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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 3, 1928

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE EIGHT THE KENTUCKY KERNEL DENTISTS DRS. J. .T. & E. D. SLATON Hours 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. 204 Guaranty Bank BIdg. Phone 3616 Ezra L. Gillis Given Dayton Westminster President Honors Survey Appointment Choir Will Sing At State Legislators Woodland Feb. 10 President Registrar of University' Will Be and Mrs. McVey Specialist in Land-Gra- The Dayton Westminster Choir will College Review BLUE AND WHITE BARBER SHOP "It Pleases Us to Please You" HAIR CUT 40c The appointment of Ezra L. Gillis, register and secretary of the senate of the university, as specialist in the College Survey being conducted by the Bureau of Education, was announced at the Department of the Interior January 21. Mr. Gillis will be assigned to the task of preparing a questionnaire dealing with the organization, duties, relations and systems used in regis col- trars' offices in the eges. Cooperation and coordination of the registrars' offices and the offices of the colleges will also be subjects of inquiry in this connec tion as well as the method of collect- 'ng information on enrollments Trades, attendance, class size, admis 3ion, advanced standing and transfei of students in these colleges. The College Survey conducted under authoi-ito' Congress by the Bureau of Education 5117,000 having been appropriated fo: his purpose. It is one of the largest urveys of its character ever under aken by an agency of the Federal government. Land-Gra- land-gra- bus-'ne- PHONE 1170 WOMANS EXCHANGE 228 East Main TEA PARTIES A SPECIALTY Try Our Special SUNDAY EVENING DINNER Land-Gra- NOON LUNCH, 50c 7RESHMEN FEEL RELIEF AFTER EXAMINATIONS 2nd Floor J. D. PurcelPs PRECAUTION t. These cold, blustry days require added care of your skin, let us gie facials and use lotions that will give you that well kept look so desirable to every woman. Also you will know the joy of a flawless, fault!e:s wave when you come to r Vi us for a marcell. 7225. Collegiate Jazz After a hard day's work, When your spirits are low, No one wants to hear your tale of woe ; So come and stay as long as you may, And hear the Blue and White Collegians play. Each Evening from rgy enough to count them all. Nay he counted 150 E's and stopped a' hat; and thus the English left a permanent record for the children oi lan. And when the record came into thr ands of the journalism D's, thej :.ewed it wrathfully, summoned th' ulprit and demanded, "Whyfore d( go 'round, giving the English de 'ou 'artment so much publicity? Fie, fie 'oost your home town Get thee tc Miss Margie and order some A'.' hoelsale." And the guilty one meekiy obeyed, and to the surprise of nr one, was seen no more thereafter Here ended the chapter on "The Af termath of Exams." "Math, math, oh yes, aftermath,' chanted the gallery. "What did yo; say came after math?" "There is no aftermath of math,' snapped the reader, "Math and En tineers have no place in college his tory." iDEAN BOYD WRITES ON PAN - POLITIKOP (Continued From Page One) to 7 P. M. 6 als of the present day must wait until the rank and file catc" ip. The outlawry of war, the destruc tion of the armaments of the mos civilized nations, sucl movements are doomed because ma: !.s not yet strong enough for then Men will not refuse to fight becaus 'hey have no weapons. So long a they are in the mood to fight, the onl thing to do is to give them the bes weapons available. Peace does no depend on equality in weakness than it does on the balance o power. It's the man behind the gur not the gun, that is dangerous. Man; proposals for peace are but pieces c machinery lacking the power to mak them go. Neither do the appeals always present the motives tha will move. People can not be scam "nto permanent peace. The horror of the battle field, the poisoning o: whole cities, the starvation, the extension of warfare to whole popula 'ions all these will be true of fu ture wars; yet men and women wil not hesitate to fight again if dut: :alls, if home and native land are en dangered. Nor will peace be preserv ed for the sake of prosperity. Mei have always gloried in sacrifice and property for things they hoi dearer. We must produce the power fo: ceace machinery through education When mankind is prepared it will b an easy matter to make the mach'.n ery. A student movement like "Par Politikon" is attacking the problen in a fundamental way. It deals with the select group of our youth, it produces friendly altitudes through acquaintanceship and understanding, it supplies motives rather than machin ery, it is positive rather than negative, it will make the policeman with his gun safe, it is a leaven that will spread. PAUL P. BOYD. University of Kentucky. -- SUNDAY CHICKEN DINNER 50c Students Restaurant " SAY IT WITH FLOWERS " FOR VALENTINE'S DAY We specialize on our arrangement of corsages and cut flowers for parties JACK COUSINS Student Representative Keller FlorisT: Phoanix Hotel Building 120 EAST MAIN STREET PHONE 354 5 SATURDAY NIGHT RETURNS Kentucky vs. Indiana BASKETBALL GAME Play by play by direct wire announced through the Vitaphone FRL-SA- Opus 29 .. Johannes Brahmr III. David Hugh Joner a Spirit Mleluia! Christ Is Risen Kopolyoff 3oing Home Anton Dvorak IV. "Jod is Vhat Christ Said Peter Christian Lutkin Vere You, There? Henry Burleigh The Shepherd's Story (Noel) .. Clarence Dickinson (Continued From Page One) !en in the dark, unfathomed cave.' f the ocean, that this exquisite flowei hould have so long been permlttc s MARY ASTOR ." and MOVIETONE NEWS REEL dis-uis- (TaraROW GET YOUR HAN mB A Sanitary Shop We Use the Terminal System Give yourself a real treat. The next time you need a haircut or a shave that'll make you smile with keen satisfaction, just drop around to LAFAYETTE Barber Shop CHAS. REEDER, Prop. (Union Shop) exinoionjni jjg'ii tl 300 ROOMS Ij tjtfjHHRIftijrv 3COBATTO Ice Water Fireproof-Circulat- ing ftmmmmmmmmBmmmmmmV-- HHH LEXINGTON'S FINEST HOTEL '' fil: rvStBM mw COATS and FROCKS For every college Miss for every need for every occasion. Styles that whisper of Paris. Materials of distinction. Values that defy comparison! "THE HOUSE OF SPECIALIZED MODES" B. B. Smith & Co. 264 EAST MAIN STREET WELCOME, STUDENTS New and Old GET THE RIGHT START Eat AT Drink ROSE STREET CONFECTIONERY "Where Friends Meet" ROSE AND COLLEGE CORNER ct VIEW ct g. d PHONE L. E. GRIFFING -- BECKER Teat? Oh, my, and how! And how it was debated in New York recently, whether morons should be sent to college or to the factory do you feel hurt? A pood Question for a debate would be, "Do Freshmen Really Love the English Instructors sity." 4039 iSlii LUNCHEONETTE CANDIES Proprietor TOBACCOS All Kinds of Fountain Drinks From Our "Liquid Mechanicold Fountain" SHORT ORDERS AT ALL TIMES Open From 7 A. M. Till 12 P. M. Wei come New Students in Our Univer May your stay at our' University be a happy and profitable one. When you want to know "what's what" in style ask any of the SUGGESTIONS Waldorf Salad Brown Bread Choice of Teas COMING SUNDAY - mr. CHARLES ROGERS FIFTY-CEN- T COLD wJl LAFAYETTE Hd)TEll tickj Ladies' Coats Hats, Etc. for Tea? SEVERAL The Wildcat Lair, named in honor of the football team of the University of Kentucky, is one of the most Violets are blue. I flunked out, Did you? . WILDCAT LAIR NAMED IN HONOR OF WILDCATS Requires Warm 3 to 5 Sailor's Wives n, WEATHER Spanish Garden in The decorations for the dinner were blue candles and white carnations. The souvenirs consisted of pictures of the university and wooden book-enand candlesticks of wrought iron which were made in the university workshops. After dinner several of the university girls serenaded the guests and were invited to join the party; they "ere: Misses Margaret Lewis, Sarah Walker, June Walker, Dorothy John-ioMartha Minihan, Willie Boyer, 'Catherine Dishman, Henrietta Blackburn, Charlsey Smith, Rankin Harris, Mary Lewis Marvin, Virginia Barker, Helen Sampson, Mabel Graham and arali Warwick. Mrs. McVey was assisted in entertaining by Dean Blanding and Miss ranet McVey. 9 Rosea are red, . col-'eg- e. Have you been in the FEB. 4 LLOYD HUGHES Til-to- n. blush unseen and waste its sweet-leson the desert air, is a crimr .gainst the very name of Art, t popular "eat shops" near the rime against the university, agains' The Lair is owned by S. A. "Dad-ly- " ivilization, and against innocent anr Boles, athletic director of the unideeding posterity. But courage! The dead past wil versity and is managed by R. Norlury its dead, and with the produc ton Skinner. The men employed are 11 athletes at the school. ion of this "Justice" there will be r light to brighten the paths o tew progress. The Senior Engineers saving once been awakened, may go n, like the poet's brook, forever, to greater and even better things. You have heard this play, "Jus-icePerhaps you have already seen t, been torn at the heart by its stark evealing, rending tragedy. Where al he twin and triple phases of human Clean, eakness are laid bare to the eye; here the very soul of man is rent rom his body and laid, smoking, on Clothes salver! It is tremendous, dynamic! There is to be only one woman in OVERCOATS he play. Why, we know not. It if ist another of those terrible secrets at are locked in the great bosom f the universe. The engineers prom--- e us, however, that this woman wil' e no ordinary female, but a new -der of woman, rich and strange To successfully combat these ho will be as a thousand of the cold frosty days these heavy sual variety, both in talent and in ersonality. winter garments should be The cast, according to Mr. Perrin. thoroughly cleaned. We know ie director, who goes around our ability to satisfy you in as a human being, presents no this work, so we want you to few problems despite the fact that e is dealing with phone for our truck. That call a supsr-seleroup, every man of which is a per--will mean entire satisfaction to actor, both by birth and by train-nyou. For instance, there is the prob--of the leading man. As an em- ozzler he must be shifty-eyeand 621 Phones 1550 trtive: as a leading man he must be autiful. Mr. Perrin finds that so any senior engineers are both beau .ful and furtive and that the selec- 'on is difficult. Neverthelss, he is ble to say with certainty that never n all his long and faithful career on "Cleaners That Satisfy" 'ie stage, has he seen assembled to ether at one time, "such a scintil- ting galaxy of embro stars." 212 S. LIME Dean Anderson of the Engineering ""ollege gave us the College monkeys, 'ut it has remained for the Senior Engineers to bring to our fair cam 'us something even nobler, dearer, ome glimpse that may leave us a 'ttle less folorn m their premier dmatic production, "Justice" by John ""alsworthy, took London by storm, ew York by hurricane, and Chicago y earthquake. Shall its success, pon our own fair campus be as o 3-- T. As is the custom each year, President and Mrs. McVey entertained with a dinnpr, Wednesday evening at their home in honor of the former students and alumni of tKe university who are at present in the state legislature. Those present were: Senators J. J. McBrayer, C. M. Porter, E. C. Walker, J. W. Howard, Gareth K. Ferguson and Otto C. Gartin. Representatives were: J. Porter Land, J. O. Creech, T. T. Britton, Beckham H. Robertson, T. H. Vincent, Hugh Porter, Henry Lewis and Harry B. Punk Poetry ! Professor C. A. Lampert will appear in the first of his series of formal violin concerts on Tuesday, February 7, in the Romany Theater at 8:15 o'clock, p. m. The purpose of this group of recitals is to aid in raising funds, for the organ which will be placed in the new Memorial Auditorium. Tickets may be purchased for fifty cents from any member of either the Men's of Women's Glee Club. The program i3 as ToITows: 1. Sonnata Grieg 2. Concerto . Bruch 3. a Du bist die Ruh Liszt b Caprice Espagnol Moszkowski (Piano solos by Miss Rose) 4. a Gypsy Airs Sarasato b Andante Tschaikowski c Perpetual Motion Ries Mr. Lampert will be accompanied on the piano by Miss Edith Rose, di- ictiur ui music ai xiaimuun college. A - Call us on the phone, Comfort Me Anew. ENGINEERS WILL GIVE GALSWORTHY'S DRAMA (Continued From Page One) NELL OSBORNE BEAUTY SHOPPE present a concert next Friday at the Woodland auditorium. The famous choir, which is composed of 60 men and women under the direction of John Finley Williamson, is now in Texas on their fourth annual tour. The choir comes to Lexington from Bristol, Va. The program is as follows: I. Hodie Christua natus est....Palestrina Crucifixus Lotti Sing Ye to the Lord Johann Sebastian Bach a. Poco Allegro b. Allegro Vivace II. Jesus, Friend of Sinners Edward Grieg Drier Thanksgiving F. Melius Christiansen Entertain Former U. of K. Students at Dinner Lampert Will Give Violin Concerts For Organ Benefit C. A. Frozen Fruit Salad Nut Bread, buttered Choice of Teas older students, they'll tell you to refer to-- -- THE K SHOP X In the Tavern Building: BRANCH STORE OF KAUFMAN CLOTHING CO;