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INTEODTJCTOEY. The bearer, Miss Flora E. Simmons, respectfully offers this singular book for your perusal, and would state that for leveral years sho has entirely supported her aged, infirm mother, by selling various articles on the cars. Thanking a generous public for a liberal patronage, and also the several railroad superintendents who have generously assisted me in my endeavors.and still soliciting a further continuance of your generous patronage, I am gratefully yours, FLOE A E. SIMMONS. TO THE PUBLIC. The bearer of this, Miss Flora E. Simmons, is an honest, industrious girl, and in every respect worthy of your patronage. She supports herself and mother from the proceeds of her *ales. Please buy. W. E. AETHUB, Sup't Illinois Central E. E, E. W. WOODWAED, Sup't L. M. & Col. & X. E. E, E. N. BEOWN, Sup't Buff. & State Line E. E. C. L. EOBINSON, Sup't West, Div, Erie E. E.