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83 > Image 83 of "UKIT: Kentucky, Duquesne; Rutgers, Tulane", December 17-18, 1982

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Programs (Men)

Io Kentucky Wildcat fans, the net worth of tonight's action is directly related to more than just the bottom-line score. Kentucky basketball connoisseurs want to know the details behind the action ... on the hardwood and in the locker room. That's why more and more Kentuckians daily turn to the sports pages of the morning Herald and afternoon Lexington Leader. From the spicy commentary of D. G. FitzMaurice to the hardwood savvy of Mark Bradley to the colorful play-by-play reports of Jerry Tipton, your Herald and Leader cover all the angles and deliver the action right to your front door. When it comes to Kentucky basketball coverage, the net worth of your morning Herald and afternoon Lexington Leader is second to none. For home delivery information, telephone 253-1314 or toll free 1-800-432-9548. EXINGTON HERALD THE LEXINGTON LEADER