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9 > Image 9 of The Kentuckian : a monthly magazine, vol. 3, no. 1, 1900

Part of The Kentuckian : a monthly magazine

1, ul I i Eel THE KENTUCKIAN. The Appropriation. V The inenihers of the last General Assemhly were financiers. 1 The $60,000 appropriated (or rather invested) to State College i ` will return :1 hundred fold. A .;*.2*.,* The Next Legislature. t l' IINIYISRSITY OF YIRGINIA, Clmrlottesyille, Ya. Law [ MISDICINIS, LITERAR Y. 'l`he ahoye advertiseinent is soinething like the general an- nouncenient of `\'irginias famous Ilniversity. I11 college vernacular "Its up to the Legislature" as to how long they will allow the i University of Kentucky (the legal name of which is the A. & I Z\I. College of Kentucky) to exist only half university. Vl'hy can- not Ol1l next Legislature catch the spirit of that of yS and hreathe new life into this scl1o0lthat Legislature which said: "\\'e owe it to ourselves and our posterity to estahlish a I I}H.'Z'(`l' , xfrfit like unto that which has made Virginia scarce less famous T than the achieveinents "0f ll(fl` greatest sons." \\1e need a Law School, a Medical and a Dental Dcpartnient, 1 Tl1eres no reason why they should not he estahlislied i11 connec f, tion with this institution. Agitationl Tlierein lies their success. I The people fro111 Pike to Fulton, from tl1e county of Kenton to i' Cunilierland Gap should he made faniilar with tl1e great work of " the State College. They should he made to know its necessities. They should he taught to feel a pride in the school and when the next (leueral Assembly meets, if proper steps are taken, it will appropriate $25(),O()() in order to place this in the front rank of great ITlll\`Cl`SltlLiS. This can he accomplished, hut like all great 1 , things it will take il world of intelligent hustling to do it. l l