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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 74, no. 4, Winter 2003

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I A1<` " 3 i Y {ig; _ ~ Q FT .;. ;~ f .-, I he Dmoz , a W t z llengg l V .A`` ' v . . T . . E - . _; g M 1 - ,.i.l:Z,2..- ..4..:.:.* , 4 .~ _,, x` ` l ; I : I; Reach for National Prgnlinencc dirlect our efiorts to ensure success and continuous quality l One of the great strengths of the University of Kentucky is the en ancemen , _ _ _ _ _ l richness of a campus that brings together undergraduate, The Umvemty will streamline its business and mf0ma` graduate and professional students in an unusually comprehen- hen technology Scrvlcee Advancement sf the acadcmls and l sive array of programs. This variety encourages shared ideas cllmcal emelppecs depends en the Cffecuvenesn and fh` across disciplines, promotes mumdisciplinmy endcavorsv and ciency of administrative, business and information technol- enriches the educational and social experiences of a highly di- ogy euppme We must rednce bnreancfacy and Othel. verse and talented student body. While the richness and variety banner? to our Succesxwhllc mammmmg accountability for V Of Campus life are among UK,S greatest Strengths, the institutional assets and resources. We must provide inte- Universitys progress depends upon a well-conceived concen- graied 1fff1ty,StdtStff Stf SaSf l intellectual diversity through the integration of all its resources. Key Indicators: As we strive to become one of Amer1cas 20 best public re- B 2006 We Wm search universities, some programs will build upon or attain na- y A hicmasc f}Om 10 to 15 the number Of to ranked aca_ tional recognition and will serve a global constituency. Other demi ro mms accordin to the National Insgmtcs Of ~ programs will advance the land-grant mission by creating the HBalthp(N%H) uae Nationgl Research Council (NRC) Or professional, educated citizenry and scholarship needed to US News & World Re Ort ` serve Kentucky. Although particular areas will be emphasized, ' Increase hcalthgffars Clinical income b 10 crcem comprehensive excellence is essential to the mission of sewing C` Identify four Clinical tar ct ro rams anna implcmcni as the premier teaching, research and land-grant institution for at lcst two new related busings Hang p the Commonwealth. This level of excellence also will be re- D Increase the market Value gf the Universit ,S ndOW_ l quired in other endeavors for which we can serve as a national mem; to $500 minion through fund misin focusgd On the mOdCl including the creation of a prosperous and mutually riorit research areas identified in the Cmmonwealths " beneficial "college town" environment. Over the next three gtmtc {C Plan for the New Econom i years, we will support our faculty and staff in delivering a com- E gaedesi H business and clmiczx mccsscs as art Of prehensive array of academic programs and other activities and the rplaccmgm Of the financial hum;] resource gudem services as we reach for national prominence in priority areas. . . . ` _ _ and health enterprise 1nformat1on systems. Objectives: 1. The University} will inpirease th}? proninence 0f faculty H; Attract and Graduate scholarship. Our aculty efines t e aca emic enterprise. The quality and achievements of the faculty determine the promi- Outslandmg Students _ _ _ nence of the University and the degree to which our missions Ednennng Stndents ls a core nnsslen Of the Unwefsnyg ln are accomphshcd We must adequately Support Om. faculty order to attain. excellence and achieve national recognition, while strategically allocating resources to priority areas for fu- We mnst reennn rennn and graduate a dwersegreup of Ont` t tum devclopmelm standing undergraduate, graduate and professional students, 2_ The University win enhance the excellence and representing Kentucky, the nation and the world. We expect sustainability of the clinical enterprise. The successful fulfill- Olni gradnatee te neeeme prednenve elnzens whe make eng` ment of the health affairs (clinical) mission is vital to the real- nlnennl enntnbnnens to that pmfesslens and enlnrnnnlnes ization of our dreams. We must identify clinical priorities and TO aenleve nns Valued Onteenler We Wnl expand nnnnnves to re-focus resources on those areas with the best opportunities unmet nnd graduate OMMMH18 Sde"S for national recognition andlpreeminence in clinical service Objectives: and research. The core medical areas must include those where 1 The Universit will admit and enroll an incl_aS_ the University can bring excellent programs to the fore, includ- . ` . . y y ing cardiovascular, cancer, infectious disease, neurosciences, mgly higher cahber On Student TO Emmet and enmn Such p and Similar disciplines revolving around highicchnology students, we must recruit the best students in Kentucky and interventional and diagnostic Work- beyond; expand scholarship, fellowship, and other forms of 3. The University will increase its resources in order t0 offer 1a1_Sf:d Offer elnprenenSwe* m<>d<=f end high-quality instructional, research and service pr0g;amS_ The challenging curricula. The University s excellence will ible re- Universitys progress in reaching its aspirations requires signifi- neeted tnrengn tne state reglennl and nanenel reeegmnen cant new investments in areas of strength and promise. Our of our Smdente _ _ _ , t primary sources of support are: state funds, grants and con- 2' The Unwemty W'.! eennbnrale wnn Kenlucky S when tracts, tuition and fees, Clinical income, gifts, and Endowment in_ postsecondary education institutions to facilitate success for come. We must increase the generation of resources and the nannner Stdents A Sneeessnn etntennde nensfer program Contributions Of Our numerous partners and Supportcm IS critical to Kentucky s success in raismg its overall level of 4 The University will Strengthen the link between funding dc_ educational attainment. We must further the academic suc- cisions, plans and results. Our mission necessitates wise stew- eess ef transfer Students nneugn program imennn'n_lend ardship of existing financial support, including the reallocation transfer agreemenln Support for tne_COurs_ fefppneael ny of resources to support priority programs. We must align plan- System end ether eennberanve nenY'neS _ ning and budgeting processes more closely to provide the re- The Umversny wln engage Students In ngemus equel` source and infrastructure needs identified in the Top 20 Task nenal pmgrams end provide an environment condugwc to Force Report. We must evaluate our progress regularly and re- Success' Students Succeed when they {erm meaning u cen` KENTUCKY ALUMNI 7