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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Meade County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

-3- ERANDENBURG 4-H CLUB (State and National 4-H Clubs), c/o Fred C. 1 Hafer, County Agent, Brandenburg. Founded 1922. President, Wilma ` I Shawn Brandenburg. Secretary, Sylvia Smith, Brandenburg, Telephone A 722. Terms expire January, 1945. Executive Secretary, Fred C. C Hafer. Term indefinite. T Membership: 52. Qualifications, boys and girls who are working o on an assigned agricultural project. J; Com ittees: Clothing, Mildred Shelton, Brandenburg. Q Purpose: To teach rural boys and girls better ways of living and to g enable them to become better citizens. Normal Civic Activities: None. i Defense Activities: Engaged in Collection of Scrap Metals and Other , Metals. Training for Sewing and Preparation of Surgical Dressings, Q Preparation and Serving of Food, Entertainment, Recreation, Discussion I 5 Leaders, Public Speaking. Interested in Hospital and Clinical Assistance, Red Cross Assistance, First Aid, Operation of Canteens, Child Care, Li- Q: brary Service, Collecting Books. E Local Publications: None. r ii FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS, HARRISON LODGE #122 (Grand Lodge of Kentucky, * F.&A.M.), c/e Guy A. Hardin, Farmer's Deposit Bank, Brandenburg. Founded 1842. Master, Percy Shumate, Brandenburg. Secretary, Guy A. Hardin, Brandenburg, Telephone 4. Terms expire January, 1945. { g Membership: 15. Qualifications, white male adult citizens of U.S.A. i Committees: Relief, Percy Shumate, Fred Morton and Roy Neafus, all of A Q Brandenburg. 1 Normal Civic Activities: NOI19. E _ Defense Activities: Interested in Air Raid Warden Service, Motor Corps Q Service, Red Cross Assistance, Discussion Leaders. I , 1 Local Publications: None. E _`___ i FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA, NEADE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL CHAPTER (State and ( Q National F.F.A.), Meade County High School,Brandenburg. Founded 1956. q Q President, John English, Ekron. Secretary, Karl Cunningham, Mooley- Q ;` ville. Terms expire July, 1942. Advisor, Carl Lamar, Brandenburg. i Qt Term indefinite. in Membership: 44. Qualifications, must be enrolled in vocational agri- 5 Q culture. 1