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PAGE SIX THE KENTUCKY KERNEL VANDY CONQUERS WILDCATS IN FIELD MEET x. Kentucky Meets Tennessee Track Team on Stoll Field Tomorrow Afternoon VOLS TO BRING -- CARMinARIF SQUAD Kentucky Team Returns From Disastrous Invasion; Lose All Games in South TRACK TEAM TO; Kentucky BILL GESS COPS Kittens Conquer TWO FIRST Massie in First Field Meet; PLACES First in All But Shot Put FACE CENTRE APRIL 30 By some hpok or crook a track team will meet a team coached by a former pupil when Coach Jimmy Brady takes the county. Both of these games were The University of Kentucky freshaggregation to Danville very erratically played, since both his Wildcat next Saturday morning to display man track team defeated the Massie sides were guilty of more than the wares against Coach Rice High school team on Stoll field last ordinary amount of bobles. Wert their Mountjoy's Centre College cinder Wednesday by the heavy score of 82 with pitched two excellent games, and 2 to 18 2. It was the first meet just a little more luck, the Wildcats artists. years ago Mountjoy was an of the season for both teams. Several should have at least broken even on outstanding Kentucky yearlings took first The track man at Kavahaugh shot-pu- t, the trip. High school at Lawrenceburg. In the honors in everything except the crashing Scores: Crane of Massie, same town James Brady was attendKentucky vs. Tech ing Lawrenceburg High school and through to ruin an otherwise almost 22 002 000 000 Kentucky gave promise of becoming a star. perfect score. Hawkins, also of Mas34 Georgia Tech . .. 010 Oil OOx Throughout the season Mountjoy sie, was second. Sisk and Elrod captured both first Batteries: Wert and Ericson; Conn coached Brady in the pole vault and and Stevens. and second places in the two sprint other events. 220-yaMountjoy completed his high school events. Sisk beat Elrod in the 000 050 0005 5 0 Kentucky .. dash, but Elrod, making a quick Brady career and went to Centre. Georgia Tech 510 010 OOx 7 11 6 finished and came to the University of get-awa- y beat his rival in the century Bach, McGeary and Kentucky, where he was a member of event. Batteries: Don Williams won the 120-yarEricson; Gaston and Stevens. the track team and also its captain. Kentucky Vs. Georgia during high hurdles event but he was disqualBoth men were star athletes 675 203 000 100 Kentucky their college careers and will now ified when he knocked down too many Georgia . . 070 120 50x 15 15 5 send their respective teams against hurdles. Maxon, of Kentucky, who Batteries: Bach, Fry Wert, Mc-- . each other in competition, Saturday, ran second in this race was given credit for the victory. Geary and Schulte; Kain and John- April 30. another time. dent the home-plat- e son. Bruce Fields finished in front in the 110 200 0026 9 4 half mile run, but he was also disThe University of Georgia did little Kentucky :. .. 201 013 OOx qualified when it was claimed that he 7 8 4 O- Georgia to console the University of Kentucky ran into Owens, his teammate. Wert and Ericson, Batteries: representatives when they proceeded Rhodemeyre had little trouble in to sock them for two straight victo- Schulte; Waller and Johnson. the mile run and he was way out in a track meet, ries, the first one 15-front at the finish. and the second game considerably o- The results: In the first game, Bach, closer, 6. ENGINEERING 100-yadash Elrod, Kejitucky, Fry, McGeary and Wert saw action first; Sisk, Kentucky, second; Wilson, Kain had an easy Coach Bob Zuppke Accompanies on the mound. (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3) Massie, third. Time, :10 5. Team to Lexington itime with the Wildcat batsmen. In 220-yard dash Sisk Kentucky, the second game, Kentucky's battery tion, "How did you happen to go into first; Elrod, Kentucky, second; Wilwas Wert and Captain Ericson. In The baseball game scheduled Mon engineering?" this game, the Wildcats made a tre- day between the University of Illinois "Well," Mr. Hammond answers half son, Massie, third. Time, :25 440-yaInman, Kentucky, dash mendous ninth inning rally, but they and Coach Pat Devereaux' Wildcat whimsically, "I believe my keen interfell short by just one run of tying nine was postponed at noon est in mining was first roused when as after rain set in and turned Stoll field into a sea a small boy I was allowed an active dated Gold Fields of South Africa and part one summer in placer mining up of mud. in the mountains of California. A the British Chartered Company, I Coach Devereaux was all set for the group of Chinese were at work up needed a good mine manager. I reIllini and had high hopes of turning there by a mountain stream, washing membered a young enginieer whom I back the attack of Coach Carl Lund- - out stray grains of gold from the had' known as a boy. Though I was gren's nine. The Illinois team put in gravel. They weren't making a for- older than he, I had seen enough of a good practice at the field Monday tune; perhaps they washed out a him in the ordinary affairs of boyhood morning but were forced to quit by dollar's worth of gold apiece in a to know that he was unimpeachably the downpour. day. That wasn't enough to interest honest; I had seen him in his home, camHead Coach Robert Zuppke, of the the average prospector or miner, but and I remembered his fine ways with University of Illinois, and Fred Ma the Chinese worked away contentedly. his mother and how willingly he asforejor, who will assist Harry Gamage in And they let me help them. I've been sumed his full share of responsibility chocaround the home. He was the kind his coaching duties starting in Sep interested in mining ever since. tember, accompanied the team to Lex "But you understand, of course, I needed as mine manager if he pos-- s ington. that I didn't choose engineering only e s s e d the technical equipment. because outdoor life appealed to me, Though I knew he was practicing enYale Paper Oldest in Country The boy who goes into engineering gineering in New Mexico, I knew little qualifications. his There now seems to be no doubt merely because he likes the idea of a about pinned technical to his honesty my faith But I that the Yale Record is the oldest col- roving, adventurous life is likely to and found out about his qualifications legiate magazine in this country, since be disappointed, likely to wish he'd way. the Harvard Lampoon admits this fact chosen some other line of work. A in an unusual "I merely "asked him and took his is a recent issue. The Yale publica liking for outdoor life is. essential in some kinds of engineering, but it is- word without further investigation. tion dates from 1876. Ex. Coach Jimmy Brady has announced his Blue and White track artists in Kentucky's Wildcat baseball nine the best of condition for their second returned from its recent rather aftermeet of the season tomorrow southern trip without so noon on Stoll field. The Wildcats, J much as one victory to appease it. after losing their opening session to Vanderbilt by an almost tripled score The first foe met was Georgia Tech have set to work with greater zeal and the Wildcats lost two very close and seem to think they can toople games on successive days. The first game went to Tech by a 2 score, the visitors. Vanderbilt had a wealth of mater- I Conn winning a pitcher's battle from ial and the best the Kentucky boys Cahrlie Wert. Wert was touched for in this encounter and could do was to land three first places j two home-run- s win-- I and tie for one. The Knoxville ag- Wildcat errors accounted for the gregation has done nothing to speak ning marker. The second game was of on the field this year but that can- I won by the Georgia boys, 5. Bach not prove they are inferior to the 'and McGeary pitched for Kentucky, Blue and White. Coach Brady has while Gaston managed to hold the had all his men working hard and Blue and White safe throughout the every man has shown to perfection contest. The opponents made numerous errors, but they managed to keep during the past week. Wildcats' a litle bit ahead. It loks as it Bill Gess will be able just inning was the fifth,The which five in to account for two if not three firsts big However, and Captain Ted Creech should surely runs were scored. Kentucky Gaston, failed to annex the javelin heave. In West the bore down, and Blue and White has a rather smart pole vaulter and broad jump man. .These four men copped all of Ken- tucky's points against Vandy and should be Coach Brady's mainstay for tomorrow's event. Kentucky has formidable representatives in all the other events and should be able to show up much better against the Volunteers than they did with the Commodores WANTED Students' stenographic Call Reasonable charge. work. evenings at 4985. Susie Johns. Adv. VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE Illinois Rained Out University Cafeteria Three meals served, on the pus, every school day. Open noons for sandwiches,- milk, olate, coffee, ice cream and candy. Basement Administration Building n't enough." "Can you give me an idea of the qualities I should have?" you' ask. "You can't hope for success in any kind of engineering," Mr. Hammond says, unless you have a genuine interest in the working of natural laws. If studying those laws bores you, keep out of engineering. "Then you must be curious. Some of the happiest hours I've spent have been those when I've gone out of my way to trajhp over rough country examining geological formations. "You must have imagination be able to see a thing before it exists; you must be as much a dreamer as any poet or philosopher, with the practical ability to make your dreams come true. You must be an accurate thinker, and an honest one; you can't juggle with the forces of nature; if a man misleads himself or others, he won't succeed in engineering. "Speaking of the value of honesty in engineering, I once offered a man an important position just on the strength of his honesty, his sterling character. When I was in charge of the mining operations of the Consoli- - ,. isVeryminqs 77 going to be all rig121 f I wrote and told him that I had this position to offer; that I had thought of him because I knew just the square sort of a boy he had been; that I'd give him the position if he had the technical qualifications, and that I'd leave it to his judgment as to whether or not he had them. "He decided that he had them and came on to South Africa and became one of my trustworthy assistants Some years afterward when I had charge of the Guggenheim Explora tion Company's mines, I sent for him and offered him another important position. After my resignation from that company, he became the consult ing engineer. Not only has he made good as an engineer, but he has been most successful in a financial way, And his first big chance came because of that boyhood honesty of his hon esty in the broad sense. "But let's get on with the other qualities of an engineer. From Strong Start to Sure Finish "You must like to create whether you are civil engineer building a road across a continent, or a marine engineer desiging a new engine for a ship, first; Johnston, Kentucky, second; Hawkins, Massie, third. Time, :56. Williams, low hurdles Kentucky, first; Maxon, Kentucky, second; McDonnell, Massie, third. 220-ya- Time, :32. Maxon, high hurdles Kentucky, first; Bomer, Massie, second; McDowell, Massie, third. Time, 120-ya- :18 McLane, Kentucky, Broad jump first; Bower, and L. Rhodemeyre, of Massie and Kentucky, tied for second. Distance, 20 feet, 5 2 inches. High jump McLane, Kentucky, first; Wigglesworth, Kentucky, second. Height, 5 feet, 6 inches. One mile run C. Rohodemyre, Ken tucky, first; Jewell, Massie, second; Bird, Kentucky, third. Time, :53 Kentucky, d run Owens first; Wigglesworth, Kentucky, second; Maxon, Massie, third. Time, 3-- 5. 880-yar- 2:08 5. Pole Vault L. C. Rhodemyre, of Kentucky, first; Wigglesworth, Ken tucky, second; Maxson, of Massie, third. Height 10 feet, 6 inches. Shotput Crame, Massie, first; Hawkins, Massie, second; Rhodemyre, Kentucky, third. Distance, 34 feet. Discuss throw L. Rhodemyre, Ken tucky, first; McLane, Kentucky, sec ond; McDowell, Massie, third. Dis tance, 90 feet, 1 inch. Half-mil- e relay Kentucky (Inman, Time, Owens, Johnson, Fields). 1:40 5. The track team of Vanderbilt Uni versity defeated the Wildcats of the University by the score of 84 2 to 32 2 in the first track meet of the 1027 season on Stoll field Saturday afternoon. Vanderbilt, with a well rounded team, won 10 first places, tied one, and took off three second places. Kentucky won but three first places, tied one, and carried away honors in four second places. Bill Gess was Kentucky's star, winning easily in the event and in the half mile run, the respective being 52 seconds and 2:03, very times remarkable performances when the poor condition of the track is considered. Ted Creech experienced little trouble in the javelin throw with a heave of 157 feet. West, of Kentucky, tied for first place in the pole vault with Nance, of Vanderbilt. West was second to Applegate of Vanderbilt on the broad jump. Chesney, of Vanderbilt, was high point man of the day, taking first in both of the sprint events and running on the victorious relay team. Wilson, his teammate, was also a double winner, with first in the mile and two miles runs. Officials of the meet were: Hinton, of Yale; Peak, Heber,vand Brower, all of Kentucky, and Mountjoy, of Centre. The results: dash Chesney, Vanderbilt, first; Nance, Vnaderbilt, second. top-hea- 440-ya- 100-ya- Time 10 2-- dash Chesney, Vanderbilt, first; Bailey, Vanderbilt, second. 220-ya- or a mining engineer developing copper mine that will turn a barren waste into a prosperous community. And you must have resourcefulness; you must be able to get results even if conditions are not favorable." As a check on your listening, you sum up those essential qualities: "To make a successful engineer, then, I must be curious, I must have imagination, I must be an accurate thinker, I must be unfailingly honest, I must like to create, I must be ingenious, Mr. Hammond nods. "All that. Bet ter add initiative, too. The engineer must be ready to start things, ready to go ahead. "Of course, comparatively few men are strong in every one of these qualities, but most successful engineers are strong in the majority of them and not altogether lacking in the others. You're not sure how many of the essential qualities you have. But just for the time being, youU cheerfully assume that you're the right sort to make a whiz of an engineer, and find out about the education needed. "You were graduated from Yale, weren t you, and then you studied mining abroad?" you say to Mr, Hammond. I studied at the Royal of Mines at Freiberg, Saxony; but in these days a young man doesn't need to go abroad for an en- "Yes. School (CONTINUED ON PAGE SEVEN) Time :23 2-- Gess, Kentucky, dash Hunter, Vanderbilt, second. 440-ya- first; Time :52. Half-mil-e Gess, Kentucky, first; Courtney, Vanderbilt, second. Time, 2:03. Mile run Wilson, Vanderbilt, first; Griffin, Kentucky, second. Time 4:50. Two mile run Wilson, Vanderbilt, first? Elliott, Kentucky, second. Time 10:47. Shot put James, Vanderbilt, first; Distance Cecil, Vanderbilt, second. 37 feet. h hurdle West, Vanderbilt, first; Smith, Vanderbilt, second. Time 120-hig- 18 0. hurdles Nance, Vanderbilt, first; Smith, Vanderbilt, second. Time 220-lo- w :27 3-- Relay, one mile Vanderbilt, first; Kentucky, second. Applegate, VanderBroad jump bilt, first; West, Kentucky, sceond. Distance, 20 feet, 6 inches. Pole vault West, Kentucky, and Nance, Vanderbilt, tied for first. Height, 10 feet 3 inches. High jump Roberts, Vanderbilt, first; Roberts, Kentucky, and Ewing, Vanderbilt, tied for second. Height, 5 feet 8 inches. Javelin Creech, Kentucky, first; King, Kentucky, second. Distance, 157 feet. Discus James, Vanderbilt, first; Cecil, Vanderbilt, second. Distance, 118 feet 6 inches. PARRISH DRY CLEANING CO. CLEANING AND PRESSING SUITS PRESSED 35 CENTS 152 South Lime Phone 1550 DRY Quality and Service Manufacturers of High Grade Clothing Since 1889 X McGURK and O'BRIEN THAT'S the way P. A. talks to you in the Howl of a pipe. This great national gloom-chasstabs the darkest clouds with a ray of sunshine. 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