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32 > Image 32 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 27, 1957

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Ifi-S- cr. KENTUCKY KERNEL, ErMav, Sept. 27. 1T7 2-- TIIE -KUCUULK -HI)IU " - - if: ft V. , , .:. .. :V ' . ,:w.., .'. .: M ....mM.OWWWJ . I AX BILTWCL HONEYLANE FRATERNITY PREP HONEYSUCKLE faS Open Eycry Monday Night 'Til r . vhi ft' I fefe3 U ii it - ASP' L-- sy t.iilS Mf T f iM - X tl II A i3 RVfJIi lkAZ - f ' I P J 2vf I A f Ii fmj i v V ftVSvfcJ rolJ O SK x i Xy 1. s i ii i Hi I It Vfc 1 ,vvW.rvNVVXyWV. . . Mllwg Mttc-S- 111 VJLJ H.rtl v;ll iV!";'SA iV fc- - i: '11 1,. It 1 ! I 1 lift ;1V,I fel :M Jff J 1 1 1 1 V S:: X lffPV j flick your shutters at this low price for these keen novelty pajamas just perfect for life in the dorm! Like your.sleepers cut slick and clean, minus sissy frills? These m'iin'ic youi k'ttl'uidit'ieT's with adjustable waistband, snap ' fastener, closed trousers, They're trim CHARMODE'JAMARETTES in sanforizpd 100x60 count cotton broadcloth with all major seams double needle stitched for long Perfect Jor . lounging, too!-. . wear 32-4Buy NOW and SAVE! Sizes -- 0. Bold horizontal stripes top Continental collared Jamarette in red or blue vertical stripes on chalk white. Fctr tetter, rep- - !. e pocket. piping trim, Plain color amarette with small check trim insts on collar, lapels, ' ' Yours in assorted plain colors. hip-lin- Popular Ivy League stripes and plaids spice this novelty Jamarette with Ivy League button-dowcollar. Assorted color combinations. n type print Jamarettes Persian with notched collar and lined lapels. Matching fringed belt. Choose from assorted stripes and plaids in a. shirt-tai- l with cute mitred collar. Choose it with or without shoulder gathers. Red, blue. Shadow and colored prints make the wide stripes of this Jamarette outstanding. Notched collar top with breast pocket. Assorted prints. and-4ndia- n multi-color- Fine-lin- e top-Jamaret- te s. pbin n colored trousers in this model Jamarette. Continental sports collar. Choose from assorted stripes. four-butto- FREE PARKING WHILE 213 Dial E. Main SHOPPING SEARS Monday Tuet. thru Saturday 9 a.m. .9 p.m. Fri.-- 9 9 a.m,-5;3- i m .(1t n p.m. Q