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lb 2 THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ATHLETICS AND SPORTS BLUE AND WHITE Lavin, 2 out of 4; King 4 out of 8. Referee Jamison, Indianapolis. FIVE DOWNS CENTRE COLLEGE WITH SCI1 OF 28-2- 1 First Victory For University On Centre's Floor In Past Five Years WILDCATS IN OLD FORM FRATERNITY GAMES The second scries of the Bnskctball Tournament games wore played Wednesday night. The first game, between Phi Delta Thctn and Sigma Nu resulted in n victory for Phi Delta Theta by the Rcorc of In the Sigma second game the Kappa was matched against Alpha Tau Omega, with the result of 15-- 7 in favor of Alpha Tau Omega. Lineups: Quintet Starring Floor Work and Passing Entire leading the class teams and seem to have the best chance to land the champion- MAT WILDCATS LEAVE ship. Ricfkcn, Wrestling Squad Clashed with Indiana Team Last Night and Bayless scored all points for their team while Brown and Kinney made over half of the Seniors Barnes, total. The lineup: Sophomores (27) Riefkcn (11) Barnes (0) Bayless (10) Powell Boren (13) Seniors F F 2 G G Shanklin (4) Brown (2) Wilkerson (3) Morris (4) Kinney Summary: Substitutions: Sophomores: Dcwhurst Sigma Nu (3) for Riefkcn, Riley for Bayless, Spillman Wilkcrson for Powell. Duvall Seniors: Porter for Shanklin. Phi Delta Theta (5) F Shanklin (5) F Blanton Continues to Improve Rcfrcc-HansoMcCormick 3 Noel G Fuller Cannon The Juniors came from behind in the The Fellow who instituted the slogan: Williams G Watts last half and defeated the Freshmen 24-2- 1 sure knew his stuff. "Let George do Substitute Phi Delta Theta, Gilman Monday afternoon in a very exciting Our George took his basketcers down to for Nol, Noel for Williams, Williams game. The first year men led at the end Danville Saturday night and gave the for Gilman. Sigma Nu: Gregg for Watts. 2 of the first half but the Juniors Colonels the first defeat that they have Lineups: overtook them and won out in the last suffered at the hands of a University of Alpha Tau Omega 13. Kappa Sigma. 7 minutes of play. Kentucky basketball team in four years, Rohs (8) (4) McCourt F The lineup: on a Danville floor, in a 28 to 21 score. (2) Malloy Juniors (24) Merriweather ....F. (21) Freshmen The Wildcats displayed a marked Wily (5) C (1) Hanlon Arnold (10) (6) Faust F.. superiority in every phase of the game, Campbell, T Wedekemper Elliot 0 (7) Rohs F.;. and more than made up for the defeat Morris (2) C?. Duncan Asher (10) G...f. (6) Neel dished out by the Centre Quintet last Substitutes Alpha Tau Omega, Camp Langsford (4) ...G (2) Jones only blemish of the '21 bell, H (2) for Merriweather, Pribble for February, the McVey G Welch season. The stellar passing machine Campbell, H. Kappa Sigma, VanMeter for Porter for Substitutions: Juniors: developed by Coach Buchheit which en- Wedekemper. Welch, Welch for Elliot. abled the wearers of the Blue and White to capture last year's championship Great interest was shown in the first worked to perfection in this game and LOSE Basket- WILDCATS games of the gave excellent promise for the duplisuccess. The de- ball Tournament which were played cation of last season's opening game was fense work of the Wildcat squad was al- Tuesday night. The V. M. I. SCORE 37-- 32 between the Sigma Chi and Pi. Kappa so of the stellar variety. Alpha, the Sigma Chi's winning Colonels Open With Rush gam,e between Sigma Alpha The Colonels started a furious attack The second Scores 22 in at the opening whistle and made the Epsilon and Kappa Alpha resulted by Sigma Alpha Epsilon first field goal in the first few seconds a victory for Lexington, Va., Feb. 9. In what was of play. Two fouls were called on Cen- the score of ups: probably the fastest game ever seen here, tre and Bobby was given a chance to Sigma Chi (17) Pi Kappa Alpha (13) in the passing and the floorwork of both even up matters and he tossed a couple Reed teams, the V. M. I. quintet defeated the F just for good luck. A few Hansen (2) of baskets Riley, Geo. University of Kentucky here tonight, 37 F Embry (13) Wildminutes later Adkins placed the Riley, J. C. to 32. C cats i iv the lead with a sensational field Hardesty Ferguson G Just after the first; goal for Kentucky goal from the center of the floor. When Porter Davis and with this start the visitors ran up G end of the Echols the whistle blew for the Substitutions: Sigma Chi: Rouse for five points to the two for a Cadet field first half, the score was 13 to 10 in Hardesty, Duke(2) for Schols. Pi Kappa goal. This was as a starter. The V M. I. Kentucky's favor. Black (4) for Riley, Riley for began a syclone attack that Kentucky By way of variety a little argument Alpha: could not withstand and from this point halves which Reed. was sandwiched in between on through the game the Cadets were caused a thirty minute delay. Green of Sigma Alpha Epsilon never in danger. Kappa Alpha Centre shot a goal just ten seconds beBayless F (2) At the end of the first period the fore the close of the first half which was Dewherst Rogers score stood 26 to 14 in favor of the F Van Zant decided illegal by Referee Jamison who Neal Cadets. C Both teams came back in the thought Green to be out of bounds. Tilton G Dundon, John second half with a faster floor 'game, (4) conbat it was decided that in Powell After the G Whitaker Kentucky using a more vicious style of Grant case the game was won by Kentucky by Substitutions: Kappa Alpha: Thornton attack that netted them for this period two points or less the decision on the Sigma eight field goals, 3even of which were Powell. Powell for Tilton. play in question would rest with the for Alpha Epsilon: Moralle for Dundon, accounted for by the sharp eye of Adkins, and in case two points rules committee, Dundon for Rogers. the Kentucky center. separated the teams and would give the The fast work of both teams never Colonels a tie at the close of the game, slowed up for an instant during the five minutes of play would be SOPHOMORES an extra whole game. For the last ten minutes added- - This, however, was unnecessary. LAWRENCEBURG the Cadet team was forced to work withThe Wildcats played a better game Lawrenceburg, Ky., Feb. 9 The Sopho- out Campbell, who had to be taken out in the second half than in the first running up 15 points to Centre's 11. The more basketball team of the University on account of a slight injury. The Kentucky team was easily the best defense work of the Colonels started of Kentucky defeated the Lawrenceburg have appeared here slow in this period and it was only after Independents here tonight by the score of the visitors that five likewise put Kentucky had run up 7 points, that their of 31 to 23 in a hard fought battle. The this season. The Cadet With the scor- score at the end of the half stool 18 up its best game so far this year. For opposition began to tell. Kentucky Adkins was easily the outing of field goals by Green and Coving- to 10 in favor of the visitors. Hayden. by Barnes and Riefkin did feature work standing star, seconded ton it looked for a while as if Centre comeback, but the rally for the Sophs, while the performances of Adkins' accurate shots from the field and might stage a and at the final whistle Mitchell and Smith were best for the his ability to work around the basket was short-live- d placed him far ahead of his teammates. the score stood 28 to 21 in Kentucky's local team. For V. M. I. Captain Hunting and CampLineup: favor. (23) Lawrenceburg bell led in the scoring, each showing betSophomores (31) Entire Quintet Stars F... (7) Witherspoon ter form than in any previous games. Hayden, King and Lavin played their Barnes (12) V Lineup: (G) Mitchell in this game and excelled their op- Riefkin (15) best (32) Kentucky (6) W. Adams V. M. I. (37) C ponents at every phase of the game, Bayless (2) (5) Hayden F brilliantly Powell (2) 1 Routt Bunting (13) while Burnham as usual shone (3) King G Cranfill Campbell (1C) ....F The playing of Boren in the defense work. (22) Adkins C Smith Summers (4) Substitutions Lawrenceburg, was of the stellar variety, Paul Adkins (2) Lavin F running up 12 points to his credit, a for W. Adams; E. Adams (4) for Cran- Shannon (4) Burnham G Ryder higher scoro than that of any other in- fill; W. Adams for Routt. Foul Goals Bunting, 3 out of 3; Lavin dividual player. 2 out of 3; King, 1 out of 1; Hayden, 1 STANDING OF CLASS TEAMS. The lineup is as follows: out of one. (21) Team Won Lost Pet. Centre Kentucky (28) 1.000 Substitutions Kylo for Campbell; 0 3 (7) Green (1) Sophomores F Hayden (2) 1 2 Md Campbell for Summers; Gray for Kyle; (4) Dooley (2) Juniors F King (8) 1 .333 Smith for Lavin. 2 C..(Capt.) (4) Fiippin (S) Seniors Adkins (12) Pierpotto (W. and L.) .000 Referee 3 0 (0) Covington (4) Treshmen Lavin (0) (Capt.).G Snoddy G Burnham Short skirts revealed many cute girls The Sophomore quintet easily defeatSubstitutions: Kentucky: Fest for ed the Senior five in a fust ut un- that we had never noticed before. Adkins. of "Did you read the denouncment exciting gumo Tuesday afternoon. The Centre: Hunter for Covington; fad by tho Brown Dooley; Noonan for Green. gray team jumped into the lead and the corset-checkin- g it' ...... 10 Atkins DEFEAT FIVE for Fouls Thrown: Green 3 out of C; were never headed. The Sophomores are University?" Points The University of Kentucky wrestling team will grapple with the University of Indiana shoulder spinning squad at Bloomington tonight in what is expected to be a harder test than any which hao yet been undergone by the Wildcat matmcn. The lacol outfit has never been defeated since its organization in 1020, but expects to have a hard tussle if this record is to survive the war with Big Ten grnpplers. The Blue and White team, in charge of Student Coach Harold Enlow, left Lexington late yesterday afternoon. Mntch-e- s will be staged in seven weights, with the Wildcats represented as follows: En-loheavyweight; Roberts, 175 pounds; Aiken, 158 pounds; Winter, 145 pounds; Stith, 135 pounds; Maddox, 125 pounds; Waits, 115 pounds. The team will return Saturday at noon. Returns from match had not been received before paper went to press. AGRICULTURE NOTES Hoof and Horn Club Stage Show. Persons who assembled in the Stock Judging Pavillion, Tuesday evening, Jan. 31, were given a treat in the nature of a miniature replica of the "International Live Stock Show of Chicago." The "Hoof and Horn Club" of the Agricultural College staged one of the most unique and interesting live stock exhibitions of the year. The show was started with a parade of the best stock of the experiment Farm, including beef and dairy cattle, horses and sheep. An unuswas the ual feature of the evening judging of several rings of live stock by the members of the Kentucky Stock Judging Team, who attended the show at Chicago. These men explained to the they audience the manner in which judged the animals and the reasons for so doing. The champion Hampshire Wether of the Experiment Farm was on exhibition and was sold at public auction, the Lafayette Hotel being the highest bidder. The hotel will make a special menu of this beef. Three more pure breed steers were sold at auction, the hotels Phoenix and Lafayette being buyers. About four hundred were present to enjoy the festivities of the evening. An audience numbering more than four hundred attended the live stock show staged by Hoof and Horn, College of Agriculture, last Tuesday evening at1 Judging Pavilion and was an occasion that well warrants the name of being one of the bright spots of the tenth annual Farm and Home Convention hold by the College January 31 to February 3. Some of the best individuals both owned by and attending the Colleg". were handled and shown by students and although many shows have been staged since the Pavilion was built two years ago, it seems like this one was just a little better than any of the others have been. Tho program was opened with music furnished by three pieces of Harry Brailsford's orchestra followed by the grand march of sattle and stock exhibited during tho program, after which, in e behalf of Hoof and Horn, Jack welcomed the visitors and student throng the latter including many from other colleges in the University. With the preliminaries disposed of, the program proper opened with n judging Paul last Fall. Humphrey also gave a judging demonstration with four Jcrsics from the herd at the Dairy. The new feature of the program was saddle horse event given by Miss Ida Kenncy Risque and Mr. Clyde Watts. The riders handled their spirited mounts well nnd Miss Disquc was very charming in her chic riding habit. She is not enrolled in the Ag. College but is proof of the statement that the University could not get nlong without a good College of Arts and Sciences. Through the kindness of Mr Shelby Harbison of "Tnttcrsalls" the horses were available. Phil Edwards demonstrated the judging of sheep nnd in this connection the Hampshire wether which won the championship at the International last November. There were thirty-fiv- e nnimals entered by some of the best breeders of Before the sheep against this animal. show was over an auction of the wether was held and the Lafayette Hotel through Hershcl Weil was the highest bidder. The animal weighed two hundred pounds nnd was "knocked off" to the hotel at 15c. When the wether was being fixed for the trip to the International, the work was not done by an expert imported for that purpose, but by a student in the College and it was as a reward for his good work that Professor Horlacher pre sented Jack VanClevc a large framed picture of the animal. Henry Howell had charge of the two Percheron mares which the College received a year ago as a gift from the Kentucky Jockey Club and one of them was champion in the Champion Mare Bred in Illinois entry at the 1920 Illinois State Fair and made third place in the Open Class of the same Fair. Jack Holland closed the judging demonstrations scheduled on the program by exhibiting the three Berkshire Barrows that went to the International last November. Up there at Chicago each one was in the money and collectively they formed a pen that got third money in the Pen of Junior Pigs. An act that caused a great deal of exprize fight citement was the blind-folde- d in which Bill Finn and Marold Enlow wore the gloves and Fletcher Walker officiated as referee and during the three rounds neither Fin nor Enlow received any internal injuries- The closing act was quite a novelty Polo in the form of a Wheelbarrow game. This game is entirely new and to say that it was exciting is expressing it very mildly. Those participating were: E. L. Langsford, H. B. Lane, D. B. Todd, H. B. Wallow, C. A. Hollowell, Powell Tichernor, John Brown, Chas. Lanes, Bryant, E. B. McClure and Robert Kister. 7ENUS V PENCILS tho student or FOR superb VENUS prof., out- rivals ell for perfect pencil work. 17 black degrees and 3 copying. American Lead Pencil Co. no Fifth Ave. NewYorlc Th, larriit i,lllr jualltf fmilf ta lis uerlj demonstration of three Aberdene-Angu- s TRANSYLVANIA PRINTING calves given by Frank Wedekemper- Two of theso animals were presented to the University by Thos. Cochran, Shepherds-villand A. B. Sawyer, Jr., of St. Mathews. Next on tho program, "Yyon's and Mutual Barko," the Holstein bull which heads the Holsteins of the herd at the Station Dairy was exhibited by J. W. GO. - e, STATIONERY Humphrey, who, tho bull hasn't a thing on when it come3 to siz. This animal was placed third in a ring of sixteen animals from all over tho conn try ut the National Dairy Show at St. FOUNTAIN PENS 258 W. Main Street LEXINGTON, KY.