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3 > Image 3 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 71, no. 3, Fall 2000

Part of Kentucky alumnus

Full 2000 Volume 71 Number 3 I FEATURES ~ ;E1 Programa de Estudios en Espanol es Excelente! 14 The UK Department of Spanish has been ranked in the Top 20 since 1972. Today it is ranked 19th among public universities in Spanish research and graduate education. By john Scharfenberger t EiE::;i l {_ _ P Minimally Invasive Surgery 18 x` ' 4 l` Everyone fears going under the knife." At UK the Center for Minimally .. . Invasive Surgery is removing that fear by perfecting revolutionary "keyhole" % MW, S surgery techniques that include a virtual reality, dry run of your specific sur- gery. By Maureen McArthur 1 __i_; ik! . Lexington Community College 20 No longer part of a 15community college system, Lexington Community College is forging exciting new relationships with the rest of the University and extending its partnerships throughout the world. By Liz Howard Dernoran Healing Harps 24 Alumna Diane Schneider 71 AS, 74 LAW added a theology degree to the two she earned at UK, and now uses the sweet strains of harp music to soothe and help the dying. By Susan Lampert Smith z INSERT ON THE COVER 10 The University of Kentucky Alumni Associations Annual Report recounts a A B0dY of Evidenee year of new ventures, increasing membership and improved communications Cztttte Mefggn Wltttggttb li; predicated on sound stewardship of resources. grew up rn astern entuc riding into the hollows with the Frontier Nursing Service as a DEPARTMENTS g child. After earning two degrees, UK Beat 3 Moments in Time 45 W/hltCOmb Went IO Work fOr the #1 in rural health. Horse Mania, A look back, 25, 50 and 7S years plus US- POSIQI lnspeclwn Service faculty awards and honors, new can you identify the people and events Q, Whef e she Was One of the HYS? [O programs and more. in the photo? ll dissect the handiwork of the Call to Greatness capital campaign . Unabomber. Now she is the reviews past year. Bookmark 44 djyeetel- Of the Ngtiengl Cemey Elizabeth Hardwick releases another book i {OY Fmensic Science, 3 C]mmg_ Sports Q 8 in her distinguished career. Professor e { hOu5 pmvidmg educatmnal Alumnus jim Daopoulos monitoring Holman Hamilton s book-rn-progress at)hrs mHtl_i3lS7 {mining, rSm_Ch 3 D C1, NFL referees; Howwell do you know death completed by fellow historian I eter . . . your football Wildcats! Basketball j. Sehlrnger 69. The definitive Louisville * V eYeHV# Cemflcatmn Of bien- schedules and more encylopedia, advice on being a school SIC Sclence pl-SOm]l BY Lmda savvy parent, and a book for Civil War bulls getty, eovet Ph= J<>tt Goeih The open Door is rrrenasmpg make rst. i O PlO[Og1`21p`1y. and Mgrnbershi VL', l Focus on Profesgir Greg Brock`s l-I FaxLine Focus 47 1 ` SLlllllllI` [1lClllIlg/l)il(C trek ZICYOSS G2lllll`lI]g l"CllILll`C li]')S l_I`()l`ll y()Lll Q / 7 America ' I I Calendar, Homecoming. Club News Presidential Perspective 48 V and IUOTC The magnitude of Alumni pride and loyalty. ` Cl2lSS Notes By President Charles T. Wethington _Ir. ll r