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[2] > Image [2] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1920-04-apr26-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

2. Cash on deposit in Phoenix and Third National Bank of this city ..... ...... $ 3,000 Unpaid pledges in this office .......... 20,000 Subscriptions reported but not yet in this office, approximately....... 7..000 Total... $16b2,000 Mr. Boggess has been fairly successful in his work in the adjoining counties. In Bourbon County he succeeded in working up an organization which reported on Mareh 27 that they had received cash and pledges to the amount of $3,300. Some ten days ago Mr. Boggess advised me that this amount had been increased to five or six thousand dollars. He has brought to this office from Estill County about $600 in cash and subscriptions, and during last week was continuing his work there and in Lee County. I have not received a rep-r-t from him since my return from the senior inspection trip on last Sunday. Mr. Boggess met with very little success in Clark County, but there will probably be some subscriptions turned in from the citizens of Winchester and Clark County by the: War Mothers. Yours very truly, W. E. Freeman, Campaign Manager. 2. Application of Sigma Alpha Epsilon for Building Site. President MoVey read a letter from Addison C. Foster, Seoretary of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Building Association, Lexington, Kentucky, making application for a building site for the erection of a frater- nity house on the University Campus to cost approximately $35,O00. The Committee received the application favorably and instructed the Secretary to inform the fraternity that the matter was under consider- ation and they would be advised regarding the building site as soon as possible. 3. Report of Business Agent. The financial report of the Business Agent was received and ordered filed. 4. Beport of Committee on Purchase of Coal. The Committee on purchase of ooal made the following report which was ordered inoor- porated in the minutes: