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Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guides (Men)

DEDICATED 1950 Here in Stone and Steel is Raised a Memorial To More Than Nine Thousand Sons and Daughters of The State of Kentucky Who Gave Their Lives in Battle That We Might Live in Peace Erect and Strong and Free.From Dedication Tablet. GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY SEASON The University of Kentucky and the sport of basketball are celebrating their Golden "Wedding" Anniversary this season. Although details of the ceremony uniting the school and cage game are clouded in history, it is a matter of record that Kentucky fielded its first basketball team back in 1904-05 and thus will be solemnizing a 50th year of association during the present 1 953-54 campaign. Kentucky's first recognized varsity hoop team, according to available records, played only two games and broke evendropping their initial contest to Cincinnati YMCA and topping old Kentucky University (now Transylvania) in the second and last court struggle. The decades since that modest beginning have seen the cage Wildcats grow in national stature, mainly under the guidance of famed mentor Adolph Rupp, to the point where Kentucky and basketball supremacy are virtually synonymous in most peoples' minds today.