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11 > Image 11 of Annual report. 1919

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

ANNUAL REPORT of the Director of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station. For the Year 1919. The past year has been one of progress as well as diifi- V _ culties for the Experiment Station. Changes in person- nel, due to opportunities for material increase in salary, have affected the progress of work and made conditions difficult. The projects undertaken have shown favorable progress in i spite of the difficulties and viewed from a comparative basis. satisfactory gains have been made. - The position and prospect of agricultural investigation thru the experiment station is so concisely and clearly set forth in a report of the Committee on Experiment Station Organization and Policy presented at the Chicago convention of the Association of American Agricultural Colleges and Ex- periment Stations, November, 1919, that a. portion thereof is . quoted as applying not only to the national situation but equally well to the situation so far as the Kentucky Agricul- tural Experiment Station is concerned. "During the period of the world war, when agriculture was playing such a vital part and the accumulated results of in- vestigations were being drawn upon to an unprecedented cx . tent, the state agencies for agricultural research remained practically at a standstill in their development, and in not a few eases lost ground. Investigation did not cease but it was interrupted and for the time being it stopped growing. Its efforts were in part diverted and it lost many of its workers,