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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 74, no. 4, Winter 2003

Part of Kentucky alumnus

In Me ori Ons Arnold Singletary , Eighth President of the University of Kentucky t , 5 tis Arnold Singletary, 81, a native of Markey Cancer Center, Gaines Center for the Gulfport, Miss., husband of Gloria Walton Humanities, and Gluck Equine Research Center. il Singletary, and the eighth president of the The universitys library doubled its holdings from . ? University of Kentucky, died Sept. 20, 2003, at his one million to two million volumes, and UK imple- Q home in Lexington, Ky. He also is survived by three mented a program of selective admission. _ if children, Bonnie Singletary Robertson,Winston-Sa- Singletary valued the publications and other pro- I , lem, N.C.; Robert Scot Singletary, Greenville, S.C.; grams of the UK Alumni Association and i L and Kendall Singletary Barret and husband Max, supported its transition to a dues-supported organi- Lexington; four grandchildren, James David zation. Robertson, Jill Robertson Stokes, Jeffrey Lee Also during the Singletary years, the number of # Robertson and Addison Singletary Barret, and four individual donors and the amount of the gifts they i great-grandchildren. gave grew substantially. In 1969, gifts to UK totaled Singletary, an expert on the MexicanAmerican $1 million and by 1987 had grown to $20.5 million. War, was named the eighth president of the Univer- In 1969, 76 UK Fellows (people who give or pledge j sity of Kentucky in August 1969. He served 18 years $10,000 to UK) gave $3.7 million in donations. By p in the presidency, retiring in July 1987. Upon his re- 1987 the number of UK Fellows had grown to 1,778 tirement, the UK Board of Trustees conferred on and they contributed $36 million. I Singletary the title of President Emeritus. "Dr. Singletarys loss is great not only for the 1 During his 18-year administration (third longest University of Kentucky, but the entire Common- in UKs history), more than 60,000 students earned wealth of Kentucky," said UK President Lee T. , degrees, representing more than 57 percent of the Todd Jr. "I knew him from the time I was a faculty i degrees awarded at UK during its entire history to member in the UK College of Engineering as a I that point. man of impeccable integrity. Since I have been in { i Andrew Oppmann, editor of The Post-Crescent office, Dr. Singletary has been extremely supportive newspaper in Appleton,Wis., was one of the speak- and shared with me several bits of his wisdom that ` ers during memorial services for Singletary and is a helped him guide the institution during his tenure. member of the UK Alumni Association and on its I have found those bits of wisdom even more valu- board of directors. He reflected on Singletary from able as my tenure extends, and I know they are Q a student`s perspective from that era (Oppmann is a things that I will use and cherish for years to come. i former editor of the Kentucky Kernel) and made Patsy and I consider Otis and Gloria Singletary to Li note of Singletary`s charm and magnetic personality. be our dear friends, and they have provided us with The gravitational pull would change when he much encouragement. His contributions will long walked intoa room." Oppmann said. be remembered, particularly by the thousands of Ei , The UK campus witnessed more than $250 mil- people whose lives have been touched by Dr. E 1 lion of new construction between 1969 and 1987, Singletary. He was loved and revered by all who l including the Otis A. Singletary Center for the Arts, worked closely with him and knew him best." u 4 KENTUCKY Atuivmt 5