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7 > Image 7 of Basketball, 1954

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guides (Men)

MR. BASKETBALL Adolph Frederick Rupp The University of Kentucky's chief of basketball, Adolph Rupp, has won so many honors, titles and nicknames and proven so successful during his 23-year regime at the helm of the cage Wildcats that you could very appropriately sum him up as "Mr. Basketball." The colorful and affable wizard of hardwood magic, who stands alone today as the nation's winningest basketball coach, is credited in most quarters with doing more than any other modern tutor to make basketball a national spectator sport. From the very outset of his career at Kentucky, which began in 1930, Coach Rupp has introduced or popularized new and revised trends in the game that have aided materially in making the country basketball minded. One such innovation was the controlled fast-break offensive pattern which has since been a crowd-pleasing trademark of Wildcat cage teams. Rupp has become, without a doubt, the best known and most widely quoted basketball coach in America and his personal popularity is rivaled only by the success he has instilled in Kentucky's cage crews over the past 23 seasons. Colorful as he is successful and widely-known, the crafty professor of hardwood tactics is referred to in the sports world by a variety of titlessuch as "Baron," "Colonel," "01' Rupp and Ready," "The Bluegrass Baron," "The Baron of Basketball," and "The Man In The 5