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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 22, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

- PAGE THE KENTUCKY KERNEL FOUR ?!ERECT SPANISH- RELIGIOUS DISCUSSION AMERICAN HOUSE DEAN TURCK The Kentucky Kernel With the announcement last Friday that Dean Charles J. Turck had accepted the presidency of Centre The Kentucky Kernel is the official newspaper of the College, mingled joy and sadness have settled on the students and alumni of the University of Kentucky. university campus joy that, such deserved advancement Published every Friday throughout the college year and recognition should come to the popular head of the university law school; sadness that the university should by the student body of the university. so capable and valuable an administrative officer. Subscription One Dollar and Fifty Cents a Year Five lose It would be impossible to describe Dean Turck's the Copy. Entered at Lexington r.ostomce Cents service to the university. Coming here but three years as second class mail matter. ago, he entered upon his duties with enthusiasm that presaged the many triumphs of the law collfige under EDITORIAL his three year regime. In these three years, the Law MANAGING EDITOR college has materially raised its standards, has acquired F Niel Plummer John R. Bullock, Jr. its own modern building, and has gained national recogASSOCIATE EDITORS nition as one of the leading law schools of the country. Helen Shelton A. P. Robertson Paul Sanders Nor was Dean Turck content with his service to the university. With the same zeal that he performed his NEWS university tasks he worked for community progress. A Rotarian, an elder in the Presbyterian church, a member NEWS EDITOR of many organizations which sought to further the interVirginia King Conroy ests of city and state, Dean Turck was ever willing to ASSISTANTS sacrifice his own interests for others. W. H. Glanz Thelma Snyder Perhaps even a greater testimonial to Dean Turck REPORTERS and his work at the university, however, is the esteem in Rebecca Edwards Leida Keyes Catherine Redmond which he is held by students of the university. Known Martha Connell Harry Bolser Frank Davidson by nearly every student on the campus, Dean Turck Howard Jenkins Beecher Adams E. M. Sargent has the utmost respect and admiration of all. And in Elizabeth Strossman Mildred Cowgill the Law college it wouldu be difficult to find a student Ora Spradlin JSvalee Featherston Dorothy Darnell Ethel Stamper who did not have the dean as his ideal lawyer quick, H. V. T. Lukens Byron Pumphrey Pauline Adams capable, courteous, and a perfect Southern gentleman. Billy Whitlow Dorothy Darnell Bill Reep The Kernel feels that the university has suffered Elizabeth Shea Katherine Best a great loss in the dean's departure, but it congratulates EDITOR SOCIETY - SPECIAL WRITERS Centre in procuring a man of Dean Turck's calibre as Martha Minihan Lydia Robert- - Exchanges j its head. And when Dean Turck assumes Ihis new Kathleen Peffley, Feature duties as head of the celebrated, old, nearby school, he ASSISTANTS Lucile Cook, Squirrel Food will carry with him the sincere best wishes of the entire George Moore Jameson Virginia Boyd, Literary student body and faculty of the university. D'Allis Chapman j P. P. Baker, Cartoonist . M" EDITOR-IN-CHIE- i SPORTS ASSISTANT EDITOR EDITOR John W. Dundon, Jr. Kenneth Gregory ASSISTANTS Frank Smith Tom Cochran Warren Price BUSINESS BUSINESS MANAGER James Shropshire Univ. 74 Phones 6800 4651 86256Y ASST MANAGER Maude A. Van Buskirk MANAGER J. P. Leonard Weakley ASST. ADV. MGR Virgil L. Couch ACCOUNTS Glenn MECHANICAL FOREMAN Delos Nooe t ASSISTANTS W. D. Grote A. L. Pigman LOSERS ALL AROUND Frankly we don't know who is the greater loser. Sometimes we think it is our own compus Apollos who are bereft of opportunities to gain fabulous fortunes; again moved by a spirit of compassion, we pity most First g National Pictures who have cast aside a rare opportunity; but most of all we feel sorry for public who will not the great American picture-goin- g have the oportunity to enjoy the histrionic ability of some of the greatest potential players living in America. Following that rule of Postum "there's a reason," and the reason for this heavy loss to Kentucky students, the moving picture industry, and the American public lies in the announcement of the thirty-thre- e colleges to be visited by representatives of First National Pictures and College Humor in an at tempt to procure new and brilliant screen talent. Yes, unbelievable as it may appear, the University of Ken tucky was not included in that list! We'll admit that we were deceived. When College Humor announced that screen tests would be made and an opportunity .given for college students to star in, the movies, we hailed the announcement as a golden opportunity. Joyously we published the glad news in The Kernel and with our eagerly awaited the publication of dates when the test would be made on our campus. Then followed our disillusionment. Kentucky, noted for its fast horses, fair women, and good liquor; famed throughout all civilization for the beauties of its Blue Grass region; celebrated in literature and music for the Southern courtesy and hospitality of its Blue Grass inhabitants and as notorious in every corner of the globe for the feuds, superstitions, and folk lore of its mountaineers. Kentucky, the historical; Kentucky, the beautiful; Kentucky, the picturesque, but Kentucky, slighted in this opportunity to gain fame for itself and to perform a real service for mankind. As we attempt to write more welling tears blur the paper before us. Alas for those university students who for weeks have thought of little else but of the rare opportunity which awaited them along the cinema trail; alas for those fond parents who saw through their children a chance for undying fame and universal plaudits; alas for the university which hereby loses a chance for deserved recognition. But we are unselfish. Sorry as we feel for our own students we pity more the picture industry and most of all the American public which must, in the final analysis, be deemed the greatest loser. Life was ever thus. money-makin- fellow-studen- ts MAY QUEEN ELECTION T ' following the announcement cessful. But that next fall the university will inaugurate the custom of having freshman week just prior to the beginning of the fall session, considerable discussion has been aroused as to whether or not the plan will be suc cessful here. Theoretically, at least, freshman week should be of great value to university and incoming freshmen alike, It has often been said that martriculating in college is starting on an entirely new phase of life, and certainly such an important undertaking should be started off as well as possible. If freshman - week teaches freshmen something about the university they are, entering, its ideals and ambitions; and enables them to discriminate between worths while and the wasteful elements of college life and to grasp something of the purpose of attending the university :if freshman week does this and in addition, makes the boy or girl "feel at home" and happy that he is a student here then the plan will be successful and every student should be for it But there is another side to the question. Fresh man week can only be successful if students of the uni versity do their part. During the period of freshman n week all will be requested to stay off the campus, according to the committee which is making the plans for the week. Undoubtedly, however, on sororities and more espec ially on fraternities, will fall a considerable responsibility in deciding whether or not the new venture will be a success. Rushing plans and policies will have to be considerably changed. The old system of "catch as catch can" will scarcely be applicable to the new order of things. On many other campuses fraternities have gentlemen's agreement not to rush during the period of freshman week. Perhaps such a rule as this is not ne cessary. But every fraternity must realize that the university comes first and that in its rushing program it must not conflict with the university plans for fresh man week. as most of the leading universities have freshman week certainly the plan should be tried and should be a success here. The Kernel is confident it will be a success and will be another milestone in the for ward march of the university. The Kernel believes this because it is confident that students will do their part, whole-heartedl- upper-classme- THIS AND THAT Mark 0 University Builds a Center for the Study of Lan- guage ana literature oi OF, Columbia I Spanish-America- Shows Feature Films universally conceded that Americans as a whole know very little about their own country- - It vas tns idea in mind that the department of It is history at Yale presented to the students at the University of Maryland two instructive and historical pictures, "Jamestown" and "Dixie." These pictures are very accurate in detail and fact. To add to the realism of the picture the actress" who plays the part of Pocahontas has to go throuehout the winter weeks of She claims this was a screening. hardship from which she never re Exchange. covered. 9:2-1and 2 Pet. 1:16-1- 8 Spain Transfiguration The of Christ l UNIT marks a remarkable occurance in his IS THIRD FOREIGN eventful life. Three of the Evangel- ists narrate that a few days after A plan for the erection of a Span Peter's confession that he "was the House at Columbia UniChrist" Jesus took with him Peter, versity was announced yesterday by James and John and went up into a Professor Frank Callcott of the dehigh mountain to pray. partment of romance languages, acAlibi No. 83.643.21D It was a crisis in our Lord's min cording to Professor Doyle, of the A University of Maryland fresh-- , The ocromance language department. istry when this marvelous incident man, who was arrested for speeding curred. His popularity was diminsh- - movement is under the direction of after a football game, was released on ing and the tide of rejection had set the Institute de las Espanas of Columhis personal bond when he told the in. Thereafter his steps brought him bia, which aims to establish a com judge that he lost his shoes in the nearer the cross where ignomy and mon headquarters for its affiliated scramble between halves of the clubs, now numbering more than two suffering awaited him. Virginia football game and that states. hundred in twenty-eigIn the habilliments of the flesh he was hurrying home because his to provide in the United "We seek Jesus had moved among the disciples feet were cold. Ex. but here in this upland solitude his States, particularly in New York City of Columbia uni regal splendor and majesty was as under the auspices The average student and faculty versity, a center for the study of the serted. member of Oberlin College, Ohio, is language and literature of Spain, a bicyclist, and each dormitory and On Herman's brow we are in the Portugal and Por recitation hall has its bicycle racks, realm of the supernatural. As the Professor Callcott Love may be blind, but the neigh according to an Intercollegiate Press Sun bears its own testimony so here dispatch on unique college traditions. on Herman's height (the most con- said: "The need for a center of Span- bors are not. Satyr. spicious of Palestine's mountains) ish culture is constantly becoming In Columbia alone amidst the darkness of the night, he more manifest. is clothed in garments that glis,ten there are between 2,500" and 3,000 stu while radiance that dazzle play upon dents of Spanish. In the high schoolshis face. It is a witness to his "King of New York City there are over 32,ship" for once, on earth, his appear 000 students of Spanish and besides body of Span ance is what he really is King of these there are a large ish students in the private and paro Kings and Lord of Lords. chial schools. d broke The glory of the Italian House through the concealment a glorious An Italian House is also benig comof Divine effulgence. It irradiated his body. It diffused it- pleted by Columbia University. This Foreign self over his whole person. Beams of makes the third unit of the heavenly light flashing, around them Language group to be constructed by That face so soon to be marred for the the school. The Maison Francaise, world' sake outrivalled the radiance the Casa de Las Espanas and the Casa Italiana have all been erected for the of the noon day sun. furtherence of modern languages at The sacred penmen were lost for Columbia. All students interested are similitudes to express such supernal invited to visit the building. glory and majesty. Matthew says Romance languages is the only one "white as the light;" Mark says that does not have suitable quarters "white as snow," while Luke says at Columbia University. The Maison "flashing forth as lightning." Francaise, situated near the Faculty The privileged inner circle wit club, has long served as a center of They had been French culture in this country. The nessed his glory. present in the death chamber of the Casa Italiana is now nearing compledaughter of Jairus and they would tion, and its directors have generously accompany him in his Gethsemane offered us office space, but if the Inwhile the law had said "in the mouth stitute is to fulfill its real mission, a of two or three witness should any suitable house, similar to those menthing be established." tioned, and a sufficient endowment to It was not hallucination of which maintain it, together with a small Peter wrote but a personal testimony staff of paid assistants, are absolutely based on a personal experience essential. Peter's testimony could not be a fabFounder Members rication for he said "we saw," "we Contributors of $10,000 each will be hear." Two of Heaven's Ambassadors apShaving Cream works up peared to Jesus confirming his office "The redeemer of the If You Are A a rich bulky lather simply world." saturated with moisture. This super-mois- t, The subject discussed was not the worthy of the name and not saturated lather soaks into the beard creation of new worlds but the re afraid to work now, or during demption of this one. bristles until they are completely softened. your summer vacation, I'll bet Moses was the Law giver while That's why there is no razor "pull" with, you $50 that you can't work for Elijah was the fearless prophet. In Williams, why all blades seem sharper. us 30 days and earn less than their lives a very remarkable and $200. Think I'm bluffing? Then Two h. Williams leaves the face singular circumstances had marked answer this ad and show me up. their earthly termination centuries sizes, 35c and 50c. Openings for managers. The before and now here on the mountain "Wonder Box" sells on sight. these illustrious and glorified saints TOM WALKER attend the "transfigured" Christ, conDept. 92 Pittsburgh, Pa. versing of the most stupendous event In magnitude in the history of sinful humanity "his decease at Jerusa 0 I bare-legg- nt Spanish-Americ- Maryland-- a, tugese-America- ," God-hea- out-bur- st !Moister Lather Smoother Shaves WILLIAMS MAN glove-smoot- Williams Shaving Cream lem." The voice from the cloud said "this is my beloved son." God was present but unseen. The Cloud was the sym bol of his presence. Moses had seen the cloud in the mountain and God himself had said "no man can see my face and live" besides God purposed that these witness should behold the Glory of Jesus only. This was transcendent commenda tion and the evidence was spiritually complete. The vital lesson for us in this study is the assurance of immortality. Here is Divine confirmation for all time from the father of a future existence, consciously enjoyed by the redeemed Jesus never sought to impress peo pie by some irresistible display of supernatural power. This I think is We elect no "King of May" but if any one of the another reason that so few witnessed girls running for "May Queen" has ever jilted a Centre his majesty. In literature we have this testimony man, we hope that she will admit the deed and give us a chance to elect her unanimously, thereby avenging our- from Mr. Alexander in his "Burial of Moses." Centre students elected Hyatt "King of the May" recently. Hyatt is the man who made that fatal touchdown against Kentucky last fall. selves. There is, however, only one thing certain about this May Queen business and that is either a blonde, brunette or a red headed will be elected. co-e- d We hate to suggest it, but isn't it possible that it is "sax appeal" which makes an orchestra good ? If all the students who were glad to return to classes after the holidays were laid end to end, he would feel awful conspicious. Our government isn't so dumb. What if.our marines were kept at home and some one suggested that they be sent to Chicago ? ' "An optimist," says one of our exchanges, "Is a student whose name begins with "A" and he still thinks that he won't ever have to sit in the front row." ' In connection with general plans for making May Day this year the largest student celebration ever held at the university, SuKy circle this year has arranged a new system for the election of May Queen and her five attendants. Nominations for May Queen closed Tuesday afternoon and the election is to be held on next Wednesday. What about the fellow who gets himself a girl and In this issue appear pictures and short sketches of the still expects to make Phi Beta Kappa. various candidates for May Queen. SuKy and The Kernel are doing this in order to enable all men students The most difficult thing to us about these honorary to know what girls are running and their qualifications. fraternities is learning the names of the outstanding men past years following the election of May Queen whom they pledged. In there has always been some comment and dissension, and even the most uninterested of spectators could not A college student is a person who pays for the privifail to notice the great amount of "campus politics" lege of attending classes and then chortles with glee which featured the annual struggle for when the prof fails to appear. supremacy. But this year, PERHAPS, it will be different. At In all fairness to some of our profs we must say least every man student will have the opportunity to that they really have no favorites they flunk everybody know ahead of time who are running, how they look, with equal grace. their scholastic standings, and their campus activities and achievements. Then if any student fails to vote or Most college boys have ugly legs others allows himself to be led to vote for someone merely wear knickers. is asked to vote for her, it will be no one's because he fault but his own. Thus advance indications are that And a majority of the latter wear three pair of campus politics will be conspicious by its scarcity next woolen golf hose. Wednesday. Kentucky has long been noted (according to its With Christmas, valentine day and Easter out of the poets) for its beautiful women. We don't believe in way, we can't help but wonder what reason we can have bragging but look over the pictures of the nominees for giving "her". a box of candy, as the merchants so for May Queen. consistingly suggest. inter-sorori- " Dean Melcher says it will. The university author! it will. Records show that in a majority of the institutions which have tried it, the plan has been suc- ties-thin- k never-the-les- s, CIRCULATION MGR. E.L. Berry ASSISTANTS Carrol Morrow Carlos Jagoe ADVERTISING MGR. Fred Conn WILL IT WORK? -- THE MAJESTY AND GLORY CHRIST n founder members of the House, Professor Callcott said. Donors of 2,500 will be known as benefactors and those who give $1,000 will be life patrons. Other classes of membership will be patrons, ?500; life members, $100; sustaining members, $25 a year, and active members with annual dues of $5. Dunne December a group of thirty graduate students in Spanish, assisted by Hispanic artists, appeared in an evening of music at the McMillin Academic Theater aiding the project. Professor Paul Portnoff of New York University, Miss Rebecca Switzer, instructor in Columbia University, and Rafael Fuguerca of Madrid, a Columbia graduate student, were the committe of arrangements. Officers of the institute have been elected as follows: Homero Seris, President; Frank and general Callcott, editor; Louis Imbert, treasurer; Robert H. Williams, general secretary; Edna Duge, executive secretary; D. F. Ratcliff, librarian; James T. Graddy, director of public information in the United States; Dr. Maximo Soto Hall, director of public information Spanish America. Exchange. "And had he not high honors? The hill side for his pall. To lie in state while Angels wait With stars for tapers tall. And the dark rock pines like toss ing plumes O'er his bier to wave And God's own hand in that lonely land To lay. him in the grave. f "In that deep grave without a name Whence his uncoffined clay Shall break again oh 'wondrous sight' Before the Judgment day And stand with glory wrapped around On the hills he never trod And speak of the strife that won our life With the incarnate Son of God." Art gives To the man who isn't satisfied with first place afford to a man who THEcomplacent wins it. race can't step is to over His next us Raphael's most cele brated painting "The Transfigura tion." It was not quite finished when he was stricken with fever and died He requested that the painting be hung where he could see it and think of his Glorified Redeemer. "The mount for Vision, but below The pathos of daily duty go, And nobler life therein shall own The pattern on the mountain shown." s Edit Issue of The Tar Heel A very interesting and instructive edition of The Tar Heel, a newspaper published at the University of North Carolina, recently was edited by the s. U. N. C. Some interesting facts about the were brought out. They are not allowed to enter until their junior year. It is claimed that they lend beauty, charm, and "sense of direction" to the drabness of the campus. By an exquisite effulgence of sweetness venerunt, viderunt, vlcerunt. Exchange, co-e- f Co$mut ication, 1 improve on his own running time. The electrical communication industry in America ranks first in the world, with exceptional facilities for research and constructive work. But the men in this industry are never satisfied to let it go at that. No process, no matter how satisfactory, by whom devised or how well bulwarkedbyage,ishereimmunefromchallenge. This dynamic state of mind must appeal mightily to men who are pioneers at heart. vstern Electric Company Makers of the Nation's Telephones Numitr 6$ of a Strits