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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 20, 1928

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE EIGHT THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Masterful Pitching of Rhoads Gives 'Cats Victory Over Centre Nine 13-- 0 with the javeline throw if they stay a hundred yards or so away. Whatever the outcome may be, the will know Vanderbilt Commodores that they have been in a fight aiul they will have to fight hard for every point they gain. The Wildcats will be out to try and avenge the defeat handed them on the gridiron this yast fall and each would be more than wil ling to 'give his all in an effort to de feat the Commodores. KENTUCKY TEAM intra-mur- IN R ARE FORM TENNIS FOR intra-mur- intra-mur- ton's official delegate to the International Housing and Town Planning Congress to be held in Paris, France, next July. Professor Schick informed the mayor that he would be in Europe this summer and would like to attend the congress. He will be given a certificate of appointment which will entitle him to a seat and a vote at all the sessions of the congress. His expenses are not paid by the city. Prof. B. W. Schick Will Go to France cents will be charged every entrant. The horseshoe tournament, also, is open to all the men students in the University. As in the tennis tournament, trophies are being offered to both the winners and to The entrants must the runners-up- . GAME have signed up by April 23. A set of rules governing the match may be Intra-murBy Lawrence Shropshire tennis will bopin April obtained at the office. 23. All entries must be in the intra- Also, horseshoes for practice may be Playing brilliant baseball behind the masterful pitching of Robert Rhoads, mural office by 5 o'clock, April 20. obtained at the gymnasium. Kentucky's Wildcats shut out the Thers will be play in both doubles Young Woman: "I want that dog Centre College nine last Saturday on and singles with trophies being of Cheek Field by the score of 13 to 0. shot at once." fered to the winners and to the Kentucky's big portsider caused ninei Policeman: "I can't shoot him here Colonels to whiff the ozone and allowin both events. Members of the varsity tennis in this residence district. The bullet ed them only two hits while his mates squad and those who have won letters might go right through him and hit coupled ten hits with a like number in tennis or those who were winners somebody." of Centre errors to spike the rubber in the tournament last Young Woman: "But couldn't you 16 times. fall will not be allowed to compete in shoot him lengthwise?" Coach Fred Major took a squad of the matches. An entrance fee of 25 Michigan Technic. 25 players to Danville for the game and they were greeted with the most unfavorable playing weather encountered this season. Only a handfu of fans braved the biting wind to witness the contest and many of these were forced to retreat before the win try blasts before the game was oyer. Kentucky in Rare Form We Give The Kentucky team appeared to be in rare form and its fielding in several SERVICE AND SATISFACTION instances bordered on the sensational. Three misplays were chalked up against the Wildcats but this was not Work Done While You Wait so bad considering the inclement weather and the condition of the diaCor. High and Lime M. A. Mangione & Co. mond. This game marked the 'Cats' first encounter with another Kentucky team this season and many of those who watched the sparkling play of GO TO boys are at the Blue and White-cla- d a loss to understand Jiow they had such an unsuccessful southern trip PLAY BEGINS IN INTRAMURAL W. W. STILL KODAKS EASTMAN FILMS Prof. W. B. Schick, associate pro fessor of romance languages at the DEVELOPING and PRINTING University, hay been designated by Mayor James J. O'Brien as Lexing al Prices Reduced last Ladies' Ilaircutting a Specialty Ladies' Shampoo, 50c 8:00 P. M. week. Intimate Portrait of a Confederate Soldier in Union Suit. situation throughout the entire game. it The southpaw star had pitched ball up until the seventh inning Iowa FrinU. v no-h- Goings, when poled Colonel second-sacke- Have Your Rackets Restrung For Spring Practice TENNIS SHOES ' U. K. TRACKMEN GO r, out a long double. The only other hit garnered off his delivery was made in the next inning by Edwards, who singled to right field. The Wildcats opened hostilities in the first frame when they shoved two markers across the plate. By the time the game was well advanced the struggle had developed into a massa-- 1 ere and the Majormen had managed to score at least one run in every inning except the second and eighth. Three Colonel twirlers took their turn on the mound in an effort to stop the Wildcats, but all were equally Varsity Aspirants TO VANDERBILT I ineffective. Jeff Is Heavy Hitter Irvine Jeffries, Kentucky's lead-of- f man and shortstop par excellence, at bat by collectlead his ing four hits, one of which was a in six appearhealthy ances at the plate. Cole and France-wa- y each got two hits out of four attempts. Complete Line ATHLETIC SUPPLIES team-mat- three-bagge- r, Burke's Sport Shop 128 Open 7:00 A. M. South Limestone 153 Rhoads had complete control of. the Goodyear and O'SulIivan Rubber Heels, 50c 209 E. Main Street Lexington, Kentucky BALLS, NETS ! SHAVE, 15c HAIRCUT, 35c Rhoads' Twirling Masterful For High Class Shoe Repairing. Best Sewed Half Soles, $1.25 Lexington, Ky. W. B. Martin's Barber Shop Guarantee to MORRIS W. Short St. LOOK STUDENTS! University Shoe Shop J. D. 129 North Lime Box Score Kentucky Jeffries, ss Crouch, 3b Cole, lb Ropke, If Gilb, 2b Goodwin, c AB R H PO A E G 40213 510003 4 2 12 0 1 1 502001 304301 "5 1 9 2 0 1 ' Mauser, cf Franceway, rf 4 4 4 0 p Rhoads, "Ruffer Totals 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 1 3 13 AB R H PO A E 300230 lb 3 3 3 1 1 3 2 1 . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 13 01 01 00 0G 01 02 28 . 0 2 27 4 4 Jones, rf-- p Harris, Hyatt, c Petrie, If Faurest, cf Edwards, p Richardson, c p-- Whether you wear a hat jauntily, or whether you wear a hat soberly and sedately, Stetson offers you a choice for your every mood and 0 0 0 0 2 40 10 27 12 Centre Udlock, If Thompson, Goings, 2b Purdom, 3b 0 Totals 0 0 3 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 3 1 ' 3 2 0 0 10 010 0 0 0 8 10 Batted for Mauser in ninth. e hits Goings. Jeffries. Sacrifice hits By Franceway. Struck but hits Rhoads, 9; by Harris, 2; by Edwards, 1. Losing pitcher Har0; by Jones, ris. Umpire Tillett. Summary: Three-bas- fancy. Eight to Forty Dollars -- Two-bas- e Heidelberg College have started a drive for greater "date" freedom. The girls' student council voted to ask the faculty for freedom from dormitories for Sunday afternoon walks, 10:30 dates on Friday nights, and 11 o'clock dates Saturdays. Dates are now barred on Friday nights and the Saturday night limit is 10:30. Coach Shively and Sixteen of Best Runners Will Meet Commodores Tomorrow Afternoon At Nashville. showing distance. Elliott has been improving in the past week and it is more than likely that he will be able to give the Commodore man a tight race. Dohrman and Owens are our best bets in the mile run and both have been covering the distance in 4:54 and 4:56, just one or two seconds slower than the best the Vanderbilt team has to offer. We should win the relay. Bill Gess should win the 440 and 880 and if the track is fast he may possibly set a record. Kentucky is weak in the weight events. Coach Shively has been unable to find a man who can putt the shot or throw the discus. The lives of spectators will not be endangered two-mi- le Coach Shively and sixteen of his best cinder artists will leave Friday afternoon on the 4 o'clocK bus for Louis ville, and later they will entrain for Nashville to engage the Vanderbilt Commodores in a dual track meet tomorrow afternoon. Coach Shively has been working his men hard this week putting them through their paces for the various events and a decided improvement has been shown since the Georgia Tech relays of last week, in which the 'Cats placed in two events. All of the men have been rounding into better shape. The dash men have shown up especially well and it is almost certain that the 'Cats' sprinters will cop at least two or three of the dash events. In the mile and runs, the Kentucky men have shown promising ability. Although a little slow in starting, they warm up as the laps pass by. e In the mile and runs which the Commodores won last year, they have the same man back again. His name is Wilson, a brilliant runner, as all who saw him perform last year will vouch. He covered the mile in 4:50 and the two miles in 10:47, a splendid record. Our men in the run will be either Elliott, Johnson or Young. Johnson has shown the best speed this week. Yet is is slow compared to Wilson's time and he will have to step to keep in TOWERS FISH BRAND VARSITY SUCKERS The most stylish and practical rainy day garments for college men and women. ASK FOR FISH BRAND SLICKERS BY NAME you sLi 1W& 2 dealeb HATMEM A. 0WBt watwroo? nit genuine clothing oileb VARIETY OF STYLES AND C0WtS J TOWER CO. BOSTON MASS two-mi- two-mil- two-mi- R60F repairing We repair slate, tile, tin and composition roofs. We also erect and repair gutter and spouting. All work guaranteed. WISE FURNACE REPAIRING All Kinds Furnaces MILLER BROS! 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