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[4] > Image [4] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1979-03-apr3.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 4- introduced. After acknowledging their contributions to the University's research program, Mr. Sturgill called for a motion for approval of the naming of these individuals as University Research Professors for 1979-80. Mrs. Wilson so moved. Her motion was seconded by Professor Adelstein and passed without dissent. (See PR 9 at the end of the Minutes.) L. Honorary Degree ReciDients (PR 10) President Singletary recommended that approval be granted for awarding the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws to Mr. Carl D. Perkins, Doctor of Letters to Mr. Lyman T. Johnson and Mr. James Still, and the Doctor of Science to Mr. S. M. Shah. Mr. Clay so moved. His motion was seconded by Mr. Kessinger and passed unanimously. (See PR 10 at the end of the Minutes.) M. Faculty Retirement President Singletary reported that, in lieu of the necessary guidelines from HEW relative to the Age Discrimination ini Employment Act as it related to faculty retirement, the University administration had taken steps to solve the immediate problem with those scheduled for retirement by July 1, 1979, by allowing these individuals to apply for a ole year post-retirement appointment. At the end of the year those accepting such appointments will have the option of accepting or reiecting the University's program which will be applicable for those reaching age 65 in 1979-80. N. Affirmative Action Through the use of charts, President Singletary and Dr. Clapp reported on the University's current status in respect to the number of black faculty members and women faculty members presently at the University and the plans which are being made to increase these numbers. It was noted that the University has made progress during the past few years, but it needs to improve even more within the next five years. 0. Interim Financial Report (FCR 1) Mr. Clay reported that the University was "on target" and moved that the Interim Financial Report for the seven month period ending January 31, 1979, be accepted. His motion was seconded by Mr. Gorman and passed. (See FCR 1 at the end of the Minutes.) P. Student Code Committee ReDort (SCCR 1) Mr. Clay presented the Student Code Report for Mr. Griffin, the Committee Chairman. He indicated that the proposed revision in the Student Code had been received by the Committee after going through the prescribed procedures prior to its transmittal by President Singletary to the Committee. The revision proposed would bring Article V of the Code into conformity with Sections E- 19-1 and E-19-2 of U.K. Business Procedures as they relate to financial delinquency.