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[4] > Image [4] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1920-04-apr26-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

4. in a satisfactory manner. A bill was also presented from the Carey- Reed Company for $181.28 for road construction on Graham Avenue, done in 1916 on order of Dr. Joseph Hoeing Kastle, Director of the Experi- ment Station. On motion duly made and seconded, the Business Agent was instructed to pay the bill upon receipt of a written statement from the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds or from Mr. Henry E. Curtis, Bursar of the Experiment Station, to the effect that the work has actually been completed in a satisfactory manner. During the discussion Mr. Ernst presided and Mr. Stoll declined to vote or take part in the discussion of the claims presented. 8. Claim of Mrs. R. 0. Stout. The Business Agent presented to the Committee a claim of $79 in favor of Mrs. Stout, Physical Direc- tor for women at the University, arising out of certain fees which Mrs. Stout claims the University collected for private physical education lessons given by her in 1919, 1914, and 1916 under an agree- ment with the University by which she was to receive during the summer session one-half of the fees collecte!. One-half of the fees amounted to $81.50 and certain other itar,;s in connection therewith, amounted to $79. Deducting therefrom one-half the coal bill, which Mrs. Stout agreed to pay, would leave a net balance due her of $136.26. The Business Agent was instructed to pay this amount and to take a receipt therefor. 9. Appointments, Resignations and Leaves of Absence. The fol- lowing list of appointments, resignations and requests for leaves of absence was presented by President MoVey and on motion, approved as presented. Appointments Appointment of W. E. Payne as instructor in Mathematics for the year 1920-21 at a salary of $1,500 a year. Mr. Payne is now a graduate student in the University of Chicago. Appointment of Edwin D. Hull as Assistant Professor in Botany for a period of one year at a salary of $1,400. He has his Master's degree from the University of Chicago and has hbd six years' training at that institution, specializ:rg in Botany. He was assistant pro- fessor in biology at the University of Colorado, 1916 and 1917. He was professor of biology at the Mt. Morris College. Appointment of W. H. Makeshall, Assistant Professor of Public Speaking at a salary of $2,000 a year. Appointment of Miss Ethel I.. Snyder, laboratory assistant in the Department of Veterinary Science, at a salary of $1,400 a year,