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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TWO THE KERNEL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION James Park, '15 Mrs. Rodes Estill, '21 L. Kirk, '24 Raymond SECRETARY-TREASURE- R EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dr. and Mrs. George Colvin, of Louisville, have announced tlio en- gagement of their daughter, Lovey Mary Colvin, to Mr. William Duffield Cochran, of Ann Arbor, Mich., and Ky. Miss Colvin was Maysville, trraduated from the Collece of Arts jand Sciences of the University last June. She is a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and was one of the most popular women students on the campus. Mrr- - Cochran was graduated from Centre College and is a Beta Theta Pi. The date for the marriage has not been set. Dr. George H. Wilson, '04 Dr. E. C. Elliott, '02 Wm. II. Townsend, 12 Walter Hillenmeyer. '11 Wavland Rhodes. '15 W. C. Wilson, '13 Frumberc-Mille- Watch next week's Kernel for a full program. The University of Kentucky extends a most cordial invitation to all"her sons and daughters ALUMNI DAY will be the best ever ! Writer Shows That Three Soldiers Are Used Against State In Game During the Season of 1898. This '98 team was a one and it was captained by one of the coolest and most tains that ever directed a football team on the field. There were a number of critical times in these games, when one less cool and resourceful than Captain Severs would have faltered, and the other side would have scored. In the game with K. U. they ran in two "ringers" on us in the shape of two soldiers matriculated for the occasion at Smith's Business College, which then had a nominal connection with Kentucky University. This matriculation in the Business College of athletes whose strong points were not those of scholar ship, was a common practice of that institution in those days. In the above case, Captain Severs detected at once the presence of these two "ringers" when the K. U. team trotted out on the field, and filed a vigorous protest, first with the ath letic management of that institution, and then appealed to President Cave; however, his appeals were without ef fect as they all stood pat, averring that these two persons were indeed bona fide students. The game was then played under protest, as the crowd was on the grounds and S. C. seemed to have no other course open to her. As K. U. was defeated, of course nothing further ever came of the protest. Also the career of those level-head- cap- dash Innie, U. of C, JV bri ef !fallif eotfe5Pdy; V Central Uniyersitydefeated; Giatre" College this year a't Richmond, 30 to 0. It will always be problematic what would have been the result of a game between C. U. and S. C. that year. It is undoubtedly true from the way Sever's team started in to wipe up with Centre that 5 of November, that only the fortunate rain saved her from defeat by at least as large a score as she was defeated by Central. Fourteen minutes were actually played and State made three touchdowns. Only one was counted. Article III. In my last contribution I stated that Lafayette Brock was manager of the football team for two seasons. My attention has been called to the statement as an error as far as the '97 team was concerned. W. T. Carpenter was manager of the '97 team. The athletic records for the spring of 1898 are meagre. This seems to have been on account of the breaking n War, out of the which monopolized most of the news paper space. Also the war excite ment seems to have lessened interest in athletic contests themselves, both among the students artd with the feet, 39 -- 0 They Tell Me 10 o- - o Benjamin Ellis Warren Scott, B. C. E. 1909. C. E. 1912. is vice president of the General Construction Company of St. Louis, Mo. His address is 805 Plantersabuilding, St. Louis. 2 WEST SHORT ST. Opp Courthouse Phone 1792 CLOTHES DO HELP YOU WIN Keep them looking Clean and fresh by sending them to the PEERLESS Arts, from the University of Kentucky with the class of 1914, has been named president of the Eastern Kentucky State Normal School and Teachers College, at Richmond. He wai the unanimous choice of the board of regents of the institution to succeed Dr. Thomas J. Coates, who died re cently. Dr. Donovan now is professor of education at Peabody College in Nashville, Tenn. He will take up his new duties just as soon as he can obtain his release from Peabody, Dr. Donovan formerly was assistant superintendent of the Louisville Public schools. Besides this he has been an elementary school principal at Paducah, Ky.; superintendent of schools at Catlettsburg and Wick-liffand dean at the Eastern State Normal School. Dr. Donovan was born on a farm j in Mason county, Kentucky, and has received the greater part of his eighteen years' teaching experience in the state. He is a graduate of the State Teachers College at Bowling Green; received na a. a. degree az me uni- versity of Kentucky; his M. A. degree at Columbia University; his Ph. D. degree at Peabody College, and he has also done graduate work at the University of Chicago. He is the author of numerous articles and of a book on "Supervision and Teaching of Reading" and " A State's Elementary Teacher Training Problem," the latter book being mainly a study of Kentucky's problem. "I intend to give my time, energy and ability to this programme of the school," Dr. Donovan said. "My life will be invested in that position. I feel that I know the education prob-- 1 lems of this state and I am going to !give my best." Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co. 149 N. Broadway Phone 335 W. A. SANDERS, University Agent PHONE 4963 A GOOD CURE For Students' Spring Fever! A smart-lookin- g haircut or a Wind-blow- n help you to forget your malady bob will e, ! Viaduct Barber Shop H. M. DAVIS, Prop. 117 E. HIGH ST. When you need a car for business or social affairs RENT A CHRYSLER OR CHEVROLET We cater to the university trade No deposits required from students. Commercial Co. Rent-A-C- ar I ( 133 W. SHORT I PHONE 3145 - Spanish-America- public. I have been unable to find any chronicle of baseball games in which State College was one of the contestants. I note that on Tuesday, May 3, Georgetown defeated K. U. 18 to 17. On May 21 State College had a dual field meet with the University of Cincinnati, and won by the score of 49 to 41. The events with the winners were as follows: HELP OUT YOUR ASSOCIATION By Filling Out This Blank. BE SURE TO MAIL IT TO US Name Degree Graduate Yes No Married Class No Maiden name of wife and date of Occupation or Employment. i graduated from the University with the class of 1925. He was captain of the football team during his senior year and is widely known to Alumni of the University as "Sandy." He now is coaching athletics at the Tighl-ma- n High school in Paducah and has been there for three years. Salmon, U. of inch. 880-yard run Vogt, S. C. 2:18 5. two soldiers as K. U. students was Pole vault Soule Smith, S. C, 8 remarkably mewoncJMwngviTpip 9 .inches; . - .; "' i ntr ieulation te BlayHWt C the' game feet;, - ,'99flIW?HrlisfeiiTnfiiV IT. of C... 23 C, OPPONENTS OF S.C o Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Moore Sanders, of Paducah, Ky., are welcoming the arrival of a son who was born April 11 at the Rfverview hospital in Paducah. He has been named Curtis Moore Sanders, Jr. Mr. Sanders was 0- d RINGERS USED BY BIRTHS seconds. STANDARD SS55" Dr. Herrrian Lee Donovan, who received the degree of Bachelor of o o - Special Rental Rates to Students Dr. H. L. Donovan, 1914, Named President 6i Eastern Kentucky State Normal School and Teachers College. Mr. and Mrs. Earle D. Wallace, of Ford-Dunla- p Lexington, Ky., have announced the Mr. and Mrs. James McCoy Ford, arrival of a son who was born at the of Georgetown, Ky., have announced Grind Snmnritnn Thnrsdav. engagement of their daughter, April 12. He has been named Earle I the : Margaret James Ford, to Mr. Bran- D. Wallace, Jr. Mr. Wallace was ham Dunlap, of Versailles, Ky. Both graduated from the College of EnMiss Ford and Mr. Dunlap are for- gineering of the University of Kenmer students of the University. They tucky with the class of 1921. He is will make their home near Versailles, field manager for the Kentucky Ex where Mr. Dunlap is engaged in farm- ploration Company. They make their ing. No date has been set for the home in Lexington. wedding. 4-- 5 Alumni Assn. TEACHERS COLLEGE r Announcement of the coming marriage of Miss Beatrice Frumberg, of St. Louis to Mr. I. Jay Miller, of Lexington, was recently made. Mr. Miller was graduated from the College of Law of the University with the class of 192G, and is one of the most prominent young attorneys of Lexington. Miss Frumberg was graduated from National Park Seminary in Washington and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Frumberg, of St Louis. The wedding will take place this coming fall. They will make their home in Washington, D. C. TO BEGIN PLANNING FOR HOMECOMING s. ALUMNUS TO HEAD 0 Now Is The Time Commencement Day will be Monday. May 28. Alumni Luncheon will follow immediately Secy.-Trca- University of Kentucky Club of Greater Cincinnati: Luncheon at noon on first Saturday in each month at Industrial Club. Pike Madison avenue, Covington, Ky. Note Will the officers of other Alumni Clubs please send us the dates and places of their regular meetings. University of Kentucky Club of Chicago: Luncheon third Monday of each month at 12:30 p. m., in the grill room of Marshall Field's Men's Store. Colvin-Cochra- n TYPEWRITERS RAYMOND KIRK ANNOUNCEMENTS ENGAGEMENTS of THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY T Edited by Published By And For University Alumni And Help the Association PRESIDENT ALL MAKES ALUMNI PAGE Subscribe for msr-m- sn Give name of firm, etc. Business Address Residence Address Name and Ages of Children. Note: Please give list of your clubs, lodges and honors. Give short outline of your life since leaving college. Running ihigh jump A. T. Smith. U. of C, 5 feet 2 inches. Hammer throw Whayne, .S. C. 75 feet, 5 inches. hurdles Campbell, S. C, f William Wathen Prewitt, LL. B. 1910, is" an attorney and owner of the Prewitt Abstract and Loan Com-- J pany of Osceola, Fla. He was elect- ed mayor of Osceola in 192G. His address is 407 Pearl street, Osceola. 120-ya- 18 seconds. 3-- 4 440-yar- d Innis, U. of C, run 55 Running broad jump Salmon, U of C, 20 feet. Putting the shot Whayne, S. &, 32 feet, 11 2 inches. One mile run Stegner, U. of C, 3 minutes, 20 5 seconds. d hurdles Campbell, S. C, of the 1898 In my write-useason for the February number of The Alumnus, I referred to two soldier ringers being played by K. U. against S. C. in the game with us that year. It would appear that the number should have been three instead of two. This fact has brought out as a result of a recent application of one of these players for a pension for an alleged injury to his knee sustained in this game. In his affidavit the affiant recounts how he was approached through his .sergeant, and in the tent of a higher office- introduced as, he put it, to the "President" of Kentucky University (but who was more likely some other representative of the institution), who stated the great need of the University to strengthen its team against that of State College. He further affirms that he was "detailed" by his superior officer for the performance of this service and after practicing for several days with the Kentucky University team did play as a member of it in the game with S. C, and received therein a permanent injury to his knee. He also refers to several others of his comrades playing in the same game on the same team with him and among others especially to one Sergeant BIoss. The above facts have been disclosed as the result of a United inspector making inquiries here in order to determine how far the claims of the applicant could be substantiated. During the winter of 1902 a meeting of the K. I. A. A. was held at which more stringent rules for ex cluding 'professionals and ringers were passed. When in April of that year, how ever, a ruling was made by the association against Hogan Yancy on the ground of his having played profes sional ball, K. U. withdrew, alleging that present excellent character as a student should outweigh previous record as to having received money for his athletic services. S. C. had a good nine this year. It composed mainly 'as r. f.; Tally, s. s.; as follows: Ew-el-l, Geary, 2nd b.; Grady, c; Gullion (capt.), c. f.; Math ews, 1. f.; Darling, 3rd b.; Elliott, 1st p - pen-sin- Lunch Dinner . seconds. i Open between meals in the morning for Sandwiches, Milk, Hot Drinks, Candy and Ice Cream UNIVERSITY her pitchers except "Jim" Parks. The manager of the 1902 team was E. C. Wurtele. No field day seems to have been held this year. At least I have been unable to find any newspaper account of same, if it was held. CAFETERIA Basement Administration Bldg- Mary Belle Pence, A. B. 1913, now Joseph Bryan Shelby, B. M. E. 1910, is Mrs. George Martin Wolf, and is is sales engineer for the Driver-Har-h- is Company, of Harristown, N. J. living in Hazard, Ky. His address is 307 Wyoming avenue, Robert Bedford Pogue, B. M. E. Maplewood, N. J. 1913, is engineer of tests for the Evans Layton ShulT, B. M. E. 1910, American Brake, Shoe and Foundry is service and sales engineer for the Company of Chicago. His address is Combustion Engineering Corporation, 332 South Michigan avenue, Chicago. Atlanta, Ga. His address is 1527 Ella Keziah Porter, A. B. 1913, M. Candler building, Atlanta. A. 1914, now is Mrs. Wright Green, James Dwire Rees, LL. B. 1911, is and lives at 329 Chestnut street, Win-netak- a, 111. a farmer in onora, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has been located there Yandall Ragan, A. B. 1913, M. A. for several years. 1915, is a physician and is practicing Grover Cleveland Routt, B. S. 1911, his profession in Cold Springs, Ky. I M. S. 1913, is county agricultural Clarence Hudson Richardson, B. A.' agent for Graves county, Kentucky. 1913, is a professor of mathematics He is stationed at Mayfield, Ky. at Georgetown College, Georgetown, Joseph Bishop Sanders, B. M. E. K. 1911, is an engineer with the Carrier Morris Roth, B. C. E. 1913. is an Engineering Corporation, 750 engineer with Olney J. Dean and avenue, Newark, N. J. Company of Chicago. His residence Theodore Slade, B..M. E. 1911, is address is 5122 North Avers avenue, manager of the utilities division of Chicago. Kelvinator, Incorporated. His adGeorge Atwell Scott, B. C. E. 1913. dress is care of Kelvinator, Incorporated, Plymouth Road, Detroit, Mich. M. C. E. 1919, is a bridge engineer . and lives in Birmingham where his Ben McAtee Smarr, B. M. E. 1911, address is 1140 Norwood boulevard. is with the specifications and records Arnan Owlsey Snoddy, B. S. 1913, division of Gentral Motors Corporation, of Detroit. His address is 2557 is a chemist with the Proctor and West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, Mich. Gamble Company of Cincinnati. His address is 24 Clinton Springs Land, Mary Barrett Smith, A. B. 1911, is Cincinnati. now Mrs. W. R. Ratliff, and lives in James Dunn Sory, Jr., LL. B. 1913, Sharpsburg, Ky. is secretary of the Kentucky Disabled Men's Board. He has his Stephen Laniont Pannell, LL. B. 1912, A. B. 1914, is practicing his pro- offices at 503 Crutcher and Stark fession at 2659 East One Hundred building, Louisville, Ky. street, Cleveland, and Twenty-eight- h Edith Hurst Stivers, A. B. 1913, Ohio. now is Mrs. Anderson D. Owens and b.; R. Geary, p. Lily Brandenburg Park, B. S. 1912, lives in Springfield, Ky. The schedule played with the renow is Mrs. R. H. Combs, and lives sults was as follows: S. C 6; K. U. 7 (April 12). John Howard Payne, A. B. 1914, is at 3406 Clarendon Road, Cleveland superintendent of schools at Mays8 (April Heights, Ohio. S. C. 9; Lawrenceburg 19). S. C 4; Georgetown 0 (April 2G). S. C. 10; Lawrenceburg 0. S. C 14; Leingfon Pro's 1. S. C 1; Miami 7. S. C. 2; Georgetown 1 (11 innings, May 17). S. C 2; Berea 0. "Bob" Geary will go down in State University baseball history as one of her great pitchers. He has probably never been equalled by any other of 7:00 to 8:15 11:45 to 12:45 5:30 to 6:00 Breakfast I 220-yar- 5 Cafeteria Meal Hours Christina Pence, A. B. 1908, now is Samuel P. Reed, LL. B. 1910, is an Mrs. R. M. Holland and lives at 702 attorney and is also engaged in the Griffith avenue, Owensboro, Ky. insurance business in Georgetown, Miss Sunshine Sweeney, A. B. 1908, Ky. j is proprietor of the Green Tree Shop, Elizabeth Ewing Sargent, A. B. which is located on East Main street, 1910, is the manufacturer of Miss Lexington, Ky. Sargent's Home Made Candies, and Henry Lee Rankin, B. C. E. 1909, her address is 719 Logan street, is manager of the Toledo plant of Frankfort, Ky. the American Bridee ComDanv. His David McChord Phelps, Jr., B. C. E j address is Box 134 P, 2458 Brook- 1916, C. E. 1922, is a mining engin- ford Drive, Toledo. eer and is located in Somerset, Ky. Hugh Berkley Sanders, B. S. 1909, Shelby Shanklin, B. M. E. 1910, E. is assistant superintendent of the Hercules Powder Company, of CarthE. 1913, is a fruit grower and lives His address is P. 0. His address is age, Mo. near Clearwater, Fla. Box 414. P. O. Box 1017, Clearwater. ! seconds. 28 Gilman Paint and Varnish Company of 517 Market street, Chattanooga, Tenn. His residence address is Lookout Mountain, Tenn. - SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM DIRECT LINE FROM LEXINGTON TO All Points in the NORTH, EAST, SOUTH AND WEST Cincinnati, New Orleans, Jacksonville, The Carolinas and St. Louis Convenient Schedules to All Points For Tickets, Reservations, Descriptive Literature and Information, Communicate With CHAS. F. BIGELOW W. R. CLINKIN BEARD Division Passenger Agent City Ticket Agent 118 East Main Street, Lexington, Ky. '4HIMIIHMIMI No Money Down LEXINGTON'S NEWEST CREDIT CLOTHING STORE Men's and Women's Ready - To - Wear ville, Ky. John Edward Robertson, B. C. E. Thomas Leonard Pearrs, B. C. E. 1912, C. E. 1915, is county road engineer for Shelby county, Kentucky, 1914, in an engineer with the chief engineer of the Florida East Coast and lives in Shelbyville, Ky. Railway Company. He is stationed Robert Ambrose Robinson, B. C. E. at St. Augustine, Fla. , 1912. is with the East St. Louis SuSallie Elizabeth Pence, A. B. 1914,' His adburban Railway Company. dress is 223 Florida street, St. Louis, is teaching mathematics in the Mo. High school at Morganfield, Pay Us When You Get Your Allowance i ld Ky. William Abner Stanfill, LL. B. 1912, Robert Pfanstiel. B. S. 1914, is a is an attorney and member of the firm of Faulkner and Stanfill, of Hazard, chemist with the Chemical Warfare He is stationed at the Service. Ky. Edgewood arsenal, Edgewood, Md., Murray Raney, B. M. E. 1909, is where his address is in care of the secretary and sales manager for the Officers' Club. PHONE LEXINGTON, 19R KY.