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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

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Bracketed material is to be deleted. Underlined material is to be added. ARTICLE V - ST= GEI OF FINANCIAL DELINkUENCY Section 5.1 Student Responsibility 5.11 The University expects the student to be financially responsible and not be delinquent in his/her financial obligations to the University or to any department or division thereof, including room and board payments to sanctioned fraternal student organi- zations. Such obligations shall not include fines and penalties assessed against the student by other than University officers. 5.2 Unmet Financial Obligations 5.21 [Financial obligations that are not met within 10 days after the date due shall be reported in writing to the proper office. Obligations to any division or department of the University shall be reported to the office designated by the Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer.] Offices or departments of the University, with previous approval of the Vice President ibr Business Affairs, will notify a student twice of an unmet financial obligation owed to them exceeding $20.00. If not paid within 60 days, the office or department will notify the Registrar's Office that the student is delinquent. 5.22 [The appropriate business office shall notify the student of the financial obligation. If the student does not settle the obligation by the date designated on the notice, he/she shall, subject to regulations promulgated by the Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer be considered delinquent, and that office shall notify the Registrar.] After the Registrar has been so notified, the Registrar shall not allow the student to register, transfer credits, be readmitted to the University, or receive the graduation diploma which certifies the degree earned until the office or department declaring the delinquency notifies the Registrar that the obligation has been met or until the statute of limitation on collection applies. [5.23 After the Registrar has been notified that a student is delinquent, the Registrar shall not allow the student to register, Or to transfer credits, or certify the student for graduation, until the Registrar has been notified in writing by the appropriate business office that the obligation has been settled.] 5.3 Disputed Liability