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7 > Image 7 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2012-02-21

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-7- The Board gave Ms. Sparks and Mr. Stanley a round of applause. President Capilouto invited the UK Cheerleaders to make their way up front for recognition and a photo. Calling them a very special group of student-athletes, he related that they recently won the national championship. President Capilouto noted that this was not the first time that particular statement had been associated with these incredible athletes. This year was their l9th national championship. He opined that a common occurrence should not undennine what is an uncommon and extraordinary display of excellence on a sustained basis. President Capilouto acknowledged that the University is known for having the greatest program in all of college basketball. But, clearly, we also are known for having the most significant program in all of cheerleading. President Capilouto introduced the coach, Mr. Jomo Thompson and their sponsor, Mr. T. Lynn Williamson. He asked the Board to join him in recognizing these student athletes, their coach and sponsor, for their commitment to excellence. He continued that when you are around this group, you realize that, yes, they are here for their activities regarding cheerleading, but they are here for each other. They are part of that support network that builds student success. President Capilouto commended them and thanked them for their tremendous effort. The Board gave the group a round of applause. President Capilouto shared that he had the delight of being with the team when they were recognized on the floor ofthe House and Senate earlier in the week in Frankfort. He commented that he had never gotten so much attention in Frankfort and vowed to take them with him often. In closing, President Capilouto reminded the Board of that on Wednesday aftemoon, February 22, 20l2, the University would celebrate its continued excellence during the Founders Day Awards Ceremony. Held in Worsham Theater, this ceremony is a special opportunity to honor our colleagues and the heritage of this great land grant university. F. Report on the Results of Alumni Member Election (PR3) President Capilouto asked Secretary ofthe Board of Trustees Sandy Bugie Patterson to report on the election. Ms. Patterson reported that the recommendation is that the report ofthe Secretary of the Board of Trustees on the results ofthe election authorized by the Alumni Association be received and put to record and that the Secretary be authorized to certify to the Govemor the name of three persons receiving the largest number of votes, from which list a successor to Sandy Bugie Patterson, whose tenn expires June 30, 2012, will be appointed. Ms. Patterson stated that the background of her tenn as alumna member ofthe Board of Trustees expires June 30m. An election has been held among the graduates of the University of Kentucky as prescribed by statute and in accordance with the rules and regulations ofthe Board of Trustees. The attached letter from the Secretary of the Board of Trustees to the President of the University reports the results of the election.