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Best Copy THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SIX SEWANEE ADDED Northwestern, Centre WILDCATS WIN IN Freshmen To Play Goldberg Tailors To Meet in 1930 SEASON'S OPENER Tonight in Opener TO'CAT SCHEDULE Centre College hns scheduled a was awarded the boxing tournament in February. The conference voted to hold its first wrestling tournament at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Va., the first week In March. When the resolution came up for A swimming meet will be held BATON ROUOE, La., Dec. 14 College Tigers (AP) The resolution of Mnjor W. discussion later in the day It was for the first time. It goes to Aty, Georgetown H. McKellar, faculty chairman of quickly consigned to oblivion. I' all Before Kentucky At lanta. athletics nt Sewanee, which urped Tulanc again was given the tennis Mr. Byrd, who Is faculty chairtack By Score of 16 to 0; southern conference schools to come man and head coach at Maryland, track meet to be held around March Milward High Point Man. right out In the open and clcfray the was on his feet with a counter res- 1 at a place to be decided later and expenses of football players nnd olution which, when ndoptcd a min- also for a golf tournament which Coach Johnny Matter ond his other athletes through college, met uet nftcr, put the conference on rec- was awarded to the Shady Valley Wildcat basketball team officially a quick and violent death in the ord as having no objection to ath- club of Birmingham May opened their 1929-3- 0 season last conference today. letes receiving aid from institutions Saturday night on the slippery hardRefusing to consider the proposal, in which they are enrolled, but woods of the local court by decisively Its opposition to any form the conference speedily adopted a trouncing the Georgetown College counter resolution presented by H. of subsidy, especially credited for visiting five Former U. K. Students Tigers, 40 to 9. The throughout was University of Mary- athletes as a class. C. Byrd, of the badly outclassed the land, elected officers, and adjourned Heads Murray Tumblers An addenda was then appended fray, counting only two field goals, io meet next year at Chapel Hill, to the constitution which defines these coming in the final half on of the aid an athlete may receive. In N. C, scat of the University lucky long shots. tforth Carolina. the list arc formally established The Kentucky outfit made Its first Dr. S. V. Sanford, of the Univer- scholarships controlled and awardpublic appearance of the year a good sity of Georgia, who formed the con- ed by th"c college, loan funds, adone. Coach Mauer began preliminference nine years ngo and who has ministered by university autorities ary work with his squad back in been president since, declined to and positions for which a student October but interest and curious and was suc- receives a reasonable salary so long stand for spectators have been excluded from ceeded by N. V. Dougherty, faculty as the position Is recognized by the all sessions, even practice games chairman of athletics of the Uni- university authorities and is not rewith the frosh candidates have been versity of Tennessee. served solely for nthlctcs. held secretly. The Initial contest The resolution also specified that Dr. A. W. Hobbs, of the Univerwith some brilliant flashes of teamsity of North Carolina, was elected an athlete may receive pay direct manner the buslncss-llk111 work and the Cats wente about their $Wvice president, and Dr. W. D. Funk-house- r, from the athletic association of his In which faculty chairman of the Institution if the pay docs not ex work, served greatly to encourage University of Kentucky, was re- cccd 50 cents per hour for each hour the many sport fans In Lexington of service actually rendered off trie named secretary and treasurer. who arc already making plans to witness their favorites In action In Prof. A. H. Armstrong, of Georgia athletic field. this resolution was Adoption of the Southern Conference tournaTech, and R. B. Poaguo, faculty ment. chairman nt Virginia Military Insti- hailed by veteran members of the Kentucky's starting five was altute, were named to the executive Southern Coaches' association as one of the most progressive moves most Identical with the team that committee for two year terms. conference has made in the nine the played the majority of the games Major McKcllar tossed a bomb- years of Its existence. last year under the Blue and White. shell when he appeared in open sesActing on a recommendation from Four seniors and one junior Jumped sion with the proposal that the con- the coaches, the conference declininto action at the referee's opening ference either abolish football or ed to approve the naming of a whistle but the Wildcat mentor halt the secret subsidizing of ath- southern football commissioner with gave seven other of his candidates a by subsidizing them openly. letes power to act in appointing officials MISS LOIS FRAZAR chance to show their wares at some Then he read a resolution which for conference football games. evening. Against The tumbling team of Murray time during the provided in part that each member The conference adjourned its 1929 a team of the caliber the first- - string of the conference be granted the sessions after setting dates for var- State Teachers College has for Its lineup and reinforced the fact that captain, Miss Lois Frazar, daughter privilege of awarding to each mem- ious circuit contests. Kentucky will be blessed with plenty teams "such ber of its athletic The 1930 basketball tournament of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Frazar, of reserves for the coming scholarships or other cmoulments as will be held in Atlanta February Paducah. Miss Frazar was a mem- of capable ber of the tumbling team of the season. shall be sufficient to defray all of 28 to March 1. Plsgah Combs and "Little" his college bill, including tuition and Dates for the annual track meet, University last year. began the game at forward other fees paid to the college board, which will be held at Birmingham The members of the tumbling with "Spooks" Milward, a veteran lodging, textbooks, fraternity dues, for the third consecutive year, were team perform acrobatic stunts such of many campaigns, at center. Paul and such uniforms as may be re- announced for May 7. as pyramid building, standing on McBrayer, captain of the present quired by the college." The University of Virginia again head, balancing, handsprings, rock- edition, and "Big" McGlnnis were ing chair, shoulder stand and "The also included in the starting assignSwan." The sport, inaugurated at ment at the guard posts. Spicer, Murray for the first time this year, Owens, and Trott got tries at the is coached by Miss Louise Harkless, forward berth while Yates and who has her diploma from the Bronston went In as relief at the1 ABOUT A Normal College of the American nlvot nosition. Kleiser and McLane, Gymnastic Union, Indianpolis, Ind. both guards, were the other subMiss Frazar, who was graduated stitutes that Coach Mauer sent into from Tilghman High School, Padu- the game. cah, Ky., is a sophomore at Murray. Coach Sudduth began the season with only two veterans on his squad at Georgetown and one of these, Meyer, was forced to retire from the Club came before the halfway mark be CHRISTMAS? cause of personal fouls. The other. U. Captain Ezzie Offutt, was tne nest man the Orange and Black had to Dr. J. S. Chambers, head of the offer and accounted for both of their department of public health and field goals, both of which were talli Books U. hygiene at the University, was one ed from midfloor. of the principal speakers at the regThe lineups andsummary: ular meeting of the Lexington Kentacky (46) $5 $6 Optimist Club, this week. Dr. FG. FT. FM. PF. TP. Player Chambers' subject was "The Need Combs, f 6 2 0 0 3 of the University for a Hospital." 4 2 ,6 L McGlnnis, f 1 i6 Plans for the promotion of the Spicer, f 6 0 0 3 0 proposed hospital were discussed by Owens, f 6 0 2' 3 2 members of the club, and a resolu- Milward, c... 6 12 3 0 0 tion was passed by members of the Yates, c 0 0 1 0 0 organization recommending that the Bronston, c .. 1 2 0 0 0 club lend its support to obtain from McBrayer, g 1 4 0 4 2 the .Kentucky state legislature suf- LawM'Gin'sg2 4 2 ficient funds for the erection of a Kleiser, g 0 0 0 0 0 university hospital and infirmary in Trott, f 0 0 0 0 0 Lexington. 0 0 0 0 McLane, g .. 0 The board of directors will further 45 9 15 8 investigate the matter. At present, Totals .... 19 Dr. Chambers said, University of Georgetown (9) ficials have made arrangements with A GOOD COME Player FG. FT. FM. PF. TP. the good Samaritan hospital for the Garth, 2 3 4 2 0 f care of University students who Cawthorn, f.. 0 3 0 1 0 US might need hospital attention. 0 0 0 0 0 Prable, f S. A. "Daddy" Boles, director of Lancaster, 1 0 0 0 0 athletics at the University, was also Clelland, c f.. 0 YOU 0 0 0 . l a guest of the Optimist Club at the Roberts, c ... 0 0 0 0 0 meeting and spoke on the prospects Meyer, c 3 3 4 3 0 HOME for a winning team in 1930. 1 1 4 g 0 2 Offutt, 0 0 0 0 0 Jones, g Burning Subject We don't know; 9 but we suppose that when a minister 11 11 5 2 Totals starts discussing the modern trend Explanation: FG Field goals. in styles he takes his text from FT Fouls tried. FM Fouls made. Revelations. Life. PT Total fouls. PF Personal You Of course, Rev. 12:1 "A woman points. clothed with the sun." Referee Bray, of Ohio wesieyan. What better scriptural authority for the "sun-ta- n back?" The Try This on Your Ukulele A pink Churchman. and sliver brocade slipper has a tiny vamp yoke of gold and silver kid, Better Stand Pat She came into and gold and silver ankle strap the police station with a picture in fastened honey-demelon, or a bit her hand. front with a tiny of garlic rub-i- n "My husband has disappeared," brilliant and a square heel. Calshe sobbed. "Here is his picture. I gary, Canada, Alberta. want you to find him." The inspector looked at the photoWhen to Neck "Yes, Dad, I have graph. "Why?" he asked. Chicago a chance to embrace an opportun9191 304 S. Tribune. ity." "Fine. son. Give it a good hug." When Bossie Broods Housewife Louisville Courier-Journa- l. "Don't bring me any more of that J horrid milk. It is positively blue." Beginning of the End Barbara Milkman "It ain't our fault, lady. (whose first tooth has Just dropt It's these long, dull evenings as out) "Mummy, mummy, qulckl I'm makes the cows deprest." Missouri coming to pieces!" Passing Show Outlaw. (London. S LOW Much Business Transacted At Southern Conference Meet Captains Team WHAT Memory Book Dr. Chambers Tells Lexington of K. Medical Needs FOR with K. Seal and. with K to Campus Book Store ,! 'th McVey Hall For those not pestered with the quizzes and care to usual get some dope on what the 1930 Wildcat recruits will look like, the frosh team will engage the strong Goldberg Tailors tonight at 8 o'clock In a game that should afford plenty of thrills. The Independents will be composed of some stars of other years from the University of Kentucky and Including Glib and Transylvania, and Rccp and Decs, of U. K Adams. This is the only game of the frosh schedule at present, however, Coach Potter has a tentative schedule for lads that will inhis grecn-jerslc- d clude practlcaly every frosh team in the state, with the exception of Centre, as well as a number of the stronger prep school teams. The frosh schedule will call for about 12 games and will be complete by the time the boys return from home and Santa Claus. Following the game Friday night, Coach Mauer plans to release for the holidays all members of the snnnH pvcrnt those llvintr in the city, but he expects them back by the 2Gth to resume practice ior the Berea game, booked for December 31. The members of the squad who reside in Lexington will continue their practice sessions throughout Hin vnrntlnn nprtnH With the CXCCD- tlon of Christmas day. The local members of the squad who were late getting out because football will continue to practice twice dally until the end of the vacation period. On January 3, the 'Cats will rplntlotiR with the Clcmson Tigers In an opening event for the returning students mat snouta ai- fnrrt rrtpnfv nt as the Tigers will be out for revenge fori the drubbing handed them last fall by Coach Gamage's division of the 'Cats managerle. pmbrnelio Tf ftio is to test the strength of the 'Cats in general basKetoan circles, me Clemson game will certainly test fVipm fnr conference frames, as Clemson is already being touted as an almost certain winner of the southern tournament. Last year, ihpv wprp pUmlnatPd hv thfi winners of the tournament in one of the closest games played during the three-da- y session and they will have nracticallv the same team to throw at the 'Cats. George Roberts to Head Kiwanis Club George Roberts, assistant Dean of the, College of Agriculture, was recently elected president of the local Kiwanis Club. Professor Roberts graduated from the University in 1899 and is now head of the de'- -, partment of Agronomy. Professor Roberts has been a member of the Kiwanis club for three years. During Professor .Roberts stay at the University he has known every graduate of the College of Agriculture. 1 When S. A. "Daddy" Boles returned from the meeting of the Southern Conference which wns held Inst week, lie announced the completed gridiron schedule for the University or Kentucky Wildcats in 1930. The Scwnncc Tigers have been signed to nppenr In Lexington on October 4 next year for a nocturnal contest which will officially open the season for the Big Blue. The Sewanee game marks the eighth contest for Coach Harry damage and his men next year and is the seventh conference game on the card, more games within the select circle than a Kentucky team hns ever attempted before. The Highlanders of Maryvllle College will play in Lexington on October 11 as the only foe of the 'Cats. Following the Sewanee and Maryvllle games, Kentucky will face Washington and Lee, Virginia, Duke, Alabama, Virginia Military Institute, and finally, Tennessee. Coach Gamage and "Daddy" Boles had been dickering with the officials of Vanderbllt and Georgia Tech, trying to schedule games with either or both of these teams. Kentucky fans would be greatly pleased to sec their favorites in action against cither the Commodores of the Yellow Jackets but complicated programs prevented arrangements from being completed so as a substitute the Tigers were invited to display their Purple banner on Stoll field next fall. "Daddy" Boles also announced that the Wildcats had been invited to play in a charity game on September 27 next year against the Oregon Aggies in Portland. Coach Gamage stated, however, that the prospects for such a game could hardly Be considered. football game with Northwestern University of Evnnston, 111., It was announced here today. Northwestern takes the place of the UrMvcrsity of Kentucky on the Centre card. The game will be played in Dychc Stadium, Evanston, on October 25. Centre's homecoming game will be against Wabash of Crnwfordsvlllc, Ind. COLONY Bookshop FOR CHRISTMAS: New Books Rare Books Old Books Limited Editions Fine Bindings Children's Books Antiques Stationery Cards Wrappings Gifts LOST Phi Delta Theta sister pin Thursday night in or near the Women's Gym. Finder please return to The Kernel office or to Louise Mason in Patt Hall. adv. jj Taylor Tire Co. jj jj SILVERTOWN TIRES AND TUBES jj Complete Tire, Battery and Brake Service ; j j; ROAD SERVICE j; 346 E. 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