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[3] > Image [3] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1979-03-apr3.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-3- Board of Trustees. The names, as recommended in PR 5, have his concurrence and President Singletary recommended approval. On motion by Mrs. Hermansdorfer, seconded by Professor Adelstein, and passed, PR 5 was approved. (See PR 5 at the end of the Minutes.) H. ProDosed Amendments to the Governing Regulations (PR 6) President Singletary indicated that the proposed amendments to the Governing Regulations as recommended in PR 6 had both faculty and administrative support. He then recommended the proposed amendment be received for consideration and put on the agenda for Board action at its next regular meeting. Without objection, it was so ordered by the Chairman. (See PR 6 at the end of the Minutes.) I. Appointment of Dr. James E. Funk as Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Coordinator of Energy Research (PR 7) President Singletary said that the appointment of Dr. Funk as Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Coordinator of Energy Research would be tremendously important in coordinating and promoting the expanding programs in energy research and education being carried on on the University campus. Dr. Funk is very knowledgeable in this field and is the logical person for this assignment. He will continue as Director of the Institute for Mining and Minerals Research but will resign as Dean of the College of Engineering as soon as an Acting Dean is appointed. On motion by Mr. Clay, seconded by Mr. Homer Ramsey, and passed, Dr. Funk's appointment was approved. President Singletary noted that Dr. Funk was present at the meeting and Mr. Sturgill expressed the thanks of the Board members for his willingness to undertake this important assignment. (See PR 7 at the end of the Minutes.) J. Kentucky Transportation Center (PR 6) After briefly outlining the need for the coordination and management of the academic, private, and governmental sectors in addressing the broad range of transportation related problems on an interdisciplinary basis, President Singletary recommended that the Board of Trustees approve the establishment of a Kentucky Transportation Center in the College of Engineering. Governor Chandler so moved. His motion was seconded by Mr. Kessinger and passed without dissent. (See PR 8 at the end of the Minutes.) K. University Research Professorships (PR 9) President Singletary said it was with much pleasure that he was recommending approval of four University Research Professorships for 1979-80 to be awarded to Professor William Y. Adams, Department of Anthropology, Professor Syed A. Nasar, Department of Electrical Engineering, Professor Kurt Niedenzu, Department of Chemistry, and Professor Donald Ringe, Department of English, in recognition of their outstanding research achievements. He concluded by noting that this was the third year that Research Professorships have been given. The four recipients were present at the meeting and were