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8 > Image 8 of Blue and White '03.

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

. . 1 V 1 1- 1 u 1 t < * . e 1 V .;; Jaw . _A Y _ H V _ _ _ _ , ,,._ W, .. . -......-. ~ l ` _ \ , V I. := 1 c _ l . J, l . i School of Mechanncal and Electrical Engxncernng _ l flu .lum- 21, 151511, the Heliool ol Klee-hunicul uml lileelricul liugiueering, State sons will be prepared to occupy those positions that will be created by Kentucky V [ lollg ol' l{n1mk_r. wus orgunizecl lor the purpose ol` giving to the young men of capital. the <-ouulr_r_ uml nrs lIIll`l !ll<lll|l|$ uml 11l1ili1sla111l lll<" \'O1`l{iI1g` ol' l1111liI'li1lS State This jiigtjtuiioi] is ut ull times eager to tuke up any prolyleiii l00l(i11g l`<)\\u1Ll -l nl, ons|ri1tion within *;ciy ll:ll'l'<1\\` limits. .\ lnfry will 0]1*12ll<* ll (Sl1ll1l1it'X l1121fl1iT1L the deyelopuient of the Stuteis l1l(illlSi_l`l(}S. I l)l'(tllUl that i11 ten _\CHI`% 21 1112111 Wl1O is V inl turn out us mmh work in u iluy us u man. not u grutluate from a teclmicul school will not he able to hold a responsible posi- A \\`lir do we look lor the lllillllg el il 111l111l? NW V1 tion us u superintendent ol u manufacturing concern. or as u designer of special ma- i i i the ui;uhim epi-iulus. hut to the muihin huilders und `l'$$l\`( States munul'ueturing plunts have come to feel that it is no longer possible to truin a man _ ` Q ``i4 . nl the liuion to pruiF ollur iueuus ol. lruiuine their sons to l1:1s Oli li1l111:1i1 il1<'lH#l1_\' lials il"- here u legitimute lield lor truimed niechaiiieal und Oleelifieiil. C1;1gi11011S, :111d OllI` PX- tIo;ul the l|il'll1;l]lil' :1 rls lo such un l.`(l\lll llizll El li1l`Q| li11\`ll1C(] us ot this fact, iiO1 1.1e211'ly all ol? OL11 g1`f1(l11E1.}S is _j; l*1 ll1* 11i'_\ 4111*l l11'11