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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 20, 1928

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE FIVE THE KENTUCKY KERNEL who can afford them. The keeper's favorite class is Mr. r'arquhar's sixth hour Shakespeare because he can carry the book in his hip pocket. QUIRREI Heard at Union station, Louisville, as a university contingent was coming in from tin; holidays: "Hey, porter, set that bag down easy!" We presume the boy was bringing phonograph records back for the edification of the brothers. FOOB By "Robbie" Squirrel Food was eliminated last It was quite a relief, wasn't it, to pet week because the keeper was recup- back to school and rest up ; Vacaerating: from a strenuous Easter va- tions are nice things to get back from. cation and did not wake up in time to function in his customary capacity. Another Medal for Llndy We nominate for our own particular Hall of Fame, Col. Charles A. Lindbergh because he came to Lck- ington without seeing Man o' War. For the College Boy and Beginning next week, Squirrel Food, with no intention of imitating the Lexington Herald or anyone else, will print a series of "Campus History" articles compiled by the keeper After the sircnuous preparation for during his four years at this, our the government inspection, the jun- Alma Mater. These are humorous ior officers of the R. 0. T. C. regi- anecdotes of campus happenings and ment began to believe in the war-tim- e many of them concern intimate phasgrowl of disgruntled doughboys, that es of the lives of well known campus "God made Hell for second lieuten- characters. None of them have ever ants." appeared in print before and we sincerely hope they never will again. Fashion Note Don't miss the first of the series in New spring suits in the grays and next week's Kernel. lighter browns will be worn by those Girl SHOE SHINES THAT PLEASE SERVICE and SATISFACTION Electric Shoe Shine Co. 115 South Lime Just The dumbest freshman we have found wanted to know where the visiting teams stayed while the rifle matches were being fired. off Main Chemistry Essay Prizes Are Won by Lexington Students FLOWERS "Say It Better" We Specialize in Corsages and Cut Flowers ORDERS TAKEN NOW ! JACK COUSINS Student Representative Keller Florist Four Lexington Senior High school students won high places in the Kentucky section of the annual essay contest of the American Chemical Society. Thomas Moore and Eldred Calkins won first places, and will receive $20 each and have their essays entered in the national contest, where owners of the best essays will receive scholarships to Yale University Certificates of or Vassar College. honorable mention were won by Miss George Roberts, Elizabeth Poole and Jr. Phoenix Hotel Building Other first prize winners were Miss Karlen Meyers, Miss Mary Hebden and Paul S. Pate, all of LouisvUle, and Miss Francesca Allen, of Padu-ca- 120 EAST MAIN STREET PHONE 354 Other winners of second place or honorable mention were Robert and Miss Mary Lou Davis, Miss Frances Ives, Louisville, and Milton S. Lycan, Louisa. Ninety-si- x essays were entered in the contest. Prof. Howell Spears, of the University of Kentucky, was chairman of the committee. He was assisted by the following judges: A. J. Zimmerman, Miss Lelah Gault, E. C. Johnson, L. N. Fergus, and George Roberts, all of the University of Kentucky; V. F. Payne, Transylvania University; R. J. Kaufman, and A: V. Homberger, university of Louisville; C. V. Williams and A. J. Snyder, Louisville chemists, and W. J. Craig and C. P. McNally, of the West ern State Normal, Bowling Green. Rott-geri- Teafoaosslodd Co. INCORPORATED New Curtains Change a Room Entirely- - Heywood Broun Favors Schools Ruffled Curtains, white or ecru or cream, plain or with g colored ruffles. New Rayon Valance in orchid, blue, rose and jade 69c yard new cretonnes in gorgeous patterns and colors, 39c yard. Heywood Broun, nationally famous columnist magazine contributor, who is considered as having the largest personal following in New York, was interviewed by the New York University Daily News. Asked about coeducation he told" a reporter: and hear"I'm strong for the I think tily believe in it's the best thing for colleges. It's college man to have preferable for the association with women in the college than outside of it. When there is no opportunity within the college, the men will go outside and associate with women on a lower intellectual and social standing. And they often show a preference for waitresses. "The monastic idea, of purely men's colleges, is all wrong! I can't see them at all." ready-to-han- co-e- d Everything to Brighten Drab Windows HOMEFURNISHINGS, Hosiery Repair Service Main Floor FIFTH FLOOR DentOIl-RoSS-To- dd Incorporated :ee QQUALITY G. department store Open a Charge Account for Convenience NW hi U College Registrars Elect M. E. Mattox lege, led a discussion on "What Can the Registrar Do to Reduce Poor Scholarship?" "The Point System: Its Advantages and Disadvantages," College was discussed by Mrs. Hester. Mrs. Eastern State Teachers Helen Stanley addressed the meeting Official Honored by on "What Information Should the Association Registrar's Office Be Able toGive on Short Notice?" "How May RegisM. E. Mattox, registrar of Eastern State Teachers College, Richmond, tration Be Speeded Up?" was the was elected president of the south-- ! subject of a discussion led by .1. I central branch of the American As- Chambers, dean of Morehead State sociation of Collegiate Registrars at NormaL Warren Peyton, director of the final session of a convention held certification. State Department of last Friday and Saturday at the Uni-- ) Education. Frankfort, spoke on ''Certification on Credentials." versity. , VOMK Mrs. Cleo GiJiis Hester, registrar of Murray State Teachers College, Teacher: "Johnny, did you write; An English Sparrow Visits Mayor Thompson was named secretary of the associa-- 1 Teacher is a fool on the blackOhio State Sun Dial. tion. board?" The final session began at 9 o'clock Johnny: Saturday at which time James More-lanTeacher: "I am glad you are troit on an inspection trip of the Genregistrar of Georgetown Col eral Motors proving ground and the factory of the Pontiac Motor Car Company, and at luncheon were the guests of the General Motors Cor NELL OSBORNE BEAUTY poration. In the evening the U. of K. alumni of Detroit gave a banquet in The toastmaster was their honor. 2nd Floor J. D. Purccir E. H. Clark, a heating and ventilating Aeroplane engineer. speauers were: reuerai Ford Automobile and Judge Ira C. Jaynes; Thomas Steven Our new Vapor Steam PerPlant Is Interesting Stop son, member of the class; Prof. H. C. in Detroit manent Machine Anderson and Dean Mortimer E. Waves and Rewaves any texCoolev, both of the College of Engi UNIVERSITY BOYS SEE neering, University of Michigan; W. ture of hair. Waving also U. S. RUBBER COMPANY A. Rowe, chief engineer of the Amerdone by the Nestle Circuline ican Blower Company, and Dean F. Kentuckians Are Shown Lamp Paul Anderson, who accompanied the Method. Free advice given Department of General boys on the tour. by a Graduate Beautician. Electric in Buffalo The traveling engineers left De Phone 7225 troit Saturday night, April 7, for BufThe senior engineers of the Uni- falo, N. Y. When the engineers of their trip reached Buffalo they were brought versity, in the midst through the East, have visited power into contact with something other plants, automobile factories, filtration than power plants, automobile factor plants, mail order firms, electric com- ies, filtration plants, or any of the panies, radiator companies, metal other industries dependent on engimanufacturing companies, lithograph- neering. They were treated to a trip ing companies, and everything which through the factory of the Larkin is dependent for its existence on en- Company, a large mail order firm gineering. which manufactures the greater por According to reports received from tion of its merchandise. Among the H. L. Bobson, H. M. Otto, Robert K. items of interest in this plant were Dobson and W. P. Clark, senior en- enormous kettles several stories high gineers' inspection tour, the trip is used for boiling soap, the enormous affording a very interesting, as well amounts of shaving cream, tooth as amusing, vacation for the engi- paste, face lotions, and pills manufacneers. The trip, which is an annual tured and packed, and numerous other event, is being conducted by Dean F. pharmaceutical preparations. Paul Anderson. The evening in Buffalo was spent in The following log account has been visiting the Buffalo lamp works divisWhere else could you get such a received from Detroit: "Arrived here ion of the General Electric Company thoroughly delightful Sunday at 7:25 a. m., April 5. Went to This factory is devoted entirely to the Went manufacture of miniature lamps, of hotel for breakfast. Dinner . . . served in such a busto Ford Motor Company plant of a which it makes daily ses provided by the American Bar million, which include Christmas tree quiet, unobtrusive manner . . . Under per- and automobile lamps. and Foundry Company. and in sluch pleasant surroundsonal direction of Mr. Ash, a close Still is Buffalo on Wednesday the friend of Mr. Ford, visited the power men were taken in busses to the Bond ings . . . except at the Canary house which is one of the latest im- plant of the American Radiator Comprovements in steam generation and pany, where they inspected the imCottage . . . for power development. mense foundry which pours 810 tons "Then dodged through a maze of of metal daily this is the largest Fords and Fordsons to the factory grey iron foundry in the world. After proper where wholesale production of the inspection the men were guests of the integral part goes on at a ter- the company at luncheon, following Then to the assembly which the party was taken by bus to rific rate. plant and watched Fords literally the American Brass Company, which up before one's eyes at the spring manufactures copper and brass pipe, Then sheet metal of all kinds, and copper, rate of 2,000 cars a day. through the rolling mills and iron brass, and bronze ribbon. foundry. Thursday, their last day in Buf"Had lunch at the Ford plant and falo, the boys visited the American proceeded to the Ford airport and Lithographing Company, Buffalo Conwatched the construction of sistory, Albright Art Gallery, and the planes, steel construction being Buffalo Historical Society building. used for all parts. Posed for a pic- They were entertained with a lunchture and then back to the hotel and eon at the Buffalo Forge Company, so to Canada." which they inspected the comFriday the engineers visited the after plant. pany American Bar and Foundry Company, A banquet was given in their honor the largest manufacturers of gas at the Chamber of Commerce by the engine valves and carbureters in the Buffalo alumni Thursday night, imworld. mediately following which the party The new "de luxe" model was the disbanded, about half leaving for Lex chief attraction at the Lincoln Motor ington and the other half for New plant. The party was shown through York City. the plant by the official custodian who spent considerable time in dis cussing the various things of interest giving a great deal to the history of the plant. In the afternoon the engineers vis ited the United States Rubber Com pany, famous manufacturers of cord tires. The process was demonstrated with moulds under 12,000 pounds pressure. The next visit was paid to the filtration plant of the Detroit Water Works. The day's tour was completed with a drive over to the famed Belle Isle along the shore road to Lake St. Claire and back on the Canadian side That night at 5:30, Lexington time Dean Anderson delivered an address over radio station WJR at the hotel in Detroit. A number of Lexington people reported hearing the talk. The class spent Saturday in De- i ." d, SENIOR ENGINEERS VISIT FACTORIES SH0PPE ON EASTERN TRIP Ifhowiedge Waving Where else. Book-Cadill- 85 Book-Cadill- EVEN IF That New Suit feeling may only come, like a birthday, once a year sending the suit to use frequently will bring you many happy turns of the day. re- SUITS Hair Braids Are Beautiful Cft P A .OU Cleaned and Pressed SUIT djl OC ipl.O Cleaned and Pressed and blend with lovely contours The great outstanding characteristic of the 1928 fashion is FEMINITY so it follows naturally that Hair Braids have great fashion importance . . . Their sheer, lacy, feminine texture softens the profile and adds new charms to lovely contours. TRIMS Flowers Ribbons Embroidery Laces In all the Head Sizes $15 and to 6.95 y The new Hair Braids are demurely feminine in the wide brim chicly feminine in the models small brim effects. SMART MILLINERY FOURTH FLOOR TROUSERS Cleaned and Pressed . 50c . Every article sent home in a bag COLORS In the pastel shades BUTTONS SEWED ON SMALL REPAIRS FREE of Rose, Green Blue, Yellow And also in Black S6.95 and to $15 Call G21 P II ONE 1550 BECKER "Cleanen, That Satisfy' 212 S. Limestone St. You'll regret it If you miss the Beau Brummel Ball PHOENIX HOTEL BALLROOM Monday, April 23 9:30 'till 1:00 "PEG" LONGON and his Phoenix Hotel Assembly Orchestra A Purse of S50 will be awarded Lexington's Best Dressed Man by a committee of local merchants. ($2.00 COUPLE) 50 Hats SPECIALLY PRICED $A40 Crochet Viscas Soft Straw Braids Novelty Straws Trimmed Hats! Sport Hats! Hair Braids Tailored Hats! College Girls' Handkerchief Felts Favorite Modes! Here are the hats at a price within reach oft eyerjy girl! And wait until you see them Saturday! You'll want more than one for they were made to sell for much ' more than this low figure MILLINERY SALON, SECOND FLOOR -