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[4] > Image [4] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2008-03-04.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-2- D. President's Report to the Trustees (PR 1) President Todd began his report by asking Mr. Phelps to introduce the student leaders of DanceBlue. He said that DanceBlue has been a 12-month experience, but the 24-hour dance marathon was probably the most trying. He mentioned Men's Basketball Coach Billy Gillispie's appearance at DanceBlue and informed the Board of Coach Gillispie's $10,000 donation to the successful event. He said that he and Mrs. Todd had a reception at Maxwell Place to honor this fine group of student leaders and their faculty and staff advisors for having one of the most positive student driven activities on campus. Mr. Phelps asked the student leaders and the faculty and staff supporters to come forward and be recognized. He informed the Trustees that he served on the Executive Board of DanceBlue last year, had a great experience, and had stayed close to this group of dear friends. He recognized Mr. David Ritchie, chair of DanceBlue, Nathan Simon, corporate relations chair, Britt Pennington, dance programming chair, Joey Wright, operations chair, Erin Priddy, special events chair, Chris Crumrine, key member of the Executive Board and chief of staff for the Student Government Association, and Megan Tolley, vice chair of DanceBlue this year. He recognized others in the audience who keep the students motivated: Ms. Laura Hatfield, assistant director of student involvement, and Ms. Jennifer Mynear, the DanceBlue advisor and chair of the Jarrett Mynear Foundation. He also recognized Mr. Mark Denomme, DanceBlue's technology advisor, Mr. Denomme's wife Susannah from the Office of Development, and Heather Yattaw, an incredible person and programming advisor to DanceBlue. Mr. Phelps said that it was not a surprise that the group of leaders succeeded this year, but the level of success was unexpected. The DanceBlue event received approximately $450,000 in contributions, bringing the 3-year total to over $800,000 for the Pediatric Oncology Clinic at the Children's Hospital. The student leaders and advisors received a round of applause and standing ovation. Mr. Phelps said this group's personal sacrifice, along with approximately 500 dancers, was spectacular. It was a fabulous event capped off by Coach Billy Gillispie's appearance and pledge of $10,000. Mr. Phelps reminded the Board that Mr. Ritchie has been accepted to the College of Medicine, and Mr. Simon has been accepted to the College of Law. With their busy schedules, they found time to give back to the university and build this tradition. President Todd said that he and Mrs. Todd were there at the beginning of the event, and Mr. Williams was there at the closing of the event because he called to tell him about Coach Gillispie's pledge. He congratulated the students and advisors on their success and said it was a phenomenal event. President Todd continued his report and called attention to certain items in PR 1.