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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, May 14, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE THE KENTUCKY KERNEL C SPORTS & BASEBALL WILDCATS VICTORIOUS IN THREE HORTHERR GAMES Miami, Rose Polytecnic and Depauw Fall Before Kentucky Warriors The University of Kentucky Wildcats returned Wednesday night victors in three out of five games they played while on their northern trip. The Kentucky boys played excellent ball, but errors and bad fielding accounted for their only two defeats. morning the Leaving Thursday Wildcats met Cincinnati on Carson Field and received their second defeat of the season by a score of 6 to 2. The victory for the Cincinnati nine makes the series stand paired at one game each, as the Wildcats took the first game when the two teams crossed bats at Lexington. "Bud" Slomer occupied the mound for the Blue Grass lads. The next team the Wildcats encountered was at Oxford, Ohio, where Kentucky defeated Miami University by a score of 4 to 0. Grubbs, one of Kentucky's star pitchers, held the Miami boys to two lone hits, while the Wildcats touched up Kramer for seven bingles. Errors were common on both teams, Miami registering live and Kentucky three. At Greencastle, Ind., Kentucky met and defeated DePauw by a score of 14 to 6. Meguiar pitched for Kentucky and was hard hit, but consistent hitting kept the Wildcats several runs ahead. The Kentuckians found Glascock and Julian, the DePauw hurlens, for fifteen hits. DePauw made five errors. Monday Kentucky ran away with the game against Hose Polytecnic, scoring fourteen runs on eleven hits, while the Rose Poly nine could only swat the pill for three hits and a total. "Lefty" Cooper pitched for the "Wildcats and held the Hoosier team scoreless until the ninth inning. Kentucky scored three times in the first inning and came back with six tallies in the third. Kentucky did not play the last half of the ninth so there is no telling what the score might have been. Poor fielding and ten errors accounted for the Wildcats' defeat at the hands of the University of Indiana in the Jast game of their northern invasion. The score was 14 to 5. Grubbs started off in good form and held the Indiana men scoreless for two innings but weakened in the third and fourth and let six run across the home plate. Meguiar. and Slomer attempted to stem the tide of defeat, but they could not check the bad breaks that run against the team. two-ru- n TRACK MEN LEAVE FOR S. I. A. A. MEET Coach Buchhelt, accompanied by five men of the Kentucky track team, left Wednesday night for Atlanta, Georgia, where Kentucky will be represented in the S. I. A. A. track meet. Members of the team making the trip are: Estes Snider, Warren Clare, Jim Wilhelm, Neal Knight and David Thornton. Kentucky men will be entered in the following events: mile, high Jump, half mile, hurdles, quarter mile, and relay. ACK FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS GIRLS' OPEN TENNIS BEARS SIXTH VICTIM TOURNAMENT HERE Winners Announced of First Pour Singlet. The girls' tennis tournament opened with four single matches, the winners of which were Fiorne Starr, Lucy Holt, Lucille Glasgow, nnd Anna Russell Moore. A large crowd was out to watch the sets, and showed that tennis tournaments would bo very popular in the A silver loving cup has university. been offered to the winner of the tournament, nnd keen rivalry is shown among the various court sharks. Four matches will be played each afternoon until the entire list of girls have had their chance to swing their racquet towards winning the coveted cup. Following is the line-uof the matches for Wednesday, together with the scores: Florlne Starr Miriam Kincheloe, Lucy Holt Sue Boardman, Lucile Glasgow Lula Blakey, Anna R. Moore, Bernice Young, The most interesting match was that one played between Lula Blakey Both girls and Lucile Glasgow. seemed evenly matched, and snappy serving with as quick returns, was displayed. The entire list of the girls who will compete in the tournament appears below: Ruth Hughson, lima Thorpe, Miriam Kincheloe, Elizabeth Jackson, Roberta Burrows, Alta Mishler, Lucy Holt, e Henrietta Rogers, Lula Blakey, Ehrllch, Mary Frank Diuguid, Amanda Forkner, jpeabtfe Harbison, Anim Hendrix, Florlne Starr, Bernice Young, Sue Boardman, Anna R. Moore, Irma Wentzell, Lucy Dean, Lora Lee Robertson, Lucile Glasgow, Claribel Kay. Ara-bell- OF THE WILDCAT TEAM Easy Game For U. K. day Afternoon Mon- away with when of they defeated the University Cincinnati by a score of five to two. Despite the fact that the gnme was slow and the playing of both teams was ragged and poor, several spectacular plays won the applause of fans. Kentucky started off with vim and sent one man across the pan in the first inning. In the fourth, Seltz, the r big for the Bears, went wild and Kentucky ran in two scores. Not until the eighth inning did Cincinnati have a real chance to score, and then the two tallies came more as a gift than anything else, when several Wildcat errors together with two hits gave them two runs. Although Slomer pitched a good game, it appeared as if he was weakening fast toward the last. He was in several tight holes but pulled out without severe damage. Seltz battled hard for a victory, but was defeated by errors and poor playing. His wild throws gave the Wildcats two runs. The box score: AB R H A PO E Cincinnati. 511000 McFarland, rf 500020 Fessendend, If 312121 Coons, ss 200111 Wenzel, 3b-401100 McDiarmid, 2b 200031 Irwin, cf 400081 Sharpe, c 400071 Brockman, lb 300400 Seltz, p 1 0 0 0 0.0 'Edmonton, 3b The Wildcats their sixth walked straight victory , INCOWPqfATCP Aain Street ro? Phoenix Hotel JLexington, iym Phone 945 J. DONALD DINNING, Representative Phone 4085 right-hande- c High-Cla- Shoe Repairing ss Done While You Wait ALL WORK GUARANTEED We also have a line of new high grade Shoes for men and boys. These are guaranteed to give the best of satisfaction. THE INEW WAY SHOP Corner Short and Mill Strecto In Selecting a University 33 2 4 7 24 5 Total AB R H A PO E Kentucky. For a college education, there are five things 4 1 0 2 11 0 Burnham, 2b to be taken into consideration: 300000 Sauer, If COLLEGE PROFESSOR 302120 Propps, 2b SPEAKS IN CHAPEL Brown, lb 1. The men the head of the Insti4 0 1 0 15 1 tution. 321312 Zerfoss, ss Dean Brown Discusses Value of 310271 Heber, c 2. The scholastic standing and ability College Education. 411010 Grubbs, rf of the Teaching Staff. 301100 Slomer, p 3. The location and advantages of 300000 "The physical combat of war Is Jones, cf environment. 100001 over, but we are now at the critical Misrach, cf point; we do not have the same moral 4. Equipment, buildings, laboratories 5 6 9 27 5 31 Tqtal state that we had when we entered and libraries. 9 T. Innings the war. The laboring class saw dur5. Cost. 2 0 02 0 ing the war that it was an indispen- Cincinnati 5 1 nation, and after Kentucky sable factor in the In all these respects the University of KenSummary: Three-basHit Coons. the war they, the laboring people are tucky commends itself to those seeking a higher restless and demanding better living Stolen Base Proops. Double Play institution in which to carry on their education. conditions. The Germany of Bach, of Burnham to Brown. Wild Pitches Schiller, of Beethoven, of Goethe, that Seltz, 2. Hit by Pitcher Seltz, 1 All Departments, including Liberal Arts, Struck we found in 1914 has changed to the (Sauer); Slomer, 1 (Seltz). Sciences, Agriculture, Law, Education, Mining, Germany of Nietsche", said Dean Out By Slomer, 7; by Seltz, 9. Bnse Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Brown, of Harvard, in a recent chapel on Balls By Slomer, 5; by Seltz, 2. The Government needs trained men and address to the students of the Univer- Umpire Wright. women; college training will bring the result. sity of Kentucky. Dean Brown continued: "Life in a KAPPA KAPPA riAMMA Address college is not like that outside its GIVES BRIDGE PARTY gates. Horace Greeley had contempt PRESIDENT FRANK L. McVEY for the college man. Franklin, LinThe alumnae of the Kappa Kappa Lexington, Ky. University of Kentucky coln, Washington, and other promi- Gamma fraternity will give a bridge nent Americans were without a col- party for the Armenian Relief Fund Colleges are the Benefit on Saturday afternoon, May lege education. means by which we can improve our- 15 in the ballroom of the Phoenix selves, and better our opportunities Hotel. They hope to have every table for speciul service. College people engaged as the public is invited. All must not think themselves above the wishing to reserve pluces are requestC. D. CALLOWAY & CO. great mass of people. We could have ed to call Mis3 Mildred TayJor, telea hard time to compete with the man phone 2292-X- , who is the chairman of FOOTiALL SUPPLIES, SWEATERS, KODAKS, DEVELOPING AND PRINTING who is trained by the great minds of the committee. Frances Kimbrough, the age were we not college Patterson Hull, will also reserve I4f WmC Main Strut Lfxlnften, Ky. places. at 12345678 00000 0020200 e