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fAGE THE KENTUCKY KERNEL SIX Dates Set for Interscholastic Basketball Tournament The librarian at Georgetown col-- 1 the other. The change was made recently made a ruling that the cause it was felt that the segregation n orooto- - miiptpr ntmnsnherp in women stuueuts musi ncn nnrt nnA nf Vthrwrv nnd the men students use the library. PLANS FOR ANNUAL ! " 1 COLLEGE SPORTS NET MEET ARE The New Belmont Restaurant Opposite the Phoenix Hotel Regular Meals, All Kinds of Sandwiches Refreshing Fountain Drinks, and Confections (ByBillReep) Spotts will be watched with much The Wildcats added another game CUT IT to their Southern Conference stand- interest as many of the followers of iportdom will remember that this was TennesPlans for the annual Kentucky In ing when they defeated the night by the man who played an end position Saturday You terscholastic Basketball tournament, see Volunteers last for W. and L. on the gridiron last 18 score. which has been sponsored for the a 48 to .'all and was one of the main cogs IT PLEASES US TO PLEASE YOU. past eight years by the Univrsity The visitors were mighty lucky tha' n the Generals' machine that defeat-- d of Kentucky, took definite form when the Wildcats on Stoll Field a few the score was not any larger than it Mie sites for each of the eight regionWildcats, nonths ago. He was also one of the al basketball tournaments were an- was and they can thank the for the way in which they played dur nen selected for tho nounced Saturday. Kentucky missed team. The regional tournaments will be ing the first half. "Where College Men Go" should have been held simultaneously throughout the many shots that 117 E. HIGH ST. Prop. Tomorrow night Kentupky plays passes H. M. DAVIS, state of Kentucky on March 9 and snow birds;" besides muffing Indiana at Bloomington. This will be and falling on the floor. 10, according to schedule, the contest me of the best teams that we will ants to be determined by the district Jeffries who made his debut as a 'ace this year. Indiana has lost but tournaments held March 2 and 3. team, played wo games this year and thesp were This year the class "A" and "B" member of the Wildcat by very close margins. Purdue, the specsystem of classification, which was a smooth game and showed the capable of scoring leaders of the Big Ten so far this initiated last year will be usd again tators that he was som year, just barely defeated their state by both boys and girls. Last year under close guarding. He made op school by three .points and this was pretty shots when rushed by the one of the greatest upsets of the his roorr during the last few minutes of play. tory of the tournament was promoted position. There is, however, be z should for goes ever, whn Millersburg Military Institute, moreimprovement. He It would certainly be a welcome polished player later in the sea a Class B team, defeated London, a .ight to see the Wildcats "hit their Class A quintet, in the finals of the son. 3tride" during the first half of a tournament here. Georgetown, a Tonight the Wildcat five will be al jame. So far this year they have Class A girls' team, again carried off ilways played the best game during lowed another opportunity to "crack the girls' trophy. a conference foe when they stack up .ho second canto. We know the men All Lexington schools, including th capable of playing the same brand Washingtor Lexington Senior High school, are in against the Generals of the W. anf ire ball throughout a game. Here of and Lee. The strength of the 18th district, which is comprised L. outfit is not really known. They S hoping that they will "come into of Jessamine and Fayette counties, are reputed as having a strong team their own" tonight with W. and L. but a site for this district meet has especially well drilled on their offenompany Transyivania not yet be-selected, according to sive power. A "garrison finish" is an awful INCORPORATED Prof. Charles E. Skinner, of Lexing ood asset for a team to possess and ton Senior High, who received a'bal They have in a man named Spotts has won many a game. Yet this lot Saturday on which to vote for the a tower of strength, one who is adepl Ighting ability could be used during meet. at handling the ball. He has the abil- - vhe entire game. Then, perhaps, a The tournament for region 16, em3iiNiwimaiiiiiiiiiiiK3iiimiiiiiic:iiiiiimi ty to shoot goals from almost im 'ast minute spurt would not be necesbracing the counties of the 17th, 18th, possible angles of the court. sary to carry a team to victory. 19th, and 20th districts, will be spon sored by Georgetown College. Dis . trict 17 is comprised of Franklin, An pionship. and spinFat men, mothers-in-laderson and Woodford counties; the Thirty-thre- e minutes later, the sters are not so funny as most peoS 18th includs Fayette and Jessamine rowd in the Phoenix lobby stood ple believe, according to Professor while the 19th comprises Mercer tense while Bill threw the foul by C. Almack, of Stanford UniverBoyle, Lincoln, Garrary, Casey, Pu wireless. They burst into cheers John 1 laski, Wayne, and McCreary. He declares that after a when Hukle took the bottle down long sity. The sites for the regional tourna 2nough to tell the rest of the story. period of joke classification he ment3 were announced as follows: finds that these subjects do not figMurray Teachers First Region Them were the days. We've been ure as prominently as is believed. College, Murray. looking for another championship Scientifically tracing American hu Second Region Owensboro High 3ver since, and all the star material School, Owensboro. and brilliant prospects have taken mor to its den or reality, Professor 1 Third Region Western Teachers tumbles. Seems that when we have Almack says that prohibition, poliCollege. Bowling Green. congress get most l.he worst outlook the results are bet- tics, womn, and Fourth Region University of Lou ter. Maybe our present flock of net laughs from the layman. Democrats We cut it to please you lsville, Louisville. are not so funny as Republicans; artists will unjinx, us. congress is four times funnier than Fifth Region Centre College, Dan Lime and Maxwell J. T. Shuck, Prop, g ville. Corner Nations; and The 1921 team just dropped out of the League of driving place babies 2 Sixth Region Georgetown College, a clear sky. No one was expecting and back seat well in S.iiiiiiMwcaiiiiiiiiiiitraiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiitiitiiiiigaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiHicaiiiiiiiiiiiigaiiUHimnEamiimna Georgetown. a championship, although the Wild- drawing the available supply of mod Seventh Region Eastern Teachers cats were having a good season. ern American guffaw. College, Richmond. He also states that his experiments They got "good" all of a sudden. Eighth Region Ashland High Lavin, King, Atkins, Ridgeway, and indicate that women are not quite so School, Ashland. humorous as men try to be, but, he choices. Hayden were The eighth region division is th Why not Jenkins, Combs, McGinnis, assorts, married women do have a ; newest development in tho basketball McBrayer, and Owens? Our opinion keener sense of appreciation than tournament as the state was divided is that Kentucky's right! We're their husbands. into only six regions last year. These tightl And, we hope you don't feel NOW PLAYING TODAY rranpements created too many "byes," whereas this year every team hurt! W. W. STILL will play in the first round. Thirty HAROLD LLOYD And how about a golf team for the two teams will participate in the university? There are plenty of op- KODAKS EASTMAN FILMS Himself state meet here, 16 boys' teams and ponents. And they do tell that among In DEVELOPING and PRINTING 16 girls teams. The dog whom the law has conour campus 'cats that there are sevLexington, Ky. demned to die, for murder eral Bobby Jones'. LeRoy Smith, Her- 129 W. Short St, Shy" 0- bert Lukens and Joe R. S. V. P. Palm3 Other VODVIL Acts 3 er are known to be expert at pasture SDortsman Also pool and the other kinds, including I Kelly. Muses Also WE The Way That REFRESHMENTS A HINT! ANNOUNCED AFTER THE DANCE SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNERS $1.00 Want It. Viaduct Barber Shop CARL A. LAMPERT Violinist IN RECITAL The Romany Theater MONDAY, FEBRUARY VALENTINES Tickets 50c 6 at The Music Shop cleverness This year more than hand in hand with beauty of design and workmanship Students' Musical Headquarters ADJOINING THEATER KENTUCKY 'The early shopper gets the pick" . Printing LOOK! n NEW STUDENTS I Start the new term right by letting the Students Barber Shop six-ye- i ! Cut Your Hair AU EN "KAISER BILL" Economy is the first step toward success. Start now by having your shoes repaired. Compare our prices 01 1 A 11U or MEN'S HEAVY LEATHER COMPOSITION SOLES MEN'S RUBBER HEELS MEN'S LEATHER LADIES' HALF gQ HEELS - SOLES -- .60 rA .SfU l &X ' LADIES' HEEL TAPS gym HEEL TAPS Rubber LADIES' -- o .O Student Shoe Shop G. A. KIRK, Prop. 385 1-- 2 S. Limestone Opp. Patterson Hal "Girl I MADGE BELAMY "The Lone Eagle" In " Very Confidential" Wltk RAYMOND KEANE SUNDAY RED MARION DAVIES CONRAD NAGEL GRANGE In In "Quality Street" 'The Racing Romeo' The o PRESIDENT TURCK IS 0 It was eon3 ago. Way back in the spring of '21, when four pair of collegiate trousers could be made from the cloth that now goes into one, an embattled squad of Wildcat basketeers wre engaged in tournament. It was a critical moment. They were sweating and their tongues were hanging out. Their opponents also were sweating. The score was: Georgia, 17, Kentucky, likewise. The minutes to play were at a minimum. The place was Atlanta. Down at the Phoenix hotel, the lobby was crowded with U. K. men, for in thosn days were what they should be. Red Hukle stretched his arms and body to the full m'asure of their broad and long expansiveness, and daintily led roars of the masses from the balcony. Evry few minutes he would proclaim the score and plays through his megaphone, for it was the custom in those days. The score reached 19 to less in favor of Georgia. And then as th' game ended the score was tied in favor of Kentucky. But a foul had been committed. Bill King's unfaltering eye faltered as he dropped th" pill through for a 9 count. Kentucky had won the Southern cham- co-e- PARFUM CMERAUDf COTY 20-1- BY STATE COLLEGE ASSOCIATION HONORED The Association of Kentucky and Universities elected Dr. Charles J. Turck, head of Centre Danville, as their presidsnt Satsession at the uniurday at an versity. President E. J. Franklin, of Coillege, Barbourville, was Unon named vice president, and Frank Rainey, of Centre College, wa3 reelected secretary. The meeting was opened with an address by President T. J. Coates, of Eastern Teachers College, Richmond. Dr. Coates praised the work of the University of Kentucky and its presi-len- t, Dr. Frank L. McVey. Dr. Turck spoke on the subject of "What Can the College Do in Promoting International Peace?" The norning session closed with an address by Prof. J. C. Jones, head of the department of political science it the University of Kentucky. Col-'eg- Col-!eg- e, all-da- y It is interesting to note at this point that when Lindbergh was a Treshman at the University of Wisconsin thirty-od- d fraternities had a :hance to rush him. They didn't. Mending with the sweet flesh fragrance, to each one it gives its own lovely perfume with a tittle shade of difference. Who Cares able colors you happiness." deck, Uncle From this Sam's battle planes can now leap into action sure of a landing place on their return, though a 2M-ac- Flowers from HONAKER'S speak for themselves. Their superior beauty U.S.S. Saratoga their fragrance their adorjust seem to say, "We come to bring We specialize on our arrangement of corsages and cut flowers for parties and dances. re thousand miles from shore. This marvel of national defense was accomplished and duplicated when the airplane carrier, U.S.S. Saratoga, and her sister ship, U.S.S. Lexington, were completely electrified. HONAKER -Cryaul Bottle Fucy Box "Pmtm SUt', QuxrUr, 51.00, Two ounce. Hlf, J2J0O The Florist 5 ind Cue ouu $3.75 119 West Main Street Phones )J A Marvel of National Defense For The Girl MYSTICALLY, it &99lllllilliilll 2805962 In each, four General Electric s deliver, turbine-generator- combined, 180,000 horsepower to the propellers enough to drive the ship at 33 knots (39 miles an hour) enough to furnish light and power for a city of half a million people. The design and construction of the electric equipment for the U. S. S. Saratoga and the U.S.S. Lexington, d to which men con tributed in great measure, exemplify the part General Electric plays in promoting the welfare of the nation. college-traine- GENERAL ELECTRIC GENERAL IL6CTRIC at. .COMPANY SCHENECTADY NEW YORK