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6 > Image 6 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 63. Laurel County (London)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

ii Preface The individual office essays were prepared from the abstracts of the county records sent to the state office and from legal research made in the Federal Law Library by Earl D. Hale, Assistant State Director, who was aided in the legal research by Mr. Allen. It wdll be noted that this inventory cites the original acts, whenever possible. The office essays are prepared on the basis of structure, powers, duties, and records; the essays on the courts are prepared on the basis of structure, powers, juris- diction, and records. The entries were edited under the direction of Mr. Simmons, who was aided by Miss Lucy A. Kelly. Mr. Simmons classified and arranged the en r tries; the various indexes were prepared by Mr. Raymer. Final proofing of the copy was done by Mrs. Mabel Wright, Mrs. Jule Wykle, Miss Irene Erskine, and John Bush. Stencils used in the publication were cut by William C. Remington and Miss Thelma Bryant. we take pleasure in giving particular credit to O. J. Minnix, Circuit Court Clerk, who graciously provided our staff with office space in the county law library and who was especially helpful to our workers in sup- plying information concerning records. Our thanks are also due to George Bruner, County Court Clerk, for his assistance, and to Chester Scoville, Jailer, for providing labor in handling the heavier volumes to facilitate examination by our field workers. Grateful acknowledgment is made to the officials of the Works Pro- gress Administration in Kentucky for the use of equipment; to the Univer- sity of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, for the use of the library; to Mrs. Jouett Taylor Cannon, Secretary of the Kentucky State Historical Society in Frankfort, for her aid in supplying information housed there; to Mrs. Erma Guy Cromwell, State Librarian and Archivist, for supplying our edi- torial staff with certain volumes used in the compilation of inventory material; and to the Federal Law Library and the Filson Club, Louisville, Kentucky, for their unstinted aid in the publication of this book. Forthcoming volumes of the Inventory of the County Archives of Ken- tucky will be issued in mimeograph form for free distribution to government offices, libraries, and historical societies in Kentucky, as well as to selected libraries and depositories in other states. Requests for informa- tion concerning particular volumes should be addressed to the State Di- rector, Ninth and Broadway, Louisville, Kentucky. /A/fi,//J /7 Q7 i Walter M. Hoe lman State Di ctor The Historical Records Survey Louisville, Kentucky November 28, 1938