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6 > Image 6 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2012-02-21

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-6- campus. She was graciously unapologetic for having a wish list and thanked the Board for inviting her. The Board gave Dr. Szabunio a round of applause. President Capilouto thanked Dr. Szabunio. He commented that one of the delightful things he discovered in Kentucky when he arrived, was the commitment made years ago to make sure everyone could have high tech, high touch care in their own back yard. He acknowledged that Dr. Szabunios comments and plans is another testament to that commitment. President Capilouto reported that he had the privilege of hosting the leadership team for the seventh annual DanceBlue dance marathon. Through the efforts of thousands of dancers and countless student volunteers, DanceBlue had successfully raised nearly $2.7 million for the Kentucky Childrens Hospital Pediatric Oncology Clinic over the last six years. He stated that it is the largest student-run philanthropy in Kentucky and across the Southeastern Conference. He remarked that these students have tremendous passion and commitment to a cause larger than themselves. They understand that service to others is an important part of leadership. He said the Board will be very proud to know that they are part of this precious UK family. President Capilouto asked Student Government President and Board of Trustee Member Micah Fielden come forward and introduce the DanceBlue leadership and the video about this tremendous initiative. Mr. Fielden thanked the Board and stated it was his honor to introduce to the Board and guests, Mr. Clay Stanley, the overall chair for DanceBlue and a senior Kinesiology major from Louisville, KY. After graduation, Mr. Stanley will be a core member with Teach for America where he will be working and teaching Biology in New Orleans, LA. Mr. Fielden also introduced Ms. Logan Sparks, the public relations chair for DanceBlue and a junior integrated strategic communications mag or from Mayfield, KY. In addition to her responsibilities with DanceBlue, she is the president of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Mr. Fielden stated that it was truly his honor to call them both friends and he believes that they are the epitome of servant leadership and the University is lucky to have both of them at the University. The Board gave them a round of applause. Mr. Fielden then introduced the DanceBlue video to provide a history on DanceBlue. The video of DanceBlue was shown. At its completion, there was an appreciative round of applause. Mr. Clay Stanley thanked the Board for the opportunity to share something that he feels both the students and the University are very passionate about. He explained that the video is the promotional video that is shown to new students as well as high school students. He believes it epitomizes how the students feel about DanceBlue and the cause that it supports. He noted that it is something that every student at this University has an opportunity to participate in and it is something that Ms. Sparks and he, as well as the rest ofthe leadership committee, feel strongly it is a crucial part ofthe experience at the University of Kentucky. He announced that the DanceBlue marathon in will be held in Memorial Coliseum on March 2"d and 3rd, starting at 8:00pm on March 2"d and until 8:00pm on March 3rd. He wanted to personally invite each and every one to come and experience this wonderful event. Mr. Stanley called the Boards attention to a infonnational sheet that he and Ms. Sparks would leave with the Board that gives an overview and a history to help answer any questions. President Capilouto thanked Mr. Stanley and Ms. Sparks.