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A THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 2 STRAND CONCERTS DAILY, AFTERNOON AND EVENING THE STRAND ALL AMERICAN ORCHESTRA OPEN 10 A. M. TO 11 P. M. Children, 9c plus lc wartax Adults, 18cjptos 2c war tax "THE 1E8T ORCHESTRA IN THE SOUTH" ber the good old time of Christmas, ORIGINS and all the cheer which It carries, (t la good to take with us Into our frivolity and harmless merrymaking, (Continued From Pago 1) thought of this little poem. English kings reigned when the yule tho O little town of Bethlehem! log and tho ale warmed the hearts of How still we see thee Ho; the merrymakers, back through the Above thy. deep and dreamless revelries of tho back sleep through the feasts of Thor and Odin The silent stars go by. mado by barbarous Teutonic ancesYet In thy dark street shtneth tors In the depths of the forests of The Everlasting Light; middle Europe, back through the fesThe hopes, the fears of all the tivals of Saturn and iCybelle In Greece years and 'Romo, back through the staid hisAro met In thee tonight." tories of Egypt and India; back In to tho shadowy dawn that hides the history of every nation, the season In WEEKLY TEAS ARE which wo celebrate our Christmas has INFORMAL PARTIES been a time of feasting, and But It is in England 'and among the "Y" Receptions Are Not "Dress-UppeoOccasions. ples that Christmas has taken the firmest hold and gathered around it so many pleasing and holy thoughts. Chess, checkers and billiards, tea, King Alfred the Great, in 878, held wafers and music that's the combihigh revel on Christmas, secure nation! When the many bells on the though the enemy was near, in the campus ring out the joyful hour of peace the day brought. The yule log, 3:30 and members of classes scatter tho Christmas tree, the ale and spiced In every direction, just grab your wine, the famous Trencherman of books, Jam on your hat and without later ages, tho winter sports, the even stopping to powder your nose or games indoors, the tales in chimney smooth your hair, come on to the "Y" corners,, and all the shouting hilarity tea given every Wednesday afternoon and cheer, come to us glorified from in Alumni Hall by the Advisory Board that almost golden age. The children of the Y. M. C. A. At the last tea Mrs. Tucker renderhave not been forgotten in this festival and "The Night Before Christ- ed an instrumental solo, "Irish Jiggs," mas" and "The Christmas Carol" are arranged by Percy Granger and Sallle their classics full of Santa Claus and Burns, accompanied by Loui3e sang "When You Look in the dreams, and all the mystic delights of Christmas. The almost universal be- Heart of a Rose." Mrs. Tucker, assisted by Mesdames lief that animals talk and the powers of evil become harmless on Christ- Pence, Lafferty, Baker and Anderson, mas, Shakespeare expressed in The assistant acted as hostesses. "Some say that ever 'gainst that hostesses were Margaret Smith, Henrietta Rogers, Norma Rachel, Gerseason comes, trude Wallingford, Hallle Kay Frye, Wherein our Saviour's birth is Nancy Smock, Nell Hank, Clarice Becelebrated, lief, M'ina White and Mary Frank The bird of drawing 3ingeth all Duigid. night long; . And then they say, no spirit can walk abroad; Scratch as Cats Can. Two cats were about to have a duel. The nights are wholesome; then no planets strike, "Let us have an understanding beNo fairy takes, nor witch hath fore we begin," said one. power to charm "About what?" asked the other. So hallowed and so gracious is "Is it to be a duel to the death, or shall we make it the best three lives the time." But though it is pleasant to remem out of five?" Boys' Life. CHRISTMAS CUSTOMS HAVE "BEAU PAGAN Anglo-Saxon- good-wil- English-speakin- " g Con-nel- l, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE. DO YOU DANCE? MRS. LAMBERT'S SCHOOL OF DANCING Every Afternoon 1 to 5 Tuesday and Friday for This Week Only Evenings 8 to 10:30 OVER WOMEN'S EXCHANGE Phone 1809-- Y Invites you to attend tHeir WEEKLY DANCES Wednesday and Saturday Evening:, at 8:30 p. m. Over Ladies' Exchange, North Upper St. Montague's Orchestra Admission $1.00 COMMITTEE HERBERT NUNNELLY RUMMEL" TO IE ANNUAL STROLLER PLAY THE CLASSY PLACE FOR THE COLLEGE STUDENTS (Continued From Page 1) York with one of the moat eminent that day, and ran for 250 consecutive nights In one of the most popular theaters of that city. The play calls Into action eighteen characters, eleven men and seven women. Tho committee believes that It will bo of peculiar Interest to the local public, not only because so many years have Intervened since Its first production and the present time, but because of tho Insidious satire and compelling wit of Mr. Fitch's scintillating lines. "Beau Brummel" was considered by competent critics Mr. Mansfield's masterpiece. The Strollers met Wednesday evening for the first reading and the work will bo taken up after the holidays and carried forward, with rehearsals In the Little Theatre. ACTIVE S CANDIES AND LUNCHES HOME-MAD- E cnBts of NEW RAY McCOWAN OF PARAMOUNT, ARTCRAFT, GOLD-WYAND SELECT PICTURES McGurk & O'Brien "EVERYTHING NEW" PHOENIX FRUIT STORE FOR FRUITS, CANDIES, NUTS PHOENIX BLOCK A TIP FROM BECK Why worry about Clothes? New Clothes are so high right now that we all can't afford to buy them and to those who can't just get out one of the old suits that you have and send it here, it will be just the thing to wear to a dance, party or school call. BECKER DRY CLEANING CO. Cleaners That Satisfy Phone 621-Lime at High AT CINCY. X "(Exchange.) The of the lUnlverslty of Cincinnati have a Club. Two girls were recently requested to resign on the ground that they had not lived up to the ideals of the organization. After the business of the club had been transacted, an interesting paper on "Why We Hate Men Until We Have a Date" was read by one of the members. s Man-Hate- Cropper's Laundry (Incorporated) PHONE 210 Patronize Our Advertisers BBiiflm Graves, cox Co. The Christmas Store for Men and Boys. Great display of practi cah useful gifts now ready. yourself a new warm Suit or Overcoat extra values now. Give TRIANGLE CLUB JOHN MARKING HOME "ONLY THE SEST IN MOVING PICTURES" Graves, Cox & Co. Incorporated. 114 N. UPPER N