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5 > Image 5 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2012-02-21

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-5- the life of the University of Kentucky. The University will be officially naming one ofthe new residence halls on the north end of campus for our ninth president, Dr. David Roselle. He stated that Dr. Roselle proudly and forcefully led the University of Kentucky during a tumultuous period in our institutions history. President Capilouto stated he was so proud to be here as we move forward with this appropriate recognition. He recalled that about three years ago, he had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Roselle. Dr. Roselle was given as a reference for two faculty that he was trying to recruit and the two had a delightful conversation. President Capilouto recounted that it was indeed a joy for him to call Dr. Roselle back to share with him the news of the Boards decision to name this residence hall and he is very much looking forward to meeting him. Dr. Roselle will be here on April 24th and the Board will be receiving an invitation shortly and it will include a luncheon. President Capilouto moved on to introduce Dr. Margaret Szabunio, who is a relatively new member ofthe team at UK HealthCare. He stated that she is another exciting addition to the team being assembled by Dr. Mark Evers at the renowned Markey Cancer Center. She is the associate medical director for its Comprehensive Breast Care Center and Division chief of Womens Radiology. Her area of focus is the early detection of breast cancer using Elastography and Tomosynthesis. Tomosynthesis is a 3-D mammogram technology that can find cancers earlier and help prevent false positives. Dr. Szabunio was recruited to the University because of her experience and expertise and is playing a big part in getting this type of technology to the campus. He noted that we will be the first in the state to have this technology. President Capilouto asked Dr. Szabunio to come forward and tell The Board a little bit about her work on this critically important health area. Dr. Szabunio thanked the Board for inviting her and expressed her excitement to speak about this exciting technology. She noted that the CBCC, Comprehensive Breast Care Center does actually have the technology and that it has been used with multiple patients. Dr. Szabunio stated that one of the advantages of this technology is that it will be able to decrease the number of recall appointments for additional imaging. Many women who have a mammogram often have to retum for additional views because the Radiologist sees something that requires further study. This recall visit causes anxiety to women. Dr. Szabunio also noted that as breast tissue is extremely dense, Tomosynthesis is able to produce 15 projections of images, and then a computer reconstructs it at one millimeter sequences. This allows the physician to see the breast as a ball with the ability to peel back layers of the breast individually. This gives the physican the ability to detect cancers early. She stated that these are the two main reasons why Tomosynthesis is the future of mammography. Because this is the best tool currently, she is hoping that this will make a difference. Dr. Szabunio also praised the team of breast experts in oncology, radiation oncology, surgery, pathology and radiology at the CBCC. She praised the team approach to treating patients. She also shared her big hope to one day be able to bring this technology to eastem Kentucky. Though she is just leaming about Kentucky, she feels that eastem Kentucky is an area that is under represented and she hopes one day to have a mobile Tomosynthesis unit. Dr. Szabunio reiterated that currently Tomosynthesis is used as more of a diagnostic tool. She advised that employees of University of Kentucky are given the option of tomosynthesis, should they have dense breast tissue. The current units are located at Kentucky Clinic South, which is on Harrodsburg Road. Dr. Szabunio is hoping to add another tomosynthesis unit to the Lexington