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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL .tnwtttwnnmmnnwttt SOCETY NOTES in honor of Dean P. Paul Anderson on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday Thursday evening, February tenth, nineteen twenty-seve- n -- PAGE THREE ESPERANTO CLUB TO MEET WEEKLY The League of- Nations As- -. cnmr1iT line rninndfnfl J f r vnnmliaii i o tions .to accept Esperanto on an equal of people. HERALD, LEADER REVIEW U. OF K. 1927 will be graduated with more than 400 member. The enrollment by colleges this year is: Arts and Sciences, Agriculture, 191: En ; gineerings Law, 61: Education. basis with seven other plain lang uages in .'telegraph and cabfe dis patches; the World Congress of Cham o'clock at Language Is Urged to Promote bers of Commerce has expressed its Lexington Papers Outline His- -' J2; CALENDAR pa fraternity met at 6 o'clock Tues in the Phoenix Hotel Of SToV 1,486 desire that it be adopted as a common Peace of the World; 5,000,-00tory and Development of Uni- - 755 women students." are men and day evening for dinner at the Uni Lexington, Kentucky commercial language, and the World Have Learned to versity Since Founding; Pro-Saturday, January 15 versity cafeteria. After dinner i Please reply to Conference of Academies of .Natural The graduate school of the univer-greSpeak It Has Been Rapid Alpha Gamma Delta entertaining meeting was held and plans for the T. J. Barr, University of Kentucky. and Applied Sciences have pronounced sity has shown a wonderful develop with a tea dance at Patterson hall "proposed honor system were discussed itself in favor of using Esperanto as ment in recent years. "The school PROF. JETT INSTRUCTOR the international language of science, ROLL GROWS from 3:30 until G o'clock. YEARLY now offers both the degrees of mas. in-- 1 Tea Given FRATERNITY ROW Strollers entertainincr with an ter and doctor. It too has been in Several French, English and AmeriMuch interest is being manifested The Lexington Herald in their re- existence for only a few years r. and Mrs. Frank L. McVey were formal dance in the New Gymnasium can publishers have undertaken pub and 12 o'clock. 'at home to the students and faculty Mr. Meredith Smith, of Fort Thom- in the proposed Esperanto or uni lication ,of Esperanto works. Var view edition of January 12, 1927 this year there are 135 graduate stufrom 8:30 to of the university on Wednesday af as is visiting at the Sigma Alpha versal language, whereby all nations ious Esperanto publishing houses in under the heading "University of Ken dents taking work on the campus. Bewill be able to communicate with ternoon from 3 to 5 o'clock at their Epsilon house. Brammer-Tiirnamerent countries turn out many iucKy onows xeany increase car ginning in September of next year the "Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brammer, of home in Maxwell Place. Mr. Grjand Harris, of Sapulpa, others by a common auxiliary lang books each year. More than 5,000 ries a list of the administrative of Graduate School will offer work leadMayslick, announced the marriage of Okla., is a guest of the Sigma Alpha uage. On the local campus, an Es volumes, including textbooks, trans ficers of the university and deans of ing to a doctors degree and there are Phi Beta Program Epsilon fraternity for several days. peranto club has been formed of ap lated and original works, are now list colleges and short summary of the several who will be candidates for their daughter, Julia, to Mr. Frank L. Phi Beta, musical fraternity of the Miss Mary Whitfield, of New York; proximately thirty members who meet ed in the Esperanto catalogues. Some history of the university and a re that degree now taking work. Turner. Wednesday, January 5, at 3 . I. TT11 i uveiy "IT' o'clock at the home of the irroom's 'university will give a musical pro. nnJ Mice liV,., WKUfi-- u f tja- - under muay uigiib ut wiener xaau large commercial firms are using the view of the year s work. "The Summer Sessions at the unithe supervision of Professor system for cable Of the history oi: the university versity of Kentucky ji, n mCga m,( narents. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Turner. S111 at 3::30 Sunday afternoon at fin and telegraphic pur each year are atC C. Jett of the College The Herald says: tracting a larger number of students. The wedding service was performed Patterson hall. All students, are in neering, for the purpose of studying poses. Several of the standard type ... vit"ed- "The University of Kentucky is one The majority is made up of teachby the Rev. W. J. Loos, "retired pas- writer are equipped with Esperanto luiss rean iucuormicK, wno Decame j the language. of the agricultural and mechanical ers, superintendents and principals tor of the Mayslick Christian church, keyboards and in consequence , oaiuruay is at ine 01. Jos4ui Holloway-Pribbl- c colleges established under the Mor- of the state. Special - of the The following is a reviewin the Dresence of two attendants., are learning the use of the eph's hospital and was reported much emphasis is beThe marriage of Miss Emily Hollo- rill Act of 1862, giving it and sim- ing placed on educational work durlanguage from a recent issue of the language. Mesrs. William B. Mathews and Chris better Wednesday evening. ilar institutions land grants in lieu ing tthe summr sessions although New York Times. 1 llUUlCf Ul AJ tWIU UUACbb ,D. Russell. Thus Esperanto is not only the lanMr. Emmet ONeil, a former student l Esperanto, which has been promot- guage of the intelligentsia. Through-- , of funds for their establishment. work is offered in all the departments "u "ao graduate of the at Purdue and a member of Kappa While the university was born as a of the university. at Sc ed as a means of explicit speech and Mayslick High school in the class of emni"d T"f d?y ening Last summer ond Presbyterian church, with Dr. Sgma fraternity, will attend school clearer understanding between races, out Central Europe it is popular result of the Morrill Act it was not there were 992 students in 1925. attendamong the working classes, who con established at the university next semester. at once but was made one ance at the first session of the sumHie Illllll&lCr OJ. tlltj rr UCUJUIIIIU rpi UU9II, 1. il, was used recently in a London mar sider it sensible and easily learned, t,; J Mr. I. E. Blood, of Chicago, was a of the colleges of Kentucky Univer- mer school. This was an increase of church' officiating. riage ceremony to give extra enir The grammar consists of only sixteen and Mrs. R. L. Turner, of Mavslick sity. In 1873 the act was repealed 315 over that of the year before." Th(? bride- - was preceded by the guest at the" Sigma Nn house last phasis to the bride's "I will." When rules. and Maysville, is a young farmer. He The yerbs ajre all regular, week-enthe bride signifies her willingness to there being only one conjugation and and the Agricultural and Mechanical The Lexington Leader in their rewas a- student at the University of bridesmaids, Miss Rachelle Shacklette; College Mr. Hunter Green, of .Louisville. enter the wedded state by replying of Kentucky establish view edition published Sunday, Jan&lss Carolyn Bascom, Miss Kathenne Kentucky for a time. only twelve verb endings. ' ed in Lexington. As such, it contin uary 9, connects Best, Miss Nannie Gay, and Miss Ky., visited at, the Sigma Chi house "mi volas," it was recognized that After a short wpddinir trin Mr. the two universities A Strangely Familiar Sound ued until 1908 when the name of the of the city, U. of K. They were pre. over the week-enEsperanto was entering the practical and Mrs. Turner will make their home Josephine Skain. All nouns, end in o, adjectives in a, institution was changed to Kentucky ia, with the progressand Transylvanceded by the groomsmen, Messrs Mr. James Dale is recovering from realm- - of serious contract. with his parents. of the city of John George Heber, Samuel Royster, a recent illness and will" be able to In recent years the world has great verks in i and adverbs in e. To those State University and again in 1916 Lexington. Under the heading-o- f "UniHarry Brailsford, Hugh Merriwether, return to school soon. ly increased its interest in the so who hear it, it has a strangely fa- was modified to the title of Univer- versity, Transylvania Linked With Dean Boyd Entertains tongue sity of Kentucky . miliar City Progress," the Leader Dean and Mrs. Paul P. Boyd enter- William Rodes and Jack, Winn. Delta Chi fraternity announces the called auxiliary Janguages. About 300 learned sound, as of some in "From its beginning as an Agri the history and development outlines the root tained the heads of the different deThe maid of honor, the bride's sis pledging of Mr. James Wilson, of of them have been devised in times words are .early youth, forprevailing of taken from the cultural and Mechanical College the Hlversity and its present status the past. A language that all nations partments in Ihe Arts and Sciences ter, Mss Mary Cole Holloway, fol- Pineville, Ky. and There are specialized University of Kentucky has grown purpose. i could clearly understand and easily languages. college of the University of Kentucky lowed the bridesmaids, and after her Sigma Chi fraternity, taking ad learn was first discussed in the Ro- - vocabularies in Esperanto, as, for ex until now it is one of the foremost Tuesday evening. came the little flower girl, Miss Mar vantage of the recent snow, enter at dinner In the days of the ample, terms adapted to law, science state supported universities in the After dinner, the heads of the de- garet Huey, the daughter of Mr. and tained with enjoyable, sleighing par man Empire. or affairs of state. South. It now includes six colleges; partments and Dean Boyd held a con- Mrs. Lloyd Huey. The bride w"as ties on Monday afternoon and Monday Caesars a single .world language was thought But Esperantists see in their ian a graduate school which offers the because there was ference on problems of the college. given in marriage by her mother, Mrs. evening, degrees of Master and Doctor of only one world power; but the twen guage not merely words held together Thomas Cole Holloway. Monday at 12 o'clock the Kappa tieth century has evolved a League of on a framework of grammar. To them Philosophy; an agricultural experi New Members of Romany Board After the ceremony the bride and Delta Alumnae association gave heir Nations which seeks unity and un- it is a medium for gaining world ment station with an agricultural exTroy Perkins and Paul Porter have bridegroom left for a trip to Florida peace, a common language in which tension service and a department of been selected as members of the to be away for two weeks and will luncheon for January at .Chimney derstanding among many powers. The project for a world language all peoples can express themselves university extension which has been Board of directors of the Romany then be at home in an. apartment at Corner. has long been the plaything of phi with clarity for it aims at clarity, not in existence only seven years and now Theater. Mr. Perkins, who lias been Preston Arms. EXCHANGE NOTES losophers. Advocates 'of an interna- subtlety and they contend its use is giving instruction to approximately The bride was a student of the Uni . prominent as an actor and playwright tional language have in the past in- will bring about better international 1,500 persons. More than 25,000 boys in the Romany enterprise since its versity of Kentucky, and a prominent Tire and automobil manufactur cluded numerous philosophers and understanding. Ilie auxiliary lan and girls are receiving training inception lour years ago, will act in member of Kappa Kappa Gamma so- ers have formed a pool to buy raw scientists, among whom are Roger guage has the advantage that it is through the Junior Agricultural Clubs an advisory capacity to the Romany rority. Mr. Pribble is the son of Mr. and rubber, according to news dispatches. Bacon, Descartes, Pascal, Locke, Vol- man's and every man's language;' it under the direction of the agricultur directors and probably will appear in some of the productions. Mr. Perkins Mrs. George Pribble of Butler, Ky., Pool or not,the chances are it won't taire, and Diderot. Leibnitz thought is free from all thought of national- al extension service." STUDENT TOUR Most striking of all features of the is at present in New York studying and is now in business in Lexington help the consumer any. He'll get his out a number of language, which even ism. university's growth is the fact that cue, be pushed around the green, now, since one speaks so lightly of JULY 2, AUGUST 29, 1927 The need for a means of expression the drama. with the Mutual Benefit Life Insur- - finally pocket a loss and be left to billions, seems highly complex. An- that will help men to cast aside all new attendance Records have been Excellent Itinerary Covering Mr. Porter, wh6 is a member of The ance Company. He was graduated Eight Countries Lexington Herald staff, will have from the University of Kentucky, a bawl ineffectually against profiteers. other German devised an artificial feeling of race and nationality has broken at the beginning of each scho ENGLAND, HOLLAND, lingo, Volapuk, as forbidding as "its never been so urgent, the advocates lastic term. During the school vear charge of publicity and aid in the var- member of the Alpha Tau Omega so- It's a great game, pool. 1925-2- 6 4,803 students received in GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, name sounds. It was a jumble of of an international tongue assert. In ious Romany campaigns. cial fraternity; Lamp and Cross, honIvory" soap sculpturing has taken German and English, comprehensible every struction and training through the FRANCE, BELGIUM and orary senior fraternity; and a footother field, they say, parts of the men's dormitory by storm to the natives of neither land. At has developed adequate means society various departments. SCOTLAND This number "K" Dance ball star, captain of the team of 1922. of in at Antioch College Models of nym about this time Dr. L. L. Zamenhof tercommunication. Now that the na includes the extension department, The members of the Kentuckian short courses and summer sessions. phs and aesthetic dancers are done emerged from the seclusion of his Ocean Passages on tions of the world are aiming at closstaff entertained with an enjoyable in mezzo relievo with the cleansing library with the much more pleasing er cooperation Giant Cunarders and successful dance Saturday eventhe time has come Last year there were 2,327 students Stroller Dance in actual attendance during the two medium. Esperanto. Its name carred a hope when they must be able to exchange S. S. CAMERONIA ing from 8:30 until 12 o'clock in the Strollers of the University of Ken- material as a semesters. Five years ago the numwhich in the past four decades has thoughts freely and without misun tucky will entertain with their anand men's gymnasium. ber of students who were resident Although the total enrollment of become a reality. Esperanto is today- derstanding. The decorations were of blue and nual dance Saturday evening in the S. S. TUSCANIA students totaled 1,259, while the the graduate school at Ohio State being spoken, it is reported, by 5,000,-00- 0 white streamers and music was furn- gymnasium following the basketball Conductor and Experienced In the League of Nations, where short courses and summer University is 13:37,, only 37 of the people. sessions adished by "Peck's Bad Boys" orchestra. game. Lexington Chaperone there are already English and French ded 1,067 to swell the total to 2,326; The Esperanto movement began in sessions, The committee in charge, of; arDowell Caldwell, president of the number are Ohio State graduates. The Accompany Party the business of which must one student less than the number remaining 1300 come from 17 other 1887, and only small progress was of rangements was composed of Miss organization, is in charge of arrangePRICE LNCLUDES Round colleges and universities including made during its first ten years, and be translated, the South Americans resident students last year. Ten Dorothy Stebbins, of ments. The Rhythmn Kings' orchesTrip Ocean Fares, Hotels. have asked for Spanish that chiefly in Russia. After the Should the Germans add tosessions. years ago there were 986 students enthe Kentuckian and Mr. Pontain Itay-me- r, tra will furnish music and all students four foreign institutions. Meals, Railroad Fares in Eurthis a rolled in the regular work while 542 lapse of a decade, a start was made business manager. are invited to attend. ope, Guides, Museum Entrance Students of Economics at Columbia to introduce the Zamenhof idea among plea for their mother tongue, and took advantage of the short courses The affair was attended by several should both be granted, the league and special Fees, Briefly College will no longer depend upon the Norwegians and Swedes. work. They, would hundred students. Celebrate Birthday stand a fair chance of rivaling The enrollment at the ODeniner of textbooks in their study of this sub too, became ALL its advocates. Then the Tower of Babel. The followng invitations, beautifulschool last fall was 2,241 the largest ject but will study life itself. Wil- France developed interest, and soon Omicron Delta Kappa Meets ly engraved, have been issued: In New York City the International in the history of the university. This iNu chapter of Omicron Delta Kap- - You are invited to attend a dinner liam E. Weld, associated professor of became a stronghold for the new laneconomics believes he has found, af- guage system. From France the Auxiliary Language Association of has been the case each year for the Write or phone for descriptive ter four years of research, a method movement extended to Germany, the United States, of which Dr. Her- last 10 years. In the same manner literature to illustrate his subject by living ex thence to Austria, Switzerland, Italy bert N. Shenton of-- Columbia Univer- the graduating class has been larger ample. The Technique. and England. In the latter country sity is the secretary, is investigating each year and this year the class of JAMES M. MOLLOY Season thirty societies were organized with- synthetic languages. The work of Authorized Steamship Agent Ohio Wesleyafi University, Dela in a year of the introduction of Es- the organization is compared to the ' 646 East High Street research done in a laboratory; it is Arthur E. Morgan, Mrs. Dave H. ware, Ohic Dr. Floyd Spencer, pro- peranto. . Morris, Samuel W. Stratton and Mrs. Phone 3o61 fessor of Greek, says that he found Of all the synthetic languages Es- without bias or partiality. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY ' no flappers during his recent travels peranto remains the most popular. The question of a common form of Charles L. Tiffany. Close r in Greece and Asia Minor. Dr. Spen- Congresses are held annually to which speech is being viewed from all angles, urnttmmiii mil cer says that he found flivvers and the initial flock from the four cor- and psychologists, linguists and soMost American movies popular in Greece, ners of the globe. Newspapers in ciologists, American and foreign, are as well as many other modern cus- many countries contain articles in giving the association the benefit of toms, but. bobbed hair and short Esperanto; for example, a German their studies and observations. , skirts are practically unknown there. daily publishes a column of financial On the Grand Advisory Commit news in that language, many medical tee of the International Auxiliary" Lan ' The University of Pittsburg's "Ca journals in Japan Hlr print technical guage Association in the United thedral of Learning" is to be 29 stor- treatises in it and a new Russian States are: John J. Carty, Frederick ARE ON SALE BY ies high instead of 52 as originally scientific magazine uses Esperanto G Cottrell, Mrs. James S. Cushman, planned. Still too high for professors in its leading editorial. Dr. John H. Finley, Arthur A. to be dropping students from classes. European statesmen consider the 'money Clarence H. Howard, Mrs. Transyivania Jompany Tar Heel. spread of Esperanto of such impor- James Leeds Laidlaw, Bishop "William INCORPORATES tance that they have persuaded sev- Lawrence, Sidney Laidlaw, Bishop Just by ordering two destroyers to eral governments to give official rec- William Lawrence, Sidney E. Mezes, ,, go up a Chinese river the United ognition to the movement and to aid . mmitinmiiimiw rt States can teach thousands of news it financially. In some countries it paper readers the name of that river has been introduced in the schools and and the town at which the boats stop. has become a part of the compulsory uiMiiuriitiiinmi)inwiiiiiiiiiii.FirsT: What prjee education? This winter four curriculum. schools, two in New York, one in i.i!oM.i.LiffiSii!ii 1 sewing club has been j Boston and one in Washington, have An ilia in organized at the University of Cali- - added it to the list of studies they. forma. These men darn socks and have to offer. mend other apparel with the deftness In. San Francisco the study of Es- of feminine hands. peianto is obligatory in the Monta- w IIHII'.jllNlk.Wi'li 1 zumi school, and the Stanford Uni- . 5 Wllh'a! Coach Zuppke of the University of versity gives a credit to all who have Illinois football team says that the taken the course. Vassar has placed " Dest lootball players have big feet, it in its curriculum, and the first time Any team that averages less than , last summer it appeared on the pro 8 2 is liable not to be any good. gram of Columbia University. Many educators, see not only an inherent Northwestern University has open value in Esperanto, but find it of use ed a radio course in the "new uni in the study of other languages, the verse." The course covers many stern logic of its fundamental prinphases of modern thought and leads ciples giving, it is said, the pupil a to a certificate. better comprehension of language construction. At- Oberlin College where there are In Europe, where one of the main more, than twice as many women difficulties in the path of interna1 r"l 3W as men enrolled, a special committee tional accord lies in the differences FLORSHEIM has been appointed for the purpose in language, Esperanto has already of making the college more attractive received wide endorsement from leg-- I sooa to men. islative bodies representing millions 98-1- ; 39-1- ss ' 1 ' "L - TV 1 ! L I . i J" '."" d. - d. I I neces. THIRD ANNUAL KENTUCKY j - editor-in-chi- ef EXPENSES $655 The for Formal Parties , Is . ' at Hand Beautiful' The Buy With Confidence At Engraved Invitations. w at Reasonable Prices The Fair Store g, Your Printing - The FLOWERS .s 111 mmm fl ' i,.2s. SPRING mm. and Hkm 34 i toil 1 NEAR LIME osalie 5 DENTISTS DRS. J. T. & E. D. . Baynham Shoe Co. EAST MAIN osemane - That sale f Shoes woi't last forever. They'll be hack to the staaWUrsl figure. 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