEREAS, in 1982, she began her tenure in the Office of the President and continued there until her retirement, admirably executing her role with great diligence, intellect, and unrivaled loyalty, serving several members of the Universitys Board of Trustees and five university presidents: Otis A. Singletary, David P. Roselle, Charles T. Wethington, Lee T. Todd, Jr., and Eli I. Capilouto, and WHEREAS, having gone above the call of duty, she quietly served numerous individuals and causes across the University, most notably, her unmatched effort and time devoted to the recent Presidential Search process, and WHEREAS, she continues to support the University as a UK Fellow, and