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The Kentucky Kernel, December 19, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

H" BP 1 y Best Copy Available qD THE KENTUCKY KERNEL VOLUME XX LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, NUMBER 19, 1929 DECEMBER 11 WILDCATS PREP FOR MIAMI FIVE 'Local Color' Scores Hit; CAMPUS LEADERS STUDENTS HEAR PRESIDENT M'VEY Speaks Before Convocation Wednesday i n Assembly Memorial Hall; Scores Ac- tivities at School. President Frank L. McVey addressed the student body of the university Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock in Memorial Hall, for the regular monthly convocation of the school. Dr. A. W. Fortune opened the program with prayer, while music was furnished by the University Glee Club, under the direction vof Prof. Carl Lampert, head of the music department. In his address President McVey made an appeal to students to cooperate in an attempt to keep the campus clean and beautiful. Attention was called to the rule against smoking in the buildings. Dr. McVey said that for some time it haft been called to his attention that there is a large amount of graft, special privilege, and corruption in the various student organizations. The appropriating of student funds for the private use of individuals holding positions of trust and responsibility should be stopped by members of the student body. Dr. McVey said that the university has had a most successful football season and that our football men deserve a great deal of credit ioi the rigid course of training that they have kept. The players are sportsmen and gentlemen, which cannot be said for the student body as a, whole. Evidences of ungentlemanly and unladylike conduct among Kentucky students were particularly noticed on the Lexington, Va. football trip, 6aid President McVey. Deportment such as this gives the university a bad name and will eventually lead to the abolishing of intercollegiate football unless the clear thinking and serious element of the student body take it upon themselves to remedy the conditions. These conditions can be remedied through and the discipline of fraternities sororities and the Intelligent action student body. of the President McVey closed his address by saying that a spirit of Incuriosity should exist tellectual among the students at the university and that many of the students hero are "fugitives from knowledge." The men's glee club sang two numbers after the address, and the benediction was pronounced by Dr. Central Fortune, pastor of the Christian church. fa Flora Belle Lumpkins Frances Baskctt Tommie Lumpkins Elbert Bell Always Alice Bruncr Phil Redding Charles Goodman ; Bob Blovings Earl Cclla "Spike" Joe Allen "Tipsy" Tuggle Russell Stcigncr Edgar Garland, Jr Jack Smith Betty Tyler... Mary Virginia Willis Mr. McCoy Jack Smith The Darbs Mina Pate, Elizabeth Tlnsley, Shirley Grief, Lola Combs, Matt Clay, Darrell Hurd, John Epps, Wilbur Holloway. Announcer Jane Cate. Ladles of the Ensemble Evelyn Ford, Natalie Bryson, Virginia Glass. Virginia Reeves, Nina Budd, Gay Loughrldgc, Elizabeth Bllllter, Virginia Young, Kathleen Fitch, Sunny Allen. Gentlemen of the Ensemble Don Williams, Neal Cain, Robert Porter, Slade Carr, Benny Martin, Ben Met-ca- lf, Billy Hubble, James Gatcwood, Paul Pickering, James Reasan. Musical Numbers 1. Overture, Medley. . ..Orchestra Darbs 2. "Opening Chorus" 3. "Jumbo Stomp," Tommie, Mat- tie, Carrie and Chorus 4. "When My Dream of Love Always Comes True" "Making Myself All 5. Finale, Over," Tommie, Always and Ensemble Brigade," Tommlo, 6. "Paddle Spike, Bob and boys to Me".... Girls 7. "It's All Greek 8. Specialty.. .The Punkan Sisters 9. "My Type of Man" Betty and January Season Greetings Are Extended by Kernel Staff Holiday Today's issue of The Kernel is the last that will be Issued during the year of 1929. When school reopens in January we will have a brand new year. The Kernel takes this opportunity to extend to every student of the University wishes for a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Dr. O. T. Koppius Addresses Meeting of Chemical Group Dr. O. T. Koppius, professor of physics at the University, delivered an address on "Geophysical Methods of Prospecting for Oil Deposits," at the 138th regular meeting of the Lexington section, American Chemical Society, Tuesday, December 10. After the meeting, which was attended by about 75 persons, Dr. Frank E. Tuttle, head of the depart- unent of chemistry, was elected councilor of the Lexington section. Dr. Koppius recently returned from Texas, where he investigated several problems of a geophysical nature. He pointed out in his address that the haphazard prospecting and drilling for oil as carried out in the beginning of the industry is being replaced by more precise methods, many of which are the direct result of geologists and physicists' interest In the work. Instructors Speak To Horticulturists Prof. A. J. Olney and W. W. Maglll, instructors In the College of Agriculture, spoke at the annual winter meeting of the Kentucky State Horticultural society, which closed last Saturday at the University exeperlment station. Professor Olney, in his address to the group Saturday morning, spoke on raspberry growing, and stressed the importance of that fruit where proper cultural methods are employed. W. W. Maglll outlined a spray program for Kentucky growers. Walter W. Hlllenmeyer, of Lexington, was reelected president of the society, Dr. II. Van Antwerp, of Farmers, and Wood F. Axton, of Louisville, were chosen vice presidents of their respective sections. MAUER TO PRESENT STRONGEST LINEUP BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEET JTjlSS j&RJt fk.TTGf?.W . Band Sponsor 10. Merry Christmas Noted for Strong Teams in Ohio Conference Basketball Circles Opponents U. K. Boys Finale, "I've Got the Hey, Hey Fever" Tipsy" and Ensemble 11. "Mother of Mine" Tommie and Mrs. Lumpkins 12. Reprise: ''I'm Making Myself All Over" Tommie and Always 13. "You'll Always Be Mine Tom mie, Always and Ensemble 14. Finale Entire Company Synopsis of Scenes , ACT I Scene 1 The parlor of Mrs. afternoon?-- " Lumpkins'h"ome,late Scene 2 The same, one week later, evening. ACT II Scene 1 Living room of the Al pha Kappa fraternity house, evening. Scene 2 The same, three years later. ACT III The Lumpkins home, two days later. TO EXTEND BLUE .'I The Christmas holidays will begin Friday, December 20 at noon, and school will reconvene after the holidays Friday January 3 at 8 o'clock. Students missing their last recitation the holidays, will be penalized y having of their final landing deduced. Female Stroller Lead 81 Jt Arm R. O. T. C. strong RegiWnlal Sponsor PAUL M'BRAYER Basketball Captain TILT OF YEAR EXPECTED Begins Friday at Noon and Ends al 8 o'clock Play to Capacity Houses By FRANCES IIOLLIDAY Deviating from tfio bcntcn pnth of spoken drama presentation, the Strollers, University dramatic organization, opened their first musical comedy production, "Local Color," Monday night at the Gttlgnol theatengagement. er, for a thrcc-nlg"Local Color" was written and directed by Frank Davidson, president of Strollers, in colaboratlon with Earl King Scnff and Kath-crln- c Davis, who composed the musical scores and lyrics. Linking a hetrogeneous collection of characters and numbers into a flowing chain of drama, the plot moved through the evening from the home of the Lumpkins to the living room of the Alpha Kappa fraternity house and back in the third act to the .Lumpkins home. Charmingly interspersed with choruses by co-eand fraternity men, who enlivened the acting with their dancing. The comedy was quite a successful amateur production. Mrs. Lumpkins, the indulgent mother of Tommie and Flora Bell, engagingly portrayed by Evelyn Gall; "Tipsy" Tuggle, the proverbial fraternity lover of 'wine, women, and song" with the emphasis on the wine, aptly played by Russell Stelg-e- r; and Tommie Lumpkins, around whom the play centered, and who was possessed of a powerful ego, cleverly enacted by Elbert Bell; were played with great dramatic ability. A particular note of praise must be sounded for the musical numbers and the dancing of the chorouses. The scores of the various songs were excellent in composition, melody, and rhythm, and the lyrics were lilting and light, as befitted those of collegiate men and women. The dancers seemed to possess a certain natural grace, which emlnat-c- d from the dances. "Mother of Mine," sung by Tommie, Elbert Bell, to his mother, touched the hearts of the audience as mother songs will, when sung as oneijpwfcfJThe rJtb?UjMully.Jis,..thlt ' grand finale was eminently clever and certainly novel. The cast of the comedy, the music- -' al numbers, and a synopsis of the scenes follow: "Local Color" Cast Mrs. Mertie Jones.Louise McDonald Evelyn Gall Mrs. Lumpkins Mrs. Carrie Akers... Florence Morris Stewart Miss Mattie Mary Elizabeth Fisher SECOND Xmas Holiday Players Practice Diligently on Offensive Formations for Encounter SHROPSHIRE With the Joyous spirit of Christ mas prevadlng the atmosphere and Alumni Nominees Are Named Santa Claus himself expected to be among the spectators, the Univer by Board. Motion to Have sity of Kentucky Wildcats will take Three Graduations Yearly the second step on their venture Is Passed Upon by Board. through the beckoning realms of basketball fairyland Friday night at t.fVG7QA, KY. 8 oclock in the Mens gymnasium. At the meeting of the Board of The big, red quintette from Miami ALBERT- BE.L.L. Trustees in President McVey's office University at Oxford, Ohio, will also Male Stroller Lead Tuesday, the names of the three be among those present when Coach men from which Governor Sampson Johnny Mauer and his boys open trustees their Yuletide bundles of thrills and is to choose the alumni were made known. The three men excitement. are Thompson R. Bryant, W. C. WilA light repast consisting of the son, and Louis Hlllenmeyer. Mr. Georgetown Tigers was disposed of Hlllenmeyer has served on the board last week by the 'Cats to the merry for the past six years. tune of 46 to 9 and now they are( On April 1, the names of the whetting the old carving knife for a appointment were more bounteous banquet, a choice nominees for the sent to all the alumni to be voted morsel of holiday vestige which will, six if achieved, boost Kentucky's stock on. From these the highest were selected and again sent to be to great heights in gumshoe circles. question at voted on. At the meeting these But the paramount votes were tabulated and the high present in the minds of several est three were sent to the governor. thousand fans in the Blue Grass is He will appoint one as the trustee. whether the Wildcats have broken Also at the meeting 98 candidates off a bite too large to be chewed. were passed upon for. degrees and it Can they digest this blazing plum was also announced that hereafter pudding or will they wilt before the there will be three commencements oppressive heat of the invaders. The Miami approach is heralded, a year Instead of one, one to be addnot by the swift pacing of St. Nick's and one in ed in mid-yetraditional reindeers, nor even by steadily roaring motor of an air The annual report of the board the reported to be was drawn up and is to be printed craft in which he is by an ominus but sent to the legislature. The re- - traveling now, Is and tread; Nothing known of the actport set forth the work of the Uni ual fighting strength of the Ohians versity and of the boara ana enmemories of but unpleasant are closed the financial report and re- last year's epic battlethe with this same quest for appropriations, the con team. nave not Deen rnaae tents of which A redmcnance came cut of the public. north in December 1928 to interrupt , At the meeting the following the Christmas festivities of the their bounding boys in Blue. This they who finished candidates, 'courses during the summer session, did with much gusto. The tally was and are elegible for degrees at mid- -' deadlocked at the final whistle and term, were passed upon: the game continued. After three Beecher overtime periods of brilliant floor- Arts: of Bachelor Powell Adams, OHle James Bowen, work, during which time the full Frances Ford Bradley, Maye Howell house of spectators sat In breathless Briscoe, Edna Elizabeth Corder, suspense and gnawed on trembling Marion O'Connell Crowder, Marian fingers, the. Kentucky five won with LAWRENCE M'GINNIS 'Elizabeth Dalrymple, Finley Houston a meager 43 to 42 margin, Basketball Star Davis, "Joseph Woods Lrarcmer, i The Miami team is one of vet- (Continued on Page Eight) William Harlow Glanz, Eustace Mary Narcissa Granger Hester, Holt, Haven Link Idleman, Elizabeth Courtney Jordan, Jeannette Monroe Kimberlln, Mary Jane Dean Lyle, Guy Francis McClure, Thomas -uonipnan Harlan Milton, Lewis Tennyson Peyton, "Moore, Jay Purday, 'Adam Stacy, Club Holds Christmas Party 'Casey Jr., William Newton Stice, Jr., Lena Fayette County Medical Group in Alumni Hall; Lunceford Talbott. Ruth' Martin and Professor Miller Give Named New President of i Kennedy Thompson. Sara Lynn Valuable Books to UniverHarkless Tucker, and 'Elizabeth Organization. DEBATING TEAM TO TOUR SOUTH COSMOPOLITES HEAR KOPPIUS' Forensic Squad Will Engage in 20 Meets With Southern Universities Early in January. By LAURENCE cum1 MEDICAL BOOKS GIVEN TO U. K. sity Library. Woods. The University debating team will leave Lexington on New Year's eve for a tour of the South, during which they will participate in twenty or more debates with several Southern Universities, returning to Lex-in- g on January 13. After leaving Lexington, the first stop will be at Atlanta, Ga., where nine debates will be held with Embry university on the following questions: "Resolved That War Cannot be by Prevented International Agreements; Resolved That the Single Enterprizer Cannol Compete With the Chain Store; Resolved That Big Business and Good Government Cannot be Harmonized." At Green Water, Fla., they will meet the team of Rollins College on the same three questions, and will debate nine times before different audiences. There will be only one debate with the team representing the University of Florida, at Gainesville. The the team representing the University question for discussion with the Florida team probably will be; "Resolved That War Cannot be Pre vented by International Agreements." Professor Sutherland will take with him five members of the University team. They are Wm. Pearce, James Porter, Hugh Jackson, Clifford Amyx, and Sydney Schell. The more important debates of the year will be held next semester, Mr. Sutherland said yesterday. Debates have already been arranged with Princeton, Swathmore, Loyola, questions and Harvard. The discussed with these schools will be similar to, If not the same ones used this semester. The debates before the high school groups by the University teams have been largely In the naturo of preparatory work for the larger and more important meets next year, The Women's Athletic Association of the University is sponsoring its annual Kid Party tonight at 8:15 o'clock in the recreatlou room of Patterson Hall. All girls are cordially invited to attend dressed in kid costumes. Bachelor of Science: Francis O. T. Koppius spoke to the rame yost UC Lor-D- r. President of O. D. K. hall. The organization is sponsored by the Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. and is composed of foreign born students of the University and a representative group of native students. M. Schneider, a member of the 17-1- 8 and a native of Germany, was installed as president to succeed a native of .China Kentucky Hotel at Louisville William Chen, decorated In the rooms were style of Christmas decora- Will Be Scene of tion, and the members of the club Session from Germany gave a short pro- gram. Following the social hour. PROFESSOR l'OKTMANN the meeting of the club was closed PRINCIPAL SPEAKER by the singing of Christmas carols. The program was arranged by the Will Speak on Advertising following members of the German delegation: Dr. Koppius, Marcel and Ethics. Other Kuklanskl, Werner Gross, and M. Addresses Schneider. Countries represented In the club's The Kentucky Press association membership and their representasession will hold its tives are: Bulgaria, James Stamatoss " " Ufcl3r"uw2iand T. T. Nedelkoss; France, Prof. ' notices sent ut centr To members Prof iffi,"5 ACnafertS by J. Curtis Alcock, Danville, sec- - ?d ""rry retary of the association. Problems, W. H. Brent; V concerning newspaper publishing China. Mr and Mn W will be discussed and an attempt JnP". Miss Grace Rosalind Angeluccl; KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCIATION TO MEET JAN. a ieW,N session the afternoon of ailes, ewsSpersona hiSer The first 'ns8- Itg HfwBS,at2i'5SS includes the president's Bush, Virginia Meacham. Elste. address by J. M. Allen, Cynthlana, i Bureau, Margaret Lewis Cora Polk. the secretary's report, an address by ; Henry Cravens, and Bart N. Peak. A. Robblns, Hickman, on "The Rela- - tion of the West Kentucky PressSENIOR CLASS IMEETS Association to the Kentucky Asso- elation;" a round table discussion of "Legal Advertising," led by B. B.i The Senior Class met Tuesday Cozine, Shelbyvllle, and an address afternoon In Memorial Hall. At the on "Human Interest In tho Editorial meeting the Class Day committee i was selected. The committee will Column," by Hoyt Moore, Futon. W. O. Bell. Frankfort, superintend- - bo comprised of: John Pennel, chalr-e- nt of public Instruction, has ac- - man; Margaret Fry, Anna Louise cepted an invitation to speak on Rice, and Carl Owsley. The Class "An Outline of the Educational Day officers will be: John Pennel, orator; Mary Mooro Milton, poet; Program of Kentucky," Prof. Victor R. Portmann, of the Harry Calloway, historian; erlne Gotliff, glftorian. on Page Eight) January 17 'y. Anthony lA wnunej. Pruett. and Odls Lee Bachelor of Science in Civil glneering: Errol Macy Bowling, Bachelor of Science in Mechancial Engineering: Robert Marshall verson. John Henry Butler, ana James Reardon Moore. Bachelor of Laws: William Rich-Th- e arti Balllnger, Ralph Eugene nen, "Adolph Monroe Edwards, and Charles Spurgeon Matherly. Bachei0r of Arts in Education: Edward Allen, Marguerite ' .Cnaries .. Arnold. Marion Jasper Be- nutton Bennett, Anne Wade Brown. Harian Kayiiiuim Minnie Mae Byrd. EdithBrown. nice Cnudlll. Hazel Chatneia. uen1amin Franklin Coffman, Allle May , Heath Coryell, Ora Bascum Daoney, Nell Hart Davis. Archie Cosby Dun- Nor,r- t?iui.i1i Fitch. Katherlne ma Catherine Alexander Forsythe. Oracle Christine Grable, Ewell Warren Hatfield. Whayne Hickman, Sarah Alllce Anna Welch Holmes, Bennett Hughes, and Frances Irwin Johnson, Karrlck, Margaret Ely Loutlcla Alice Marrs. Hoffman Batson Mills. Mary Edith Moores, Mary Edna Neal. 'Irene O'Del , Anna Powell, Nell Emerald Powell, Marguerite Reasor, Curtis Jett Reed, Ellis Marlon Reeves. Amy Walker Richardson, Emma Baker Roswell. Bernlce Loulso Schaeffer, Fielding Scale Speak, Anna Mae Stamper, Cora Morris Sweeney, Elma Emma Taylor, Elizabeth Farmer Thurman, Ralph Beckham Tyree, Andrew Jackson Walker, Mattle Lou Chambers Watson, Minnie Crawford Beckner 'Phoebo Winder, and Worth. Bachelor of Science in Commerce: Russell Ross Adams and Harry Llg-o- n Green. Master of Arts: Charles Thomas (Continued on Page Eight) ,, Two gifts of books, made recently to the University library, one through the department of hygiene from the Fayette County Medical Society and the other from the library of the late Prof. A. M. Miller, were announced at a meeting of the library committee held last week. The Fayette County Medical society donated a set of 386 bound and unbound volumes of medical journals to the hygiene department last spring, which have been turned over to the library, while 17 bound volumes, 28 pamphlets, and a variety of material which has not been unpacked have been sent to the library from the A. M. Miller estate. These additional volumes added to the library list will be transferred, together with tho books now contained in the present library, to the new library building, the first unit of which Is now under construction on the campus. Phi Mu Alpha Holds Initiation Services Seven Join New Members Local Chapter of Music Frat Phi Mu Alpha, honorary musical fraternity, held initiation services for seven new members Monday December 10. Phi Mu Alpha was founded In 1808 chapters in the and has forty-si- x leading institutions of the country. Kentucky Alpha Gamma chapter was installed in 1922. The initiates are: Maurice Smith, William Ard-er- y, Joe Conley, Ed Barlow, Earl Michel, Joe McGurk, and Kern Patterson. The members of the fraternity are: Gene Royce, Irmau Fort, Eldon Durand, Ray Mays, Norman Halns-e- y, Claude Walker, Earl Senff, Robert Goad, Gayle Haraon, Lawrence Alexander, Wilbur Wortman. and David Young. Faculty members are: E. G. Sulzer, C. A. Lampert, ami L. O. Robinson.