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Brinkley Barnett collection on UK, circa 1909-1931

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Brinkley Barnett collection on UK


circa 1909-1931


University of Kentucky Libraries, Special Collections


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Collection is open to researchers by appointment.

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1998ua015: [identification of item], Brinkley Barnett collection on UK, University of Kentucky Archives.


0.22 cubic feet (2 boxes)


Photographs and ephemera circa 1920s relating to the UK student life of Brinkley Barnett.


Brinkley Barnett graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1913. He was a member of S.U.A.A.; Class Football team; Varsity Basket ball team 1911-1912, Captain 1913; A.I. E.E.; A.S.M.E.; Tau Beta Kake; Track Team 1913. Brinkley Barnett also served as a professor in Electrical Engineering at UK circa 1925.

Scope and Content

The Brinkley Barnett collection on UK contains photographs, a student hand book, a junior prom wallet, College of Engineering "Annual Family Dinner" program, College of Engineering "Seniors and Faculty" dinner program, and a Library Dedication program. The majority of the photographs appear to depict the 1910 Freshman-Sophomore Flag Rush that was held on October 6. The descriptions contained within quotation marks were taken directly from the photographs.


  • Barnett, Brinkley.
  • University of Kentucky.
  • Lexington (Ky.)
  • Manners and customs -- Kentucky -- Lexington.
  • Students -- Kentucky -- Lexington.

User Restrictions

The intellectual rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections.

Collection Inventory

"University of Kentucky Woman's Club taken in Mrs. Peak's garden 1926. Seated-left to right. Mrs. Good, Shedd, Pryor, P. Anderson, Tuttle, Matthews, Carrrll, W.S. Anderson? (not charter). Standing. Mrs. Maxson, Aveiett, Davis, Roberts, Gillis, Lafferty, Noe, M. White, Pence, Norwood, Brown." circa 1926
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"Nov. 27-1934-Silver Anniversary. U.Ky Womans Club Standing (Left to Right): -Hines?, Ried Meacham?, Mrs. Dautzler, Melcher, Pence, Lafferty, Good, Norwood, Faiquhar, Plak, Rhoads, Manning, Clark. Seated: Mrs. Zernbrod, Tuttle, Matthews, Roberts, Maxson, Miss Neville, Miss Jones, Tuthill, Gilles, Brown." group portrait circa 1934
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"Dr. Peter's Birth Day May 25, 1927" large group portrait taken on steps of a building circa 1927
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"U.K. Campus" unidentified man in front of Mechanical Hall
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Steeple of Baker Hall
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front, exterior of the Chemistry building
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front, exterior of the Chemistry building
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front, exterior of Mechanical Hall
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Steeple of Baker Hall
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group portrait of unidentified men holding a "1913" banner
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group portrait of unidentified men holding Kentucky pendants and banners
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11 unidentified women in a line, appears to have been taken during the Flag Rush according to the 1910 yearbook circa 1910
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Freshman "1913" flag from the 1910 Freshman-Sophomore flag rush circa 1910
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1910 Freshman-Sophomore flag rush, flag with a group of people gathered around the pole circa 1910
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flag with people gathered around circa 1910
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1910 Flag Rush (according to picture in 1910 year book) group of boys wrestling on the ground circa 1910
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people wrestling on ground, people watching and standing around circa 1910
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flag with group of boys gathered around the flag pole circa 1910
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flag with people all around the lawn circa 1910
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1913 Flag circa 1910
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flag with 4 unidentified man gathered around the flag pole circa 1910
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group of men protecting the 1913 flag by linking arms and standing around the flag pole circa 1910
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an unidentified man climbing up a pole, others watching him circa 1910
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men wrestling on the ground, and running around circa 1910
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a group of unidentified men protecting the flag pole by linking arms, other unidentified men around their feet, 1 unidentified man wearing a suit and talking to group circa 1910
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a group of unidentified men are guarding the flag pole, while other smaller groups are wrestling on the ground, people watching from sidelines circa 1910
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a group of men wrestling on ground circa 1910
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2 unidentified men wrestling on the ground, other unidentified people are standing around some are watching circa 1910
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"The Winners State 6, Ill. 2" a group of unidentified men on a filed lined up to play football
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unidentified men playing football on a field
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"Twenty-Sixth Annual Dinner Seniors and Faculty College of Engineering university of Kentucky May 29th, 1930" Program; "Twenty-Seventh Annual Dinner Seniors and Faculty College of Engineering University of Kentucky May 29th, 1931" Program circa 1930, 1931
[box: 2, folder: 1]
UK College of Engineering Faculty Group Portrait 1925. "Faculty College of Engineering 1925 University of Kentucky. Faculty Members: F. Paul Anderson-Dean, College of Engineering and Professor of Mechanical Engineering; C.H. Anderson-Professor of Engineering Design; V.F. Anderson-Instructor in Mechanical Drawing; Thomas M. Arkle-Instructor in Wood Shop; B. Barnett-Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering; W.H. Brend- Instructor in Practical Mechanics; T.J. Barr-Professor of Mining Engineering; Nancy D. Bentley-Stenographer, Mines and Metallurgy; E.A. Bureau-Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering; W.M. Beebe-Instructor in Engineering Mechanics; F.M. Beckley-Instructor in Practical Mechanics; E.B. Crowder-Instructor in Foundry; C.S. Crouse-Professor of Metallurgy; W.J. Carrel-Professor of Structural Engineering; J. B. Dicker-Superintendent of Shops; W.E. Freeman-Assistant Dean, Professor of Electrical Engineering; Clarence Flynn-Operating Engineer; R.D. Hawkins-Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering; J.S. Horine-Associate Professor of Drawing; W.G. Hillen-Instructor of Mechanical Drawing; C.C. Jett-Professor of Machine Design; (cont. below) circa 1925
[box: 2, folder: 2]
J.R. Johnson-Professor of Applied Mechanics; Ethel Jelley-Secretary to the Dean; L.E. Nollau-Professor of Drawing; C.J. Norwood-Professor of Mining Engineering; W.A. Newman-Associate Professor of Civil Engineering; L.S. O'Bannon-Professor of Heat Engineering; J.H. Rice-Assistant in Engineering Laboratory; D.N. Singer-Instructor in Automotive Engineering; Beatrice Robb Skidmore-Stenographer, Administrative Offices; S.T. Saunier-Instructor in Forge Shop; D.V. Terrell-Professor of Civil Engineering; Thomas Tucker-Instructor in Practical Mechanics; Gordon Thurman-Instructor in Machine Shop; I.G. Watkins-Assistant in Engineering Laboratories; Louise G. Webb-Instructor in Mechanical Drawing"
[box: 2, folder: 2]
UK Library Dedication Program "The University Library, University of Kentucky Dedicated October 23, 1931 Lexington, KY" circa 1931
[box: 2, folder: 3]
UK 1927-1928 Student Handbook; 1914 UK Junior Prom Wallet circa 1914, 1927-1928
[box: 2, folder: 4]